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The Player’s Guide to Text Game

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Chapter 1 : Text Game 101 ..................................................................................................... 4

Welcome to The Player's Guide To Text Game! ....................................................................................... 5
Chapter 2 : Start Up Texts ...................................................................................................... 8
Chapter 3 : Time Constraints ................................................................................................ 11
Chapter 4 : Sample Responses To Common Texts From Girls ................................................ 16
#1. Hypothetical Girl Text To You: .......................................................................................................... 17
#2 Hypothetical Girl Text To You: ........................................................................................................... 18
#3 Hypothetical Girl Text To You: ........................................................................................................... 19
#4 Hypothetical Girl Text To You: ........................................................................................................... 20
#5 Hypothetical Girl Text To You: ........................................................................................................... 21
Chapter 5 : How To Get Her To Send Naked Pictures ............................................................ 22
#1. Make It Seem Like It's Her Idea ......................................................................................................... 23
Chapter 6 : Stale Prospects: How To Reconnect Through Text .............................................. 26
Special Holidays ...................................................................................................................................... 27
Christmas Emoji Text: ............................................................................................................................. 27
Thanksgiving Emoji Text:......................................................................................................................... 28
New Year's Eve Emoji Text: ..................................................................................................................... 28
Re-Start Sample Texts: ............................................................................................................................ 29
Chapter 7 : The Rules Of A Player Sending Pics ..................................................................... 30
Special Events ......................................................................................................................................... 31
Exotic Vacations ...................................................................................................................................... 31
Exciting Adventures ................................................................................................................................ 31
What A Player Should NOT Send Pics Of: ............................................................................................... 32
Chapter 8 : The 'Morning After' Text Examples..................................................................... 33
Chapter 9 : How To Create Distance Through Text ................................................................ 37
The 3 Ways To Create Distance Through Text ........................................................................................ 38

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 10 : Protecting Your Phone From Your Harem ......................................................... 40

Chapter 11 : How To Create Jealousy In Girls Through Text .................................................. 43
The 'Wrong Text' Move ........................................................................................................................... 44
The Fake Text Around Her Move ............................................................................................................ 45
Conclusion........................................................................................................................... 46
Sample Chapters ................................................................................................................. 48
The Alpha Playboy : Sample Chapter .................................................................................... 49
Step 1: Who Am I? .................................................................................................................................. 53
Step 2: List Your Strength and Talents .................................................................................................... 53
Step 3: Affirmations ................................................................................................................................ 53
Step 4: Work On Your Goals ................................................................................................................... 55
Step 5: Focus On What You Can Control................................................................................................. 55
Step 6: Don't Be Afraid To 'Fail' .............................................................................................................. 56
Step 7: Have Belief In A Higher Power .................................................................................................... 56
Step 8: 'Be' Confident.............................................................................................................................. 57
The Nightclub Bible : Sample Chapter .................................................................................. 61
The Stripclub Bible : Sample Chapter ................................................................................... 66

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 1 : Text Game 101

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Welcome to The Player's Guide To Text Game!

one are the days of picking up your house phone and dialing the digits of that sexy
chick you met at Starbucks to set up a date. Technology has rapidly taken us down
a path where with a few short text messages on your cell phone you can
accomplish what used to take a few minutes of voice to voice interaction.

I remember the days of pacing back and forth with the house phone in my hand, deciding
exactly what I was going to say over the phone, before dialing a new prospect. It wasn't
particularly my favorite thing to do and when text messaging came around I welcomed it.
Texting gives you time to respond and think before you 'speak'.

Unless you have been living in a cave the last few years, then you're used to text
messaging, but are you great at it? Let's assume that you're not and that's why you have
chosen to purchase this e-book and get the information to take your text game to the
next level.

1. The most important rule of text game is that Less Is More. Crafting long carefully
thought out paragraphs are not only unnecessary, but are less effective. Girls are
bombarded today with social media updates, advertisements for buying the latest and
greatest and on top of all that, even more texts from other guys and their girlfriends. How
the heck do you compete with that?

You compete with that by doing the opposite of everyone else. The constant
bombardment of attention seeking advertisements and male admirers has caused
womens attention spans to plummet downwards. In order to get their attention and set
up a date, with a low flake rate, then you must think like a salesman. You have to think
from a position of leadership, salesmenship and decisiveness.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

2. The second rule of text game, is that you have to always be willing to delete her
number and move on. I cannot stress this enough. The moment you sit in place staring at
your phone waiting for her response is the moment you are already behind the eight-ball.
You have to be in motion, working on yourself and building your lifestyle and you respond
when it's convenient to you; not when you think you should so she responds back.

3. The third rule of text game, is that you cannot be Outcome Dependent. When you
shoot off a text, you should have resolved in yourself that you really could care less
whether she responds or not. “How do I not care Christian?” By approaching like crazy
and having MULTIPLE numbers that you are pinging. When you have four fresh numbers
and you text the first one, do you really care as much if she responds? No, because you've
already moved on to the next three numbers you have to text.

Once again, we come back to one of the cornerstones of Game: The Law Of Abundance.
When you have the abundant mentality, then you're not Outcome Dependent and by
default your text game will drastically improve. Faking the attitude of not caring and
actually not caring are vastly different. When you truly don't give two flips whether she
responds to your witty text, then you can experience Player Freedom. Player Freedom is
playing the game for your enjoyment and is independent of effort exerted. Tying
yourself emotionally to her response, is a guaranteed way to set yourself up for

4. The fourth rule of text game, is that texting is for your entertainment. At the end of
the day, it is all a Game and a player should remember this key point. The moment you
start getting stressed out, impatient, emotionally upset and angry, then you must take a
step backwards and remind yourself it is a just a game. The girl on the receiving end of
your text is playing the Game too and she is probably more experienced than you to be

Think about it: girls get asked for their number a 100x more than a guy does. With the ball
in guys courts to send the startup text, then girls can simply wait for what he delivers and
then DECIDE to respond or not. She automatically is in a sense in control of the
interaction. The key is to flip the script and always maintain Frame.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

If you've read any of my other books, then you know that I stress Frame Control. Especially
when dealing with extremely attractive women who are used to having their choice of
men, you have to set the Frame and Lead at all times. If she will not follow, then she simply
isn't worth your time or effort. Setting the Frame through text is absolutely imperative
and you must get her 'chasing' you through text and not vice versas.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 2 : Start Up Texts

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

S tarting at ground zero, you've gotten the sexy girl's number from your class and now
what do you do? Your initial text is called a Start Up Text. It's your initial text from
the moment you got her number.

The best way to ensure a reduced rate of flakiness, is to text her the very instant you get
her number. This way she cannot bullshit that she doesn't know who it is, or act like your
number wasn't saved in her phone. This is done not because your truly care so much, but
so that your precious time isn't wasted texting a girl who is clueless to who you even are.
If you're going to aproach a girl, spit game and get her number, you might as well make it
a hot contact and one worth putting an iota of time into.

Here are a few step by step break-downs of interactions after initially getting her number.
These are done while you are still with her right after you put her number into your phone.

Your Text: “the sexy muthafucka u met at (fill in where you met her) (then your first

An example: “the sexy muthafucka u met at Joe's Bar. Christian”

This establishes 3 important things:

1. You're being cocky in a playful way that you're sexy. If you're actually sexy,
she won't question it and will probably blush. If you're not the most
attractive guy, then it can be perceived as comical. Either way, you're
making an impression from the jump.

2. You've established Where you met her. If she goes to three bars in one night
and gets 5 numbers, odds are the other guys won't have texted her right
away and if they have, they won't put Where they met her.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

3. Your name is now attached to “sexy muthafucka”. While she obviously

consciously reads the text, it also sets the framework for 'sexy' + your name
to become ingrained in her sub-conscious. Being attached to attractive
adjectives is always a good thing.

Now that the initial text has been established, she will probably respond with something
along these lines within a few hours. If it's day time she will probably reply within a couple
of hours. If it's at night, then it'll probably be the next day.
Her: “Got it!”
Her: “Listen to you lol! : )”
Her: “Great meeting you : )”
Her: “When are we hanging out?”
Her: “You are trouble. I can tell! : )”
Her: “Hey (insert your name) how are you today?”
Her: “OMG you're crazy lol!”

After you receive her response text, such as the examples aforementioned, then do not
respond. You will respond the following day. We have established that she knows Who
you are, Where you two met and she obviously has your number Saved. If she did not
take the time to save your number, then she's not serious about meeting up. Period.
Everything that I break down in this e-book is to help you weed out the girls who will
require extreme effort. If you want to waste time on girls who are EXPERTS at cock-teasing
and flirting without intention through texts, then ignore the information that's here.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 3 : Time Constraints

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

T he use of Time Constraints is fundamentally key to being successful gaming through

text. It is absolutely imperative that you grasp this concept and utilize it when
texting girls.

Time Constraints is the creation of external factors affecting your text response time,
whether real or fake.

An example of a Real Time Constraint:

Her: “Hey what are you doing mister?” (Time: 12:23AM)

You are asleep and don't actually see the text until 8am the following morning. In her eyes
you are doing one of the following:
1. Ignored her
2. Were sleeping
3. Was with another girl (most likely she will choose this one, it's natural for
girls to automatically assume female competition)
4. Was away from your phone

When you respond to her the next day, which text response 'excuse' would you choose?

The correct text response is the one which gets her female hamster (her brain) spinning
to the most extreme. Logic = Fail. Let me clear, I am not advocating lying, however,
carefully selecting the best most 'truthful' answer will put you at an advantage in the
seduction of her. Here is an idea of what you could respond with that is truthful, but vague
enough to set her mind in motion to vye for your attention.

You: “was out. U gotta do booty calls earlier”

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Is this a lie? No. You were 'out', you were asleep, which the term 'knocked out', means
asleep. Thus you were truthful. Now let's examine HOW her mind interprets this text:

Her Thinking: “He was out>Hmmm, I'll bet he was out with another girl>That's
interesting>I'll bet he gets a lot of female attention>I'm just as good as any other girl he's
seeing>Booty call?>OMG>Wait does he think it was a booty call?!>But I did want him to
come over>>OMG Can't believe I'm such a bad girl!>I want him too!”

The female mind is better at imagining all sorts of possible scenarios and will do a better
job than whatever you can describe to her. A key part of Text Game is gently making
'suggestions' and allowing the female brain to draw their own conclusions. Be assured
that she will conjure up the most incredible elaborate meaning behind the simple phrase,
“was out”.

When in doubt of the best text response, always choose the one that makes you look
the best. If you were actually jerking off in front of your computer, do not tell her that.
It's none of her business first off. Secondly, it's foolish to respond with practical logical
responses, because those are not attraction triggers. Women are attracted to mystery
and intrigue. Spelling out mundane activities is not only boring, but a great way to have
nothing to build on in the text conversation. If you're at the gym and she ask “what's up?”,
simply respond with “taking over the world, done in a few. Wats up”.

That simple phrase sets in motion in her mind that you are a mover and a shaker and in
theory, you are taking over the world, one bicep curl at a time. Does she actually think
that you're taking over the world at their very moment? Of course not, but the fact that
you responded with something interesting that allows her imagination to wonder makes
her happy that you know HOW to play the game.

Make no mistake about it, women love a man who has game and who knows how to
seduce her. This is a fact that will never change. The key is that women want you to know
HOW to do this without them having to spell it out for you.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Now that we have established what a Real Time Constraint is, I will explain what a False
Time Constraint is and how to utilize this method.

An example of a False Time Constraint is this:

Her: “Hey what are you doing mister?” (12:23AM)

You see the text and you're sitting at home surfing the web. You're horny and want to
respond right away, but put the phone down and don't respond. There is a correct way
to play this, which makes you look good without acting like an eager beaver.

You: “just got home. Wats up” (12:35AM)

NOTE THE TIME. You text her back 12 minutes later which is enough time for you not to
seem eager, but still to set up a possible booty call. If you wait too long, she's going to go
to sleep or move to the next guy in her contacts. If you respond right away, then you kill
any intrigue and attraction that is built when you enforce a False Time Constraint. Now to
address what you said, was it lying? No. You hit the 'Home' button on your web browser
right before texting her so you did just get 'home'. Remember gentlemen, you owe
her nothing, nor do you owe her an explanation. It's not lying, it's simply allowing her
access to only certain information that you deem necessary for her to know. Trust me on
this, I can guarantee you 150% that she doesn't text you EXACTLY what she's doing if she
doesn't want you to know. If she's sitting on the toilet and just changed her tampon, you
think she's going to text that? No. She'll more than likely say she's “hanging out”, or
“cleaning her room”, etc.

The reality is you will more than likely use False Time Constraints more than Real Time
Constraints, unless you're actively busy everyday. Toss in that people today carry their
cell phones on themselves 24/7 and generally speaking you will see when she texts you
within seconds, if not just a few minutes. Besides the fact that you should be building a
lifestyle that revolves around YOUR world, you may find yourself needing to incorporate
False Time Constraints when needed.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

The golden rule for this, is when responding back to her response text after your start up
text. Here's an idea of the exchange. NOTE THE TIME with the texts.

You: “wat u up to” (7:40PM)

Her: “not much, you?” (8PM)
You: “leaving the gym, let's grab some late dinner” (8:34PM)

If she takes 20 minutes to respond, then double that time in response (roughly). Don't do
EXACTLY 40 minutes later because it's obvious what you're up to. Like the example above,
you text her back after 34 minutes which is about right. This is a factor of the Game where
it can be frustrating, but it is a part of the Game. If you fire off texts right away in response
right after she texts you back, you're going to be looking at a blank phone for a while. Girls
today are aware of text games and will go toe-to-toe with you. If you can't hold your own
they'll disappear in a flash. I didn't make the Game, but I know how it's played, so follow

What just happened was a False Time Constraint. Of course you saw her text right away,
but you chose NOT to respond to it. There was no 'real' reason why you couldn't have
responded right away, except that it's terrible game. You will be using this method a lot,
until you find your groove and are actually replacing False Time Constraints with Real Time
Constraints as your lifestyle is enhanced. When I get texts now, sometimes I won't
respond for days, because I'm simply too busy to respond and engage in a text
conversation. Believe me, girls can sense this and when I do respond back, they rapid-fire
text me because they know their time conversating with me is limited.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 4 : Sample Responses To

Common Texts From Girls

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

A s any seasoned player knows, after you date a significant amount of girls, you'll
find that their text messages start to all sound like they're coming from the same
girl. In other words, it'll appear they're following a script and it's not far off. As
girls get increasingly more attention, simply for being girls, then they have less motivation
to put effort into being original. You of course, can feel free to call them out on their trite
responses, as I will show you right now.

Below are very common texts that you will received from girls, guaranteed. Remember
what the key component of Text Game is? Holding Frame. The moment you start jumping
at her demands and playing into her Frame through text, is the moment you're dead in
the water and the interaction will stop at texting. Remember, there is a difference
between answering a question like a normal human being and being annoying. Deflect
enough questions and it will be harder to build comfort. Answer too many questions
straight and you will fall into the average male texter group. Practice will teach you the
right balance, BUT when in doubt, always always always choose to NOT be boring.

NOTE: The lack of punctuation is INTENTIONAL. Each text response written in here is
exactly how you should text it. If you're a grammar nazi and feel the need to use proper
grammar, feel free, but the results may not be the same.

#1. Hypothetical Girl Text To You:

Her: “So...you must have a lot of girls huh?” (This is a 'Shit Test')

Sample Responses:
You: “i'm only dating 42 girls now, but I may make you 43” (Agree + Amplifying)

You: “nah. I'm actually a monk and a virgin” (Obvious sarcasm leaves her wondering)

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

You: “who is this?” (Great comeback which 'answers' her question + gets her mind

You: “k” (A brush off that you know where she's going with it and you could care less)

You: “between my 2 wives and 3 Gfs I'd say so” (Obvious sarcasm that is a classic)

You: “can't keep em away. Angeline Jolie is calling me BRB” (More playful sarcasm)

The key with these responses is that you don't actually respond in a logical manner. If you
go beta and start explaining that she's 'special' and you don't really date, you'll cause her
to lose attraction for you in a millisecond. Keep it light, playful and allow her imagination
to do most of the work. Girls KNOW when a guy has options and are drawn to men like
that, BUT in the beginning you don't have to remind them blatantly. Lightly hinting at it is
effective enough.

#2 Hypothetical Girl Text To You:

Her: “So what do you do for fun?” (one of the most retarded questions but inevitable)

Sample Responses:
You: “when i'm not conquering the world or saving damsels in distress...” (the phrase
'saving damsels in distress' does not sound like a White Knight phrase, it conjures up
thoughts of other girls being in your life and that you living an exciting adventureous

You: “sex” (This simple blunt response is a quick escalation into sexual conversation.
She will either bite or not. If she does quickly then her interest level is high)

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

You: “rob banks” (Clearly a dry joke that lets off a slight 'bad-boy' image.)

You: “have u come over and drink this bottle of wine w/me” (Another quick escalation
text that will gauge her interest quickly. This text is obviously dependent on what time
of day she texts you)

You: “yawn” (The 'Yawn' text response is one of my favorites and very effective. It
essentially sets the tone that she's being boring and to step up her 'game'. Girls will
often rise to the challenge and drop the stale questions for something more exciting”

#3 Hypothetical Girl Text To You:

Her: “So when are you taking me to dinner?” (Big 'Shit Test' trying to determine if you're
a Beta Provider or a Alpha Male she wants to sleep with immediately)

Sample Responses:
You: “right after you cook” (Re-sets the Frame so that she must please you and not you
please her)

You: “I'm on a 30 day liquid diet. Vodka and whiskey” (A lighter playful deflection that
puts the thought of drinking together in her mind. If you're wanting quick sex than it's
key to be thought of as the Good-Time-Guy and not the Provider-Boyfriend Role.)

You: “when my food stamps card renews” (NOTE: Only use if it's OBVIOUS that you are
well to do financially, or otherwise it's not funny and the humor will go over her head.
If you have money and say this, then it's humorous)

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

You: “Salvation Army has free meals every night at 7p. Lemme kno how it is” (This is a
harsher reply that can work when her attraction to you is high. It's obvious that you're
not going to be a meal ticket and she can decide if she's going to continue talking with
you or not. This is an excellent way to weed out the gold-diggers from the girls DTF)

You: “dinner? Havent even seen u naked yet doll” (A Re-Frame laying down the law in
a playful manner, that she isn't getting dinner until you've sampled the 'goods' first)

You: “Cooking dinner in a couple hours. Come over.” (If you want to get the girl to your
pad and you're already cooking dinner, then there's nothing wrong with having her
come over to eat. Have some wine, cook, eat and then see where the evening goes.)

#4 Hypothetical Girl Text To You:

Her: “I don't have sex on the first date, just so you know!”
Sample Responses:
You: “good. I treasure my virginity” (The more of a rascal that you appear, the better
this goes over. Treating her like a bratty sister is the key to handling a live-wire like this
text that girls send when their hamster is spinning at warp speed. Let me tell you, when
a girl brings up sex, whether about having it with you, or NOT having it, the reality is, is
that sex is on her mind and specifically sex with you. That's good. The key is to play it
cool, smooth and non-needy.)

You: “its clear where ur mind is doll” (Blame-Shift: you're softly letting her know that
you know what she's thinking but in a playful way. You don't want to appear that you're
passing judgment on her at all.)

You: “woah there. I dont have sex until 25 dates in” (Another obvious joke but said in a
way that is almost slightly condescending towards her 'prudish' attitude towards sex.
Makes you appear to be the 'victim' of her sexuality and not you being the pursuer of

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

You: “good im too tired to fuck anyway. Long night” (This is a great one, because she'll
wonder what you were doing the night before etc)

You: “same. Haven't decided yet about you” (This one is brilliant because it instantly
Re-Frames and causes her to doubt her attractiveness and whether she is sexually
appealing to you. Now she feels the need to get validation and will generally sexualize
the date first in order to feel better about herself)

#5 Hypothetical Girl Text To You:

Her: “So what do you want from me?” (This can be a 'Shit-Test' or not, depending on
her interest level in you. Either way treat it as a 'Shit-Test')

Sample Responses:
You: “constant devotion and $100k” (If she's actually wealthy than skip this response.
Wealthy people tend to be sensitive to any type of jokes regarding giving a 'stranger'
money. IF she's of average income or below, then this is humorous and lightens the
mood from her serious question)

You: “just your soul baby your soul” (Again, funny and mocks her seriousness)

You: “your legs in the air” (If you have built the proper comfort than this is funny and
sexual at the same time)

You: “on ur knees and mouth wide open” (Again, funny and sexual)

You: “come over and I'll figure it out” (This is a bold move, but executed properly can
be effective in getting her to come over quickly.)

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 5 : How To Get Her To Send

Naked Pictures

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

W ith the advent of SnapChat, Instagram and every other social media platform
available today, it's inevitable that women had to jump on the bandwagon of
getting naked in pics for male attention. The million dollar question is, how do
you get girls to send you naked pictures without being a thirsty beta bitch boy? Continue
reading young G...

The best way to get a girl to send naked pics is a two part formula: A. Make It Seem Like
It's Her Idea and B. Abstain From Praise

#1. Make It Seem Like It's Her Idea

Let's assume that you're planning on meeting up with her for a date. I highly recommend
sticking to logistics solely until AFTER you've been on the date with her. After she's
invested time and/or gotten naked with you, she'll be more than likely to send you pics
on her own or at your request. However, let's say that you won't see her for a couple of
weeks due to travel and your schedule. Here's an idea of how to do this.

Text Samples:
You: “headed to Miami for a couple of wks, we'll connect when I get back” (Assuming the

Her: “Miami!! You jerk take me with you : )”

You: “cant doll its business. Prolly will forget wat u look like tho ha”

Her: “Are you hinting for me to send you pictures?”

You: “u brought up pics”

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Her: “I have Instagram. You can see pics of me there”

You: “don't have instagram” (Whether you do or not, roll with this. I noticed that girls are
defaulting to this one A LOT the last year (2013), so unless you want to see pics that her
10,000 'friends' have seen, then say you don't, plus Instagram doesn't allow naked

Her: “You don't? It's 2014 lol!”

You: “Instagram is for women and kids. #realmendonttakeselfies” (Using a hashtag always
gets a laugh, because of the Instagram culture of hash tagging to get followers.)

Her: “Lol ok I'll send you some, BUT you have to delete them after ok?!”

You: “course” (Obviously you won't and she's not stupid, she knows you won't, but stating
this provides her with plausible deniability for her actions.)

Her: (sends photos. Odd are she won't send naked ones off the start. They may be in her
underwear, but unless she's a raging slut they won't be fully nude)

You: “not bad. Ur all covered up doll” (By saying “not bad”, this gives her a standard to
work towards reaching in getting the 'reward' of your praise. If you bluster and go on and
on off the bat, then her attraction will lessen at your typical guy reaction to seeing ANY
skin. Also, remember how she said you have to delete them after you see them? Well,
she wouldn't have said that unless she was planning on seeing your reaction first and then
if you passed that test, then she'd send the nudes.)

Her: “Omg you're bad! Ok hang on”

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

You: (don't respond)

Her: (sends nudes)

Wait a good 10 minutes, then respond to the nudes. She won't know what you were
doing. She may assume you were masturbating, which isn't necessarily bad, because then
her mind is in a sexual place and she will start fantasying about you as well. If you respond
right away you come across too needy. This is key: Let her insecurities kick in and for her
start worrying that you weren't impressed with her looks naked.

You: “cute. The things I may do to u...”

Her: “blah blah blah” (Doesn't matter. Eject from the text conversation. By saying 'cute'
you gave her a morsel of praise, without acting like she's God's gift to man. I repeat DO
NOT react like a teenager seeing his first porno. She may be a dime, but playing it cool will
pay off in a much larger way down the road. She wants to know that you're a MAN, not a
boy. A boy would react like a boy. A man reacts like a man. He's seen naked girls. He's
seen gorgeous naked girls. He's had sex with gorgeous girls. Getting a text with a naked
girl pic is simply...not a big deal.)

As a player, I can tell you that getting girls to send you naked photos is great and all, but
if you really want to step your game up to the next level, then I wouldn't concern yourself
with asking for them. Why? Because when you can have the real thing due to your GAME,
then a photo becomes meaningless. Listen closely, once you've had sex with the girl, then
odds are she's going to send you naked photos on her own accord to lure you back in.
Also, since you've already been inside her, do you really think she's going to balk at the
idea of sending you a naked photo (that she's probably sent 10 other guys by the way)?
No. Focus on Flirting +Logistics to meet up with her and remember the Number #1 Rule
of Text Game: Less Is More. Seduce her in person and let naked pics be the icing on the

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 6 : Stale Prospects: How To

Reconnect Through Text

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

I f I were to scroll through my phone right now, I would find quite a few contacts that I
don't even remember who these people are. Due to working in the club world, you
meet people every night and by the time morning comes, I generally will forget even
meeting them. When you're meeting hundreds of people in a short period of time it
happens. So what does a player do with all those stale girl contacts in his phone? Do you
delete them? Do you send ping texts? Here's some samples of Re-Start Texts you can send
weeks later or even months later to test the waters.

Special Holidays

Here's where I differ from many game 'gurus' who are against sending emojis texts. I
never use emoticons EXCEPT for holidays. But, the difference is I utilize them in a way
that's very sexual and sets the tone immediately. Choose all of the girl contacts in your
phone who you've lost contact with. Maybe you met them a month ago, or six months
ago, doesn't matter. Mass blast them the following for each holiday. You will get
responses ranging from 'who is this?', to 'lmao!', to 'lol. Hey how are you?!'. The point is,
it's a way to re-initiate contact due to the holiday.

Christmas Emoji Text:

Santa > cucumber (dick in text speak girls use this constantly to represent a dick) > water
drops (use multiple 5-6 to represent cum drops) > Tongue > Girl with arms up.

The emoji story should look like santa is jerking off in a girl's mouth. It's funny and is a
twist on any other lame ass Holiday texts people send out. I used that specific text to pull
a bad 9 last year. Hadn't seen her since summer. These texts work.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Thanksgiving Emoji Text:

Pilgrim > cucumber (dick in text speak girls use this constantly to represent a dick) > water
drops (use multiple 5-6 to represent cum drops) > Tongue > Girl with arms up.

The essence is the same, but substituting the Pilgrim for Santa.

New Year's Eve Emoji Text:

Boy > cucumber > water drops (use multiple 5-6 to represent cum drops) > Fireworks >
Girl with arms up.

By adding the fireworks, this alludes to the New Year and sexual fireworks.

If you play around with the emoticons you can get creative and come up with other sexual
emoji stories. The key to remember is to ONLY use these for a major holiday, like the ones
aforementioned. Don't turn into a teenager and start blasting emojis to girls every
weekend. Sending during the holidays is funny because it mocks the serious shit that
people send out but in a sexual manner so you get a pass for that.

Here are general re-start texts that you can use to test the waters with old prospects.
Ideally, you should be getting new fresh numbers, but regardless, here's an idea of what
you can send out and see what fish bite.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Re-Start Sample Texts:

You: “new phone. who is this?” (This works because it doesn't make it seem like you're
reaching out on purpose so you and her re-connecting 'just happened'.)

You: “party tonite at Joe's Bar. Meeting at 10p. Bring ur gfs and get ready to have fun”
(This is a special situation text. Let's say you have a buddy throwing a birthday party.
Feel free to mass blast your old girl contacts with something like this. You would be
shocked to see how many girls you haven't seen in forever will show up to let loose. I
have had multiple bangs from girls I had written off by using a text like this. It's also
good for house parties.)

You: “how r u sexy” (Normally I wouldn't suggest going straight to a compliment,

however, it's a restart text so it gets a pass. Calling a girl sexy will intrigue her to respond
and you can test the waters.”

You: “I've been great, thx. U?” (This is classic, because it plays as an Assumption Text,
in that she text you which she didn't. Let's play through how this could play out)

Her: “wait lol who is this?”

You: “huh? U text me silly”

Her: “No I didn't. Is this Christian?”

You: “last time I checked. This is (insert her name) right?”

Her: “Yea. Well how you been?”

You: blah blah blah (take it from there, you've now re-opened her)

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 7 : The Rules Of A Player

Sending Pics

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

T his will be short because I am a firm believer in what I'm about to tell you: pics are
for girls to send you to qualify themselves to you. The moment you start sending
selfies, you're simply playing into their Frame. The only time a player should be
sending pics is of the following:

Special Events

If you're on stage with Tiesto at XS nightclub in Vegas and you guys are taking turns
pouring shots of vodka into the crowd, then by all means get a pic. Having pics at exciting
events and with celebs only helps raise your value in the eyes of the girls.

Exotic Vacations

If you're on the beach in the Bahamas, then by all means take a pic and send it to a girl(s)
to show them the life you lead. The key is for it to be something that she would want to
do. What girl doesn't want to go to the Bahamas and sit on the beach sipping on drinks?
By you showing her a glimpse of your life, then it stirs up additional interest. (Note: this is
also a great way to weed out gold-diggers).

Exciting Adventures

Did you go sky-diving? How about when you went deep sea fishing in Florida? Or that
time you went flying in a your friend's Gulfstream jet to Miami? Get pics. There's nothing
wrong with having a collage of sickass photos, A. for yourself and B. when a chick asks for
a pic, you can send them one of those and it shows that you live an active, exciting life.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

What A Player Should NOT Send Pics Of:

No self-respecting guy spends hours in front of the mirror getting the right angle to post
a selfie on Instagram. It's sickening and I cannot tell you how many girls I have heard out
of their own mouth, that it's effeminate and a major turn-off. Plus, forget the girls for a
minute, don't you have more productive shit you should be doing instead of posing in
front of the mirror?

-Dick Pics
You may disagree with me and that's fine, do whatever works for you, but the reason why
I say you shouldn't is for three main reaons, hear me out:
1. Sending a dick pic can kill the mystery of what you you're packing. IF you've
already banged her, then sure, go ahead, but I don't see the point. But let's say
you haven't and let's say you're below average in size or even just average. Why
put it out there?

2. Blackmail is bitch. If the girl you're texting dick pics to is in your social circle or at
your school, then you can be damn sure those pics are going to be passed around
like a mutherfucker. Especially, if you end your 'relationship' with her and she
gets mad, she will spread that pic around and that could be good or bad
depending on what you're packing.

3. Some guys are facing legal charges from sending dick pics. Be careful about
sending unrequested dick pics. There have been instances lately, where the
woman has gone to the police and pressed harassment charges. Apparently,
they're trying to get private part pics lumped in with indecent exposure. Is getting
a sex offender charge worth sending a dick pic over? I thought not.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 8 : The 'Morning After' Text


The Player’s Guide to Text Game

T he most important text you'll ever send is the 'morning after' text. It is imperative
in today's rape hysteria culture, that you cover your bases and ensure that the time
you and that sexy girl had at the bar the night before was consensual.
Unfortunately, not every girl you meet will be honest and admit to sleeping around.
Instead she may try to slap a false rape charge on you and having text proof may just save
your ass from spending time in the clinker.

Below I have broken down step-by-step of EXACTLY what to text. It's key that you text
what I'm saying, so as to ensure that you get the appropriate response. Read closely and
heed my this important advice.

Sample 'Morning After' Texts

NOTE: These texts are grammatically correct. This is to ensure that their proper meaning
is conveyed when you text her. Using text-speak is fine for Gaming through text, but for
the 'Morning After' texts, use proper grammar and punctuation.

You: “Had a good time sexy. How about you?” (This may sound 'beta', but it's not. You
already had consensual sex so put aside your ego for a minute and send this.)

Her: “Me too : ) Let's hang out again soon!”

Now here's the important part:

1. Delete her Name from your Contacts List.
2. Screenshot the text showing her Number at the top.
3. Add her name back to you Contacts List.
4. Screenshot it with her name showing. Preferably her full name IF you have

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

5. Email BOTH screenshots (with her name and the one with just her number)
to your email. Make a special folder for these texts. Keep them saved. It
wouldn't hurt to email the screenshots to a couple of your email accounts
just to be safe.

This may seem like over doing it, but rest assured you will sleep better knowing you have
proof of your consensual sex that you had with her. Better to be safe than sorry.

Here's some additional Sample Texts You Can use:

You: “Great time last night. Did you have fun?”

You: “You are a wild chick in the sack. Did you have fun?”

You: “My legs are sore from last night. How's your pussy?” (This is more of a graphic
text, but the key is to get her to respond graphically as well)

You: “You fuck like a pornstar haha. Did you have fun?”

You: “You left a hairclip in my bed. Looks like an excuse for seconds in the sack...”
(getting her to admit the good time she had the night before)

You: “Your hair is everywhere. What's with the shedding?” (same as previous)

You: “My cock is sore. Did you have fun last night?”

You: “My balls are drained dry. How's your pussy feeling after last night?”

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

You: “You left me drained as fuck. How much fun did your ass have last night?”

You: “Act all quiet and then unleash on me in bed. Wow haha. I take it you had a helluva
time last night?”

You: “My neighbors complained about your moaning last night. Did you have fun? Lol”

You want to stick with direct questions, but as long as you get a confirmation text stating
that she had a good time and even better if she suggests having sex again soon.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 9 : How To Create Distance

Through Text

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

T he beauty of communicating primarily through text is that you can easily create
distance between a girl and yourself through this medium. In the days when people
primarily communicated through telephone calls, you could only dodge so much
before people became suspicious. Obviously, cell phones can still be called, but when you
establish from the beginning that texting is the best way to reach you, then girls will
primarily stick to texting you.

There are a variety of reasons that you may want to create distance for yourself through
text, but let's assume that you simply have little interest in spending time with a particular
girl anymore. As a player well knows, you can feel very attracted to a girl, sleep with her
a few times and then lose interest. It's the Player's Curse. It drives us to continue finding
new conquests, but the flip-side is that it's hard to be content with just one girl.
Nevertheless, here's ways to create distance through text so eventually she stops trying
to reach you. Unless she falls in the crazy girl category, she will get the hint and leave you

The 3 Ways To Create Distance Through Text

3. Take longer periods of time to respond to her texts than usual

Assuming you've been following the rule of taking twice the time to respond to her as she
takes to respond to your initial text, than simply triple the length of time. Here's an idea
of how this can work:

Her: “Hey what are you doing?” (8PM)

You: “workin on school stuff” (9:30PM) (Note that you answer the question, but you're
not flirting, nor engaging her anymore than necessary. You also establish that you're

Her: “Mr. Studious! : ) What are you up to later tonight?” (9:31PM)

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

You: “big test tmrw morning. Studying all nite” (10:17PM) (This solidifies that you're
busy the rest of the night. How can she argue with that? If she does, simply ignore her)

As you continue to create distance, take longer to respond to her texts until eventually,
you're not even responding.

2. Use Business Travel, Vacation, Family or Rehab As An Excuse To Be Away From Your
Let's say that you'd like to keep her on the 'back burner', but need some space away from
her. Use the excuse that you'll be away on business the next couple of week, visiting
family or if you need even more time and you're known for partying, that you're entering
rehab for a couple of months. (I kid you not, the rehab one works great). Tell her that
you're busy with a work trip and she can't expect you to have time to be texting constantly
since you'll be in meetings and seminars all day and night. If you chose rehab, well that's
easy. Phones aren't allowed generally and if they are it's easy to act like you have limited
time with phone priviledges. This gives you enough time to take a break from seeing her,
limits her contact with you and gives you 'valid' excuses in order for her not to contact

1. Major Eject: Use a burner phone, change your number, or Google Voice Number
If you really don't want to be contacted anymore by her, than consider changing your
number (the most extreme), use a burner phone with new girls you meet, so if they
become annoying you can simply chuck the phone and start over, or use a Google Voice
Number so that she never really has your 'real' number.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 10 : Protecting Your Phone

From Your Harem

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

E very player knows that his phone holds the key to the many women that he is in
contact with. Women also know this and will go to hell and back to find out the
contents of your phone. Knowing how to protect your phone from their prying eyes
is paramount to you keeping your ducks in order.

The easiest step is to simple set the Frame that you will not tolerate any girl going through
your phone. By laying down this precedent, if you ever catch her going through your
phone, you have a legitimate excuse to end the 'relationship'. While this is well and good,
let's not kid ourselves. Anytime a girl is going to snoop through your phone she'll SNEAK
to do it. Girls are incredible adept at sneaking and snooping. It's unreal how well they can
uncover 'dirt' on a player.

Here are some very practical ways to keep your phone protected from her snooping eyes
when you're not around.
1. Always keep the phone lock 'On' around her. If you can choose the more
complicated passcode option (such as the iPhone difference between
Simple Passcode or Longer Passcode, choose the longer one. The new
iPhones have thumbprint passwords, so it doesn't get much safer then

2. Under your Settings turn off your text message alerts and ringer. There will
be no sound if you're alerted. You may just want to do this with text
messaging, however, you may actually enjoy having peace and quiet and
get used to just checking your phone every once and a while for missed calls
and/or texts.

3. Under Alerts, you can choose to not have the text message banner pop up.
Turn this off so you don't get a Notification when you receive a text. If your
phone is sitting on the couch and you step away and she were to look at it,
then when you get a text literally nothing would visibly show on the screen:
no sound, no light flash, nothing.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

4. Have separate apps for your naked photos of other girls. Depending on your
phone (if you have a smart phone), then search under Apps and see which
ones have the best rating. There are tons of apps for hiding photos in secret
folders, as well as secret Contact Lists password protected folders for
keeping your girls contacts organized and away from prying eyes.

5. Be careful about entering your pass code within eyesight of her. There was
a women's magazine article where they took a poll on how girls hacked their
boyfriend's phones and the #1 way the did it was by simply looking over and
seeing the passcode entered in by their boyfriend. You may think they're
not watching, but they are and they have a 6th sense for this shit. Don't be
thumbing in your passcode while she's sitting beside you. Have you ever
heard of peripheral vision? Exactly.

6. If you're super paranoid, the easy solution is to have a burner phone or

multiple phones. This may get complicated, but depending on your lifestyle
it may suit you just fine. Once again though, if she's over at your pad and
sees three phones on your nightstand, then that will raise red flags in her
mind like crazy, so plan ahead and silence the phones (including Vibrate)
and put away in a safe place while she's over.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Chapter 11 : How To Create Jealousy In

Girls Through Text

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

S tirring up a woman's competitive nature has never been easier, then through the
use of text. I'm about to show you exactly the way to do this, but first, remember
that women are very competitive creatures and will increasingly vye for your
attention if they sense another female is getting close to you. If you want to test a girl's
interest level in you, or simply instill some dread in her, then here are some practical ways
of doing so that require very little effort on your part, but will send her hamster spinning.

The 'Wrong Text' Move

This absolutely classic text move is one that I've used since I can remember. It's quietly
brilliant and when executed properly has a devastating effect. Here is a sample:

NOTE: You are PURPOSEFULLY texting the girl who you want to instill dread or kickstart
jealousy in, BUT you are ACTING like you're texting a DIFFERENT girl. For this example
let's say that you would like to make Sally jealous, so you're going to text Sally, but act
as though you're texting Jill.

You: “c u at 8” (7:30PM)

Sally: “What?” (7:31PM)

You: “wrong text. Nevermind” (7:42PM)

Sally: “Who was that for?” (7:42PM)

You: “Ms. Nosy huh. Busy talk later” (8:33PM)

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Note the times of the text. You allowed it to simmer in her mind, so now her imagination
has taken off. The key with this is to be very subtle and not to be blatant about it. If you're
over the top, then she'll see right through what you're trying to do and it will backfire.
Less is more.

The Fake Text Around Her Move

This is a simple, but highly affective move. You can have your buddy text you at a pre-set
time or even text yourself so your phone goes off. After you get the alert you can do a
half-smile as you 'read' the fake text that you 'received'. She'll look over and more than
likely nose around to who it was, but simply play it off. Her mind is now racing about your
response to the text and why it caused you to smile slightly. Her mind will be racing and
your job is done. Moving on.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game


The Player’s Guide to Text Game

L ike any learnable skill, text game can be learned through practice. It's imperative
that you practice different variations and methods to see what works best for your
personality and style of game.

Back in the day, I used to get lots of numbers for the sole purpose of trying out different
texts to see what worked best. Turning it into a game helped me see what was effective
and what wasn't. Later as I got into club promoting and then hosting, using text as a way
to get people into the club affected my income, so I spend even more time tweaking the
art of text 'game'. Working on this skill not only helped me get laid exponentially more,
but it also got me paid.

Texting is not going anywhere so work on it until you become great at it. You will separate
yourself from the packs of men today who are absolutely clueless on how to communicate
properly through text to get what they want from girls.

Good luck gentlemen. Play on.

P.S. Thank you for purchasing this book! To show my appreciation, I've included a Sample
Chapter of each of my other 3 books, in the following pages. To purchase the books, visit

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Sample Chapters
-The Alpha Playboy

-The Nightclub Bible

-The Stripclub Bible

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

The Alpha Playboy : Sample Chapter

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

B efore a man can become a real playboy his foundation must be set. The foundation
of being a playboy begins with Game. There is no amount of finances, fame or
status, that can replace the need for grounded applicable Game Skills and

You may be a very experienced player and choose to skip this section, however, if you
decide to read it, you my find some advice gems that will help fine tune your existing skills.

To start, the Foundation of Game is Frame. The definition of frame according to

dictionary.com is, “an open structure that gives shape and support to something”. Isn't
that interesting? The 'something' that Frame in the context of Game is supporting, is you
and your life. The definition of Frame in a Game context is, “Constructing 'guidelines' that
a female will conform to, whether spoken or through body language.

An example would be when a girl texts you last minute with the intention of changing the
plans that you two had previously set.

Girl: “Sorry but let's not grab a drink tonight. Let's go bowling with my girlfriends instead.”

You: “nah I don't do group dates”

What you've done here, is Held Frame, by not conforming to her suggestion. The key in
this scenario is that you do it without hostility, but firmly and with clear intent. Going on
a group date may be a 'shit-test' that she's using, or not, but regardless, group dates are
equated with being friend-zoned and an excuse to refrain from any intimate behavior.
Thus, you choose to abstain from the activity.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Having a firm grasp of Frame, stems from taking a step backward and examining your
Inner Self. What about your Inner Self can you improve and become more aware of, so
that when dealing with women you can have a concrete foundation from which to draw
upon? Confidence.

Confidence, whether real or faked, is the core of our Inner Self that alpha men are
recognized of having above all else. Ask any woman what trait they notice in a man first,
or which trait they desire first and foremost in the opposite sex and almost guaranteed,
they will answer with a resounding “confidence”. Why is this? Because confidence is the
appearance of being capable. Capable of what, you may ask. Capable of anything.

When a confident playboy walks into a social situation, say a fundraiser, and looks
everyone in the eye, then that physical behavior sends signals to both men and women,
that he is a man who can backup what he says (whether he can or not). He is the
equivalent of a male lion walking into the territory of his prey and sizing up his
surroundings and its dwellers. While men may feel challenged, threatened, or subservient
to this behavior, women will be drawn to it, due to the biological reaction they have to
seeing a High Value Male display confidence. The display of confidence, through body
language, is a natural turn on for women. They are hard-wired to be drawn to the most
alpha male in their vicinity and will often compete with each other in a social setting in
order to gain the alpha's attention.

Whether the playboy's confidence is based in reality or not, does not matter initially,
because the appearance of something, is better than the appearance of nothing.
Wallflowers do not get respect, nor do they get laid. I am a huge advocate of one being
irrationally confident in the beginning stages of a man building his confidence, because
most people cannot decipher between real or fake confidence; they only can get a knee
jerk reaction to the display of confidence.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Why is is important to focus on confidence? Because most people truly are not confident.
Take a look around? Are you at a coffee shop? How many of the people looked you in the
eye when you walked in, or did they nervously glance over and quickly divert their eyes
when you glanced back at them? The rise of social media and an increasing dependence
on smart phones and technology has only increased the lack of most individuals social
skills. Instead of having a competent conversation with others in their peer group, they
are buried in Facebook updates and feeding their never ending thirst for Instagram 'likes'
for validation.

Another reason that your confidence is key to building your Inner Self, is that without it,
you simply become a shell with zero substance, which is fundamentally flawed to
increasing your value as a man. To become a playboy, external attributes are necessary,
but to become a great playboy, real grounded confidence must be fostered and
developed. The good news is, I'm going to teach you how to build your confidence.

Confidence is based on the belief that you, no matter your physical attributes, net-worth,
career or connections, have real worth. I have done this for years and it's quite effective:
I imagine that I am stripped bare of any material possessions, I have nothing on, no fancy
suit, literally nothing. I am stripped bare of money, friends, lovers, notoriety, everything.
Then, when I look in the mirror, what do I see? Who am I? Do I still have confidence? Do
I still feel like a man of worth? Yes. Why is this? Because I have based my confidence on
who I am with nothing, not based on who I am with everything. Wealth can be stripped
away, lovers can leave, family can pass away and career prospects can dry up, so then
what are we left with?

Building confidence with a firm foundation must start with who you are at the core. If you
really want to re-build your life, then take the time to do the steps I am breaking down,
so that you can start your path to being a playboy on the right foot and with the real tools
needed to succeed.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Step 1: Who Am I?

Write down your Strengths. Forget your weaknesses right now. This isn't about what
you're NOT, it's about what you ARE. List every talent you have. Even if you think you
don't have talents, you do. Every man is your superior in one way.

Step 2: List Your Strength and Talents

Based on the strengths and talents you've written down, what could you parlay those
into? Great with computers and programming? Then maybe you'll design a very
successful new phone app. Are you in phenomenal physical shape? Then maybe you'll
become a fitness model flying around the world getting paid big bucks to pose lifting, or
maybe you'll become a famous personal trainer and open your own line of fitness
products. Write down quickly all of the great things you can become based on your talents
and strengths alone. I bet you feel more confident already. There is nothing wrong with
taking count of all of your strengths, talents and positive attributes that make you a a
unique individual.

Step 3: Affirmations

The third step is one that you should do DAILY, until your confidence has grown and fully
developed. Hell, you can even keep doing them, as do I, because a daily reminder is the
best way to maximize your potential. Every morning before leaving your house for the
day and EVERY night before you go to sleep, look in the mirror and speak affirmations
with conviction.

I promise you, if you actually do them without cynicism and really believing, that you will
increase your confidence. The key is not to look at affirmations as magic words, because
it's not magic; it's simply speaking positively to yourself and claiming those words as
truths about yourself. Let's be honest, a lot of us don't have anyone speaking positively
to our faces everyday, so you must be responsible for your own well being, by starting
your day right and reaffirming yourself first.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Here are some examples of what you can use. Feel free to change them around and tailor
make them for yourself, because this is all about you.

“I am a Man of Worth”
“I am a Man of Success”
“I am getting stronger and stronger in every way, every day”
“I am a Great Man”
“F*ck the haters. I'm becoming better every day”
“I WILL reach my goals”
“I WILL be a success”
“No matter what, I will reach my goals”
“I will push through every obstacle”
“Girls love me”
“Girls want to f*ck me”
“Girls are drawn to me”
“I believe” (Use this affirmation as your final one. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror
and really take a second to believe it. This is extremely powerful.)

The reason why affirmations like these work is because it affects your Vibe and Energy.
Remember those days when you leave the gym and you're feeling invincible, or you just
cashed a large check and you walk out of the bank with your wallet full? Affirmations done
repeatedly and with conviction will help re-create these feelings and when you go about
your day, people will be drawn to this energy. A component of Charisma is directly related
to Vibe and Energy. Want to be more Charismatic? Do Affirmations. Want to start your
day reaffirming truth? Do Affirmations. Want to go about your day with your head held
high because you started it with building the foundation of your confidence? Do

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Step 4: Work On Your Goals

Nothing builds confidence quicker than achieving a goal. These don't have to be massive
goals, I'm talking about mini-goals, such as do 10 chinups by next week. See, the
accumulation of small goals starts to take on the shape of the larger goals. If you set the
goal of doing 10 chinups by next week, then 15 the next week and increasing by 5 each
week, then fast-forward in 3 months and you'll have the back of Thor. Along the way to
your overall goal of building a great back, your confidence will start to increase because
you're working hard towards the goal by hitting the mini-goals.

On a larger scale, a man needs to have a purpose in life. Now, I understand if you're
younger, you may not have a clue what you want to do when you 'grow up', however,
what interest you right now? Are you a high school freshman and you love baseball? Then
make your immediate goal to make the Varsity team by Sophomore year. This is a small
example, but the point is, when you don't know what you want to do, then the worse thing
you can do, is to not do anything. You must stay actively focused and working towards a
goal, even if the goal isn't your life calling. Stagnation is the dwelling of the depressed,
complacent and unsuccessful. Any goal is better than not having one.

Step 5: Focus On What You Can Control

Human nature lends us to play the Compare Game. This is some serious bullshit that will
greatly hinder any progress one can make. You have to let go of factors that you cannot
control, such as your height, your family heritage, the type of upbringing you've had and
any other factors that are out of your control. You have to focus on what you can control.
Eliminating the aspects of your life that you cannot control and focusing on what you can,
will increase your confidence. There is great strength in assessing your life and making a
plan on what you can do to improve it.

Don't worry about anyone else. This is YOUR life. What can you do today to start
improving it?

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Step 6: Don't Be Afraid To 'Fail'

You know when I really started to get a grip on building personal confidence? When I
would 'fail' at something and still come out okay. In other words the journey of trying and
not succeeding was as beneficial as if I had succeeded. If you notice the theme so far in
this book, is that the journey is just as important as the destination. By giving everything,
'failing' and falling to rock bottom, then getting back up and re-building will build
something in you that only 'failure' can create and that is tenacity.

I have been been fortunate to meet many successful people throughout my lifetime and
one attribute that every single one of them have, is being tenacious. Tenacious is that
extra ummph that you pull from your gut when you just lost your job, your wife recently
left you and your kids won't speak to you. It's that still small voice in your head that says
“try one more time”, “get back up”, “don't stop now”. You are only a failure if you stop
trying. There's no shame in 'failing'. I've 'failed' countless times, but I just wouldn't quit.
In fact, a fear to 'fail' is directly in correlation to having a lack of confidence. If a confident
man knows that he may 'fail', but doesn't base his entire self-worth on accomplishing the
task/goal he sets out to achieve, then he can focus 100% on the goal and not be inhibited
by the fear of failure. Don't be afraid to 'fail'. A confident man will put his balls on the line
and go for broke. Never stop, never give up, never give in and never become stagnate.

Step 7: Have Belief In A Higher Power

Now if you're an atheist, or agnostic, don't have a meltdown and close the book. I'm not
referencing a specific deity, but what I am saying is, having a belief in something greater
than this world and it's existence will help you have confidence that your life has a
purpose here on earth. When you can allow yourself to simply believe in a higher power
and gain strength from this belief, than you will be strengthened unlike anything you've
ever imagined. Whether your higher power is meditation, Christianity, or fill in the blank
with any religion or spiritual practice, then having something else that you believe to be
guiding you will enhance your confidence. Why is this? Because at the core of human
nature we want to be respected and loved.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Believing that something, somewhere out there loves and cares about you, will help
solidify you as being a person of value cared about no matter what, regardless if anyone
else appears to care about you in your life. By having a spiritual belief then the spirit
component of your body, which is referred to as your soul, is nourished and 'fed'. Man is
not simply composed of flesh and blood, but by energy and spirit. Feed all components of
you in order to be complete and build a firm foundation for confidence to grow.

Step 8: 'Be' Confident

You've heard the term “fake it till' you make it”, right? Well, similar to this but grounded
in physicality, you can jumpstart your way to being genuinely confident by improving your
physicality. Head up, shoulders back, maintaining eye contact and smiling at people will
start to become natural for you. Physical actions derived from a place of truth become
truthful in the moment. For example, if you can decide that you're going to find just
something interesting in every person you meet, then when you toss out a casual “hello”
to the cute coffee baristta girl, it will come across genuine, because you will have
practiced being sincere with countless other people that week. It will come across
confident because it IS normal for you to greet people and show interest in them. Now
imagine, you haven't spoken to anyone all week and have diverted your eyes whenever
they tried to engage you and you meet this cute barrista girl...do you think that your
“hello” will be congruent with a confident man? Hell no.

Work on your physicality, because that is something that you can change overnight. Head
up, shoulders back, maintaining eye contact and not diverting your eyes immediately
when you are engaged by a stranger. These are physical changes that may feel awkward
at first, trust me I know, I used to slump my shoulders for years until reminding myself
daily to hold them back, but once you make a habit out of it, then it will become second
nature and you will be perceived as more confident, thus increasing peoples positive
responses to you. See the cycle? Act, perceived, feel, natural, confidence.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

 Act: by adopting confident body language traits they start to become a part of you

 Perceived: People perceive you as respectable, attractive and one to pay attention

 Feel: You feel the difference in how men respect you and women are attracted to

 Natural: Because of the repetition of changing your physicality it now becomes


 Confidence: You acted, people perceived you differently, you felt the respect and
attraction, you duplicated it repetitively until it became natural and it manifests
itself in growing your Confidence.

The greatest part about this is that you can start today and see the difference before you
know it. When you walk into a room and all eyes turn to you, because you command the
room, that my friend, is power. That is alpha. That is being a playboy.

You now know how to develop confidence, so the next step is laying down the the
connection between it and Frame. It is impossible to have Frame without confidence.
They are intertwined and they feed each other. If a man has confidence, then he knows
his time is valuable. With that knowledge he then can hold Frame with a girl naturally. As
I mentioned in the simple text example, the girl deciding to change the plans at the last
minute to a group date, did not align with the confident playboy, so he held Frame and
did not bend to her demands. This is a small example, but one that you will undoubtedly

I'm about to get controversial, but bear with me, because what I'm about to reveal to you
is necessary to becoming successful with women. You must be selfish. That's right, I said
it. You must be selfish in the sense that you come first and her desires, wants and needs
come second. If you're still attached to the idealistic concept of putting a girl on a
pedestal, putting all of her wants and desires ahead of your own and do not wish to grow
as a man, then close the book. These are cold hard truths.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

In order for you to become successful in life and with women, a man must first put his
needs and wants first and focus 100% on fostering these. Now here's the part that will
make you feel better: Women are naturally drawn and attracted to men who put
themselves first. I'm not talking about being a raging asshole who never thinks of others,
instead I am talking about being a man who is focused on his goals, needs and wants and
the girl comes second fiddle. Good women naturally like to help men in their quests for

The greatest mistake a man can make is to abandon his goals, career, wants and needs in
order to 'satisfy' the woman of his affections. She will turn cold from this behavior,
whether instantly or gradually, but generally it's almost instantaneously. Why is this? It is
due to women being hard wired to desire the Alpha Male. In the stone ages when men
were the providers and would go into the wilderness to hunt and fish, the women would
stay home and tend to the children. Imagine if back then one of the men decided he was
going to stay home and play with the kids all day? They would have starved to death. The
conditioning of women looking to men to be the caretakers for thousands of years has
only reinforced the thought process that is triggered in women when a man gives up
everything to be with her and/or to follow her. Why is this? Because it is not natural. Let's
add in that in our current day women are becoming increasingly more independent due
to careers, abstaining from having children etc. If a woman has her own money and her
own career and a man has his own money and his own career and the man decides to
leave his career and spend all of his money on the woman, how do you think she feels
about that? Before you answer, toss all of the romantic comedies out the window that
you may reference. That is the movies; I'm talking about real life. She feels like he has lost
his ability to gather. The hard wiring from the stone ages and biology has ingrained in her
that a man must be able to provide (whether she needs it or not doesn't matter) and that
if he abandons that, then he is worthless. Let these words sink in. Worthless. Tying this in
with modern day dating, a man who quickly bends and stoops to a woman's demands is
simply disqualifying himself from being an Alpha Male.

A man who is confident and is focused on his own life, will have little patience or time in
chasing a girl who is playing games. Now do not confuse 'chasing' with 'the game'. Every
good relationship has a push-pull dynamic, however, I'm referring to when a girl intends
on making a man jump through hoops in order to see her and spend time with her.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

It's interesting to me how some Game 'gurus' go through intense explanations on how to
make yourself seem busy to a girl, when in fact the best answer is to simply be busy. When
you are working out, building a business, attending exciting events and spending time
with your friends, then you actually are busy and do not have to put on a front of
appearing to be busy. The difference is, that women can sense this and will be drawn to
a man who really has activities/work/events going on. No one, whether male or female,
desires to be around bores and individuals who have nothing going on with their lives.
This is a fact. Ever noticed how everyone wants to be around famous people, but the
interesting aspect is that most famous people are working their asses off building their
brand, which is themselves. They are not sitting at home hoping the phone will ring and
that someone will ask them to hang out. No, instead they are developing their lives into
the lives they want to live and the lives that many lust after. Be that man, the one who
has crammed his schedule with activities, work, exercise and self-development, that is
designing his life into one of great value and then you are the master of your destiny and
you decide when you can meet that cute model girl you just met for drinks.

To Read the full book, visit: http://www.TheAlphaPlayboy.com

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The Nightclub Bible : Sample Chapter

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

M y name is Christian McQueen and if you are reading this right now, then you
are somebody who is ready to change your life. Maybe you have been in the
nightclub world for years, or maybe you've only been a couple times and you
are a little intimidated by the scene; no matter what your reasons are, I am glad to be
able to share my valuable advice with you.

Before I get into all the how-to's and the secrets of the nightclub world, I want to tell you
a bit about my background and why I decided to write this book. To be perfectly honest,
I wasn't sure I wanted to write it. Why the hell would I give out so much valuable
information to guys I don't know? It has taken me years to garner the experiences
through trial and error that I have attained and now you own it. You want to know why?
Because I used to be that guy who didn't know anything about nightclubs, besides what I
saw on TV or in a movie. None of my friends were big on going out and I had no one to
show me the ropes until later in life. This is my way of giving back to the universe, so you
don't have to stumble around in the dark like I did.

When I turned sixteen years old, I was living in a Chicago suburb and there was an 18+
club that I heard about on the radio. According to the commercial, there was going to be
a huge foam party. That's right, a foam party with chicks in bikinis. I was getting in that
club one damn way or another. I had two things going for me: #1: I looked around
eighteen #2: I had an older brother whose ID I borrowed. I had no one to go with, because
my friends at the time were lame, so I said 'fuck it, I'm going to this foam party alone'.

Unfortunately the night didn’t start well. I got lost three times (this was before the days
of smartphones and navigation in the car) and was ready to just go home, when I finally
found the club. I pulled into the parking lot and I couldn't believe my eyes: Cute girls in
short shorts and bikini tops milling about. A long line formed in front of the club packed
with horny teenagers. This was it... I thought. I sat in my car for a few minutes because
I'll be honest: I was nervous. Now the funny thing was, I was popular in high school,
starting center for my school's ice hockey team and very social; however going into a club
which I had never been to before and not knowing a soul there, was intimidating. Do I
look like a psycho? A loser? Who goes out alone? All these other people are in groups...
Finally, after around ten minutes, I summoned up the courage and walked up to the line.

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Like a typical schmuck, I waited in line and paid the $10 cover. When I walked inside I felt
like I was in a slice of heaven. Girls in bikinis everywhere and foam machines spewing out
foam making it one sexy affair. I wandered around the club and finally started dancing
with a girl. Now I'm not a great dancer, nor do I currently dance when in a club, but I can
grind ok and when you are sixteen grinding works just fine. I eventually made out with
the girl and another one before the club closed. I even got a phone number. I really
thought I was a player by the end of the night and drove home on top of the world.

Fast-forward a few years and I was in college at a Big 10 university. Besides the obligatory
college parties, I delved into bar life and eventually clubs. The first few times going to
clubs and I still wasn't familiar with how things worked, nor did I have anyone to really
break it down for me. One particular night, I was out with a girl I had been dating for a
couple of months. She was a latina hottie and a great fuck to say the least. We get to the
club early around 10pm, and get into line, just like the other schmucks, yes I was a
schmuck at one point. I wasn't tripping, I felt like it was just normal, waiting in line and
paying cover when going to a club. An hour goes by. I'm getting restless. To kill time, my
girlfriend gave me a handjob in line. Just kidding. Yes, it's a grand opening of a new club.
Yes, it's Saturday night, but damn what was with the wait?

While waiting I saw a few professional athletes skip the line and walk right in. I chalked it
up to them being celebrities. I'm not famous so figured we would just wait. Then some
people I didn't know, also skipped the line. That's odd I thought. It's now 11pm and did I
mention it's around 12 fucking degrees out? Yes, Midwest winters are a bitch. I figured
another 15-20 minutes and I was going to leave. Finally, we get to the front of the line
and we are next to get in. The Door Girl calls out to the crowd that they are now at
capacity and no one is getting in for probably another hour. Wow. I grabbed my girl's hand
and left. Disappointed, cold and rejected does not make for a happy Saturday night. I took
her to one of my local bars and buried my sorrows in multiple vodka shots. The night just
wasn't the same. I sat at the bar with my girl and wondered what made those other
people who got to walk right in so special. They weren't famous, they weren't particularly
good looking and I sure as fuck felt more special then them.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Most of my friends in college were into the college party scene and while that was fun, I
wanted something more. I crave challenge and college parties were getting old to me. It
wasn't difficult to pull a college slut from a party and when I noticed lines at clubs, I saw
that the girls were much hotter. I wanted the best available pussy I could find, so I set out
with a vengeance to get into the club scene and be able to go wherever I wanted,
whenever I wanted and pull hot club sluts on the regular.

Night after night starting on Thursday and sometimes even Wednesday through Saturday
night I was out like a lion on the prowl. I went to every spot I could find within a 50 mile
radius. Club after club, lounge after lounge, I went, I observed, I drank and I talked to
people. Sometimes I would pull, sometimes I wouldn't. There were times where a month
went by and I wouldn't pull fresh ass from the club. Now I still had my college sluts so I
wasn't sexless. However, in my mind that didn't matter because I wanted to perfect the
art of pulling club girls on the regular.

There were nights where at the last fucking minute the girl would bounce on me and after
having spent what seemed like a fortune at the time, I would still go home alone, but even
worse off now because my balls were swollen like a donkey's. Truth be told my friend,
there were times I swore I wasn't going to ever go back to a damn club. It seemed like the
odds were stacked against me and having to roll there solo 95% of the time meant I
isolated myself away from social events my friends were doing.

The call of fresh hot pussy is strong as we know and it drove me like crack to an addict. It
was a challenge, but I knew I would conquer it one day if I persisted. One day, Lady Luck
walked into my path in the form of a co-worker when I started a new job at a fancy hotel.
We hit it off right off the bat as people sometimes do and one night when we got off at
11pm on a Friday, he asked if I wanted to hit a popular club with him to find some girls.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Knowing the club and it being 11pm, I mentioned we'd be standing in line for a while so
not sure it'd be worth it. He smiled and stated “I don't wait in lines bro. It's cool just come
with”. We walk up to the club and there's already a line a block long. I start to get in line
and he starts laughing and waves me to keep walking with him past the line to the front.
Doorman greets him with a half-hug, lifts the rope and just like that we're inside. No wait,
no cover and it gets better.

The VIP Services Manager walks up and she's smoking hot, a petite brunette with striking
blue eyes and tan skin. She greets my buddy with a kiss on the cheek and puts VIP
wristbands on us, then escorts us up to the VIP section. The entire time my buddy is acting
casual like this is normal. Thankfully, I had the awareness to follow along with his chill
behavior, but inside my brain was exploding with questions for him. After a free round of
shots that the sexy VIP Services Manager got us, we were alone again for a minute and I
asked him, “Why the special treatment?” He replied with a smirk, “I became cool with
the doorman and also fucked her” (the VIP Services Manager).

Gentlemen, Welcome to Nightclub Bible.

To Read The Full Book, visit: http://www.RealChristianMcQueen.com

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The Stripclub Bible : Sample Chapter

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

T he bouncer checked my ID with slight bemusement coupled with skepticism.

“Eighteen huh?” “Yes”, I meekly replied. My eager face told the story. I was
eighteen years old and the eager look in my eyes gave me away. “Have fun kid”, he
said and the door opened up to the tantalizing sounds and sights of a strip club.

The strip club was in Columbus, Ohio and looking back, the girls were 8's at best, however,
when you've never been to a strip club before and naked girls are walking around with
their silicone tits pointing at you like a horndog radar and their smoothly shaved snatches
beckoning at you for a lap dance, then they all seem like dimes.

My buddy and I took a seat by the stage, (my first mistake), and I proceeded to ogle the
strippers. “Excuse me son”, I tore my eyes away from the lovely stripper gyrating on the
pole for a second to see a man dressed in a suit standing beside me. “Yes?”, I replied as
he shifted his tie the way overworked and under paid men do. “You're eighteen years old
correct?” His look was stern and my brief happiness of being in a naked fest of hot chicks
quickly dissipated. “Yes sir”, I croaked. “Put this on then”, he mumbled as he handed me
a bright pink oversized t-shirt. “What?”, “Under twenty-one year olds have to wear this
shirt, so the cocktail waitresses know not to serve you alcohol”, he barked. Fuck. I
couldn't believe it. I would look like a fucking idiot wearing a bright pink t-shirt about 10
times too big, in fact, it would be baggy on Biggie. My buddy laughed it up, him being
twenty-one and full of otherworldly wisdom, and told me to stop bitching and put it on. I
begrudgingly pulled the tent like t-shirt over my head and sunk down in my seat, as
though I could disappear from the amused looks coming from the strippers, who
undoubtedly had seen this countless times before. 'Well isn't this a bitch', I thought. Fuck
strip clubs.

Fast forward an hour later and strikingly gorgeous stripper emerged on the stage like a
mirage. She was around 105lbs, blondish brown hair and the cutest lips and smile. I was
smitten and fell in 'love' that very second! I couldn't believe my luck. My first time to a
strip club and here I discovered an incredibly beautiful girl who was giving me a lot of flirty
looks. I quickly checked the cash I had brought, around three-hundred dollars and
proceeded to drop a few ones on the stage. What a rush seeing her smile just for me and
watching her drop to all fours to scoop up the ones I had 'made it rain' with.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

Almost immediately, I realized that I had to have her to myself and myself only. I refused
to sit by the stage and watch other men I didn't deem worthy of her attention, spending
their pay checks as well. “Lap dance baby”, she cooed as she suggestively opened her legs
to me. I'm sure my mouth dropped. Her pussy was divine. Even looking back, that chick
had one sexy pussy. I gulped and nodded my head 'yes', while noticing my buddy roll his
eyes at me. She extended her soft hand to mine and led me to a private room. 'That's
odd', I thought, 'lap dances are at the tables like the movies, right?'. Undeterred, I
put up zero resistance and decided that it was because I was special. Yep, I was damn
special. The next few moments felt like bliss, as she rubbed her gorgeous body on my
throbbing crotch and caressed my face with her small but perky breasts. 'Fuckin A this is
the shit!', my mind kept saying over and over. As the song ended she asked if I'd like
another dance and me being the smart eighteen year old that I was, eagerly agreed.

“Baby?” I came out of my daze of worshipping her golden colored body for a second, “Yes
ba-”, almost calling her 'baby' as well, as though she was my new girlfriend. “That'll be
$250”, she said with a smile as though it was an everyday occurrence (which clearly it
was). My world crashed down instantly. I wasn't naive to believe that lap dances didn't
cost money, it was that she was so damn smooth about it, that I stupidly felt a connection
with the stripper and for some reason had forgotten about the spending money part. “Ok
sure, no problem”, then took my remaining money and handed it to her. She smiled and
walked off, more than likely thinking of the car payment I just paid.

I walked back to my buddy in a daze. The fantasy was over. I didn't have any more cash
and knowing his ass, he would be too cheap to spot me some more. Cheap he was not,
but intelligent he was. He smirked at me and I slunk back into my chair.

We decided to leave shortly after that and before I left, I went up to my lap dancer stripper
who was dancing on a side pole by herself and proclaimed my adoration for her beauty.
“I'm about to go, but I just want to say...I think you're really beautiful”, I sputtered out.
She smiled at me and to this day I'll never forget the kiss she gave me. She pulled me close
putting her hand behind my head and gave me a firm kiss on the mouth, with just enough
tongue. I could have died at that moment, at the tender age of eighteen years old, happier
than a Powerball lottery winner. I had enough sense to kiss her back and then turned on
my heel and walked to the exit.

The Player’s Guide to Text Game

As I was walking with my head held high and my chest puffed out, like Mayweather
heading into the ring, it was like a light bulb went off above my head, I knew I had been
had, to a certain extent with spending the entire $300 I took in with me, but at the same
time, I knew the stripper code was a code with enough work, I could crack.

Gentlemen, welcome to Strip Club Bible.

To Read The Full Book, visit: http://www.RealChristianMcQueen.com