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Economics and Business: Project Rubric

Excellent High achievement Satisfactory Limited achievement
achievement achievement
Questioning and Locates and collects Locates and collects Locates and collects Uses provided sources to
researching relevant, Detailed relevant information information and/or data locate and collect
information and/or data and/or data using primary from primary and/or information and/or data
using primary and/or and/or secondary sources. secondary sources. which may be irrelevant.
Secondary sources. Records and organises Records and organises Records information
Independently records information and/or data information and/or data and/or data using simple
and organises information using a variety of using a variety of methods
and/or data using a variety appropriate methods. methods.
of appropriate methods.

Communicating Presents findings in a Presents findings in a Presents findings in the Presents findings using a
display appropriate to the display appropriate to the appropriate form, display and everyday
audience and purpose and audience and purpose and considering audience language.
based on detailed and based on relevant and/or purpose, and
relevant information information collected based on information
collected from source from source materials. collected from source
materials. Uses relevant Uses subject-specific materials. Uses some
subject-specific terminology and concepts. subject-specific
terminology and concepts. terminology and concepts.

Presentation The display contains all The display contains most The display has some key The display has limited key
key parts. Food, Health, key parts. Each section has parts. Each section has parts, and each section
Law and order, Education, some detail. some information. has minimal information.
Transport, Pictures
Each section is detailed
and clear.

Grammar and Uses knowledge of Uses accurate spelling and Uses accurate spelling and Uses simple spelling
Spelling spelling patterns to spell a draws on knowledge of attempts new and Uses some simple
range of new, technical spelling patterns to spell technical words. punctuation for clarity.
and increasingly complex new and technical words. Uses punctuation for
words, with accuracy. Accurately uses clarity.
Effectively uses punctuation for clarity.
punctuation for clarity and
Editing Consistently monitors Makes editorial choices Makes editorial choices Identifies and makes some
writing, making editorial for text structures, based on text structures, editorial choices.
choices for text structures, language features, spelling language features, spelling
language features, spelling and punctuation based on and punctuation.
and punctuation, based on purpose and audience.
purpose and audience.


Tick off the checklist before
the completion of your project

Pictures and headings have

been included
Work has been edited for
grammar and spelling
Work is typed up and printed

All key elements of the

display are included:
Food, Health, Law and order, Education,
Display is created.

Display is set up in the