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FIM Speedway Grand Prix WC Qualification Meetings. Challenge.

IMN No. Landshut, Germany

501/05 Saturday 28th August. 2018
Placing No. Name FMN Nationality Points
1st 14 Janusz Kołodziej PZM Poland 12
2nd 4 Niels Kristian Iversen DMU Denmark 11
3rd 2 Antonio Lindbäck SVEMO Sweden 10+3 *
4th 8 Craig Cook ACU Great Britain 10+2 *
5th 3 Robert Lambert ACU Great Britain 9
6th 11 Piotr Pawlicki PZM Poland 9
7th 12 Max Fricke MA Australia 8
8th 5 Martin Smolinski DMSB Germany 8
9th 16 Jack Holder MA Australia 8
10th 7 Kenneth Bjerre DMU Denmark 7
11th 1 Vaclav Milik ACCR Czech Republic 7
12th 6 David Bellego FFM France 7
13th 10 Hans Andersen DMU Denmark 6
14th 13 Kevin Wölbert DMSB Germany 5
15th 15 Matej Zagar AMZS Slovenia 2
16th 18 Max Dilger ® DMSB Germany 1
17th 17 Valentin Grobauer ® DMSB Germany 0
18th 9 Krzysztof Kasprzak PZM Poland 0
* After Race Off for position.

Signature of Jury President Signature of the Referee

Jan Stæchmann: DMU Christina Turnbull :ACU

When sent by E-mail, only the name of the Jury President and the Referee are required.
These results must be sent to the journalists and to the FIM Administration right after the meeting,
as per the list of fax numbers and E-mails provided by the Jury President.


11 Route Suisse – 1295 Mies / Switzerland

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