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Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
World War II Era
1930 - 1959


Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide

Introduction ...............................................................................................................................3
Rule of Thumb ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 3
Unit Counter Readout 1�1�1 ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3
Stacking 1�3 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3

Units and Weapons Descriptions ................................................................................................ 4

Single Man Counters (SMC) 11�0 – Can Self Rally 4
Support Weapons (SW) 1�6���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5
Weapon Teams (WT) 1�7 �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5
Vehicles 15�0 ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6
Passengers 16�0 ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6
Vehicle Crews and Armor Leaders 15�4 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7

Playing the Game .........................................................................................................................7

Outline of Play 2�0������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7
Rally Phase 3�0 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7
Operations Phase 4�0 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 8
Movement �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 8
Fire (Combat) ��������������������������������������������������� 9

Other Rules:.............................................................................................................................. 15
Morale Checks (MC) 1�5 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 15
Operations Complete Marker 4�1 ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 16
Fortifications 21.0 ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 16
Laying Smoke 7�0 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 17
Skills 12�0 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 17
Administration Phase 9�0���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 17

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide

Introduction Ruben Rigillo for all his help in getting

this guide together�

In order to use this Rule Sequence Guide - Randy Stumman

you will need to know some of the basics
of the LnLT core rule set� Not all the core Community & Support
rules are listed in the guide� If you have any game questions, or if you
are just looking for other gamers with
The idea behind this Sequence Guide was whom to chat, you can find quick replies
to help outline and breakdown the most on our Forums:
common procedures used in the Lock http://forums�lnlpublishing�com�
‘n Load Tactical series and to speed up
game play while learning the rules� If any parts of this game are damaged,
or you have any other support needs,
Since the LnLT core rule book is over please open a support ticket on our Sup-
50 pages long this Sequence Guide has port Tickets section:
been developed to outline all the systems http://support�lnlpublishing�com�
you need to play, in the order you need
to use them� It was done in the outline You can also find additional game re-
style you‘ll see below in order to keep it sources such as scenarios, counters, spe-
to a minimum page count and minimize cial rules and other community-design
the rule book referencing that happens ideas in our Resource section:
during a normal game� Its been organized http://forums�lnlpublishing�com/re-
in order of unit description, move, sources�
combat, and other standard core rules�

One example of this: If you want to know Rule of Thumb

how to assault with a vehicle, rather than All Fractions Rounded UP
opening the core rule book, turn to the
page covering that system in this guide�
There you’ll find the system in outline
Unit Counter Readout 1.1.1
form with a minimum of procedures tell-
1� Fire Power – Range – Movement –
ing you just what you need to do, in the
order you need to do it in�

This Sequence Guide is also designed to Stacking 1.3

work together with LnLT’s Rule Refer-
ence and Ordinance Player Aid cards in- 1� 3 squads (MMC), 2 vehicles, 2
cluded in any of our core games� These SMC’s (Can’t move through other
player aid cards are great features for units if at max)
learning and playing the game series� 2� WT & 2 Half Squads = 1 Squad

Thank you for checking out my Sequence

Guide and I hope you find it helpful. I
would also like to thank the community
for there input and a special thanks to

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide

Units and Weapons Descriptions

Single Man Counters (SMC) 11.0 – Can Self Rally
Leaders 11.1
1� Can only fire if they have a SW.
2� Uses GO Leader modifier (LM) to aid direct fire table (DFT) attacks and
ordnance fire table (OFT) attacks if units have same Identification Badge (IB:
top left of counter)�
3� Uses LM to modified OFT. Subtract LM from to-hit dice roll.
4� Uses LM to modify Damage Checks (DC).
5� Uses LM to rally units�
6� Uses LM in Melee to modify the dice roll�
7� Apply LM to every attack total fire power (FP).
8� Can call on-board Mortar fire or off-board Artillery but no LM die roll modifier
(DRM) in same impulse.

Heroes 11.2
1� Can Assault Move with full FP�
2� Can Close Assault vehicles with full FP�
3� Shift Melee odds column 1 in their favor only when attacking�
4� Only 2 Heroes are allowed per nation�
5� Forfeit their inherent FP if use a SW�

Medics and Corpsmen 11.3

1� Can heal or unshaken one other unit�
2� Must pass their own MC first by rolling 2d6.
• Subtract 2 if in a positive terrain hex
• Need to be equal to or less than moral rating of unit to pass�
• Can unshaken self and then heal or rally one SMC or rally one MMC/SMC
with another 2d6�
• If not unshaken, once passes MC then can heal one SMC or rally one MMC/
• Can’t Melee called Non-Melee-Eligible (NME)�

Snipers 11.4
1� Can’t move�
2� To attack roll 2d6. Use DFT.
3� Randomly selects individual target if multiple units in the hex�
4� If attacked they get double hex’s TM�
5� If stacked with other units lose special TM modifier.
6� They fire separately and are NME.

Armor Leaders 11.5

1� They can’t move, stay with tank�

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
2� Can’t be wounded but can be shaken�
3� If forced to be removed from tank, remove from game�
4� Can only rally the tank they are in�
5� LM added to tank’s machine gun only�
6� LM subtracted from to-hit die rolls�
7� Can do both types of fire on same turn.

Support Weapons (SW) 1.6

1� Can be carried by MMC�
• Squad can carry up to 2 SW. Squad can fire 1 SW at full squad counter
inherent firepower (IFP) or fire 2 SW with no squad IFP.
2� Can be carried by Half Squad, Hero, or Crew�
• Carry only 1 SW, fire SW at full FP, but forfeit IFP.
• 2 Eligible SMC’s crewing/firing SW with full FP and no penalty on OFT
3� Leader can carry SW� Lose 2 Movement Points (MP)�
• Fires at 1/2 SW’s FP or +1 on to-hit roll�
• Leader’s lose LM�
4� MMC/SMC can drop, picked up, swapped, or destroyed SW’s during Rally for
free or pick up SW if moving at cost of 2 MP�
• If enemy uses captured SW and doesn’t cause a damage check or hit on
OFT, remove SW�
• Can’t fire OFT SW’s from buildings or bunkers, except anti-tank SW’s.
5� Tripod Machine Guns (TMG) can only be moved by flipping counter to
dismantled side at Rally Phase. To setup, need MMC/SMC, flip counter to the
prepared side at rally phase, not in Melee�
6� Jamming has small J on counter and if both attacker and defender roll same
number = jams�
• Unjam – Roll 1d6 = 1 jammed forever 2-6 = unjam� Except in Sand – See
main rules�
7� Flamethrowers�
• Used in Melee, Close Assault, and Direct Fire Attack (DF).
• If defender becomes shaken, they must retreat one hex�
8� Satchel Charge�
• Used in Melee, Adjacent Hex in direct fire (DF) attack, and Close Assault
for vehicles�
• Resolve like SW using LM if leader uses this SW� Remove after use�
9� OFT SW fire separately and may choose a different target.

Weapon Teams (WT) 1.7

1� Can Self Rally. Can’t Low Crawl, can’t Double-Time.
2� Greater than 13mm not in buildings or cross hex side terrain�

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
3� Can’t Melee, use SW’s, or Close Assault vehicles� Can’t be captured�
4� WT’s defend only in melee with a 1 except machine gun (MG)� MG’s uses full
FP in defending�
5� Might have facing with red triangle in corner� Cost to change facing 1 MP per 2
hex sides�
• 1� Then use OFT table�
• 2. Can change facing and fire at cost. See OFT. Can also do this during OF.
6� Fires separately from other units in same hex�
Vehicles 15.0
1� Vehicles can start open (default setting) or buttoned�
2� Button vehicles can’t spot at all.
3� Can change open/buttoned status at beginning of their impulse turn�
4� 3 Vehicle movement types�
• Tracked (T)
• Off road (O)
• Road (R)
5� If a vehicle is Shaken it can’t fire, MF is 1/2, and can’t spot, must button up�
6� Can Self Rally. Tank Leader Moral and Modifier (TLM) are used.
• Subtract 2 if in positive terrain�
7� High Explosive (HE) Equivalent values used to attack non vehicles�
• An “N” preceding the “H” is how many times it can fire in an impulse turn.
» Has to fire at same hex or adjacent hexes.
8� Machine Gun (MG) values of 2 has range of 10, FP of 4 has range of 14, an
asterisk after the number can fire in 360 degree arch, but only when tank is
9� MG and cannon can fire at same target hex.
10� Vehicles with multiple MG’s fire separately.
11� If MG is followed by an “R” means it has a rear machine gun�
12� If turret’s covered arc differs from vehicle’s arc, then the 2 MG’s FP is split in
half and fires at two separate targets in same hex.
13�Can’t move through and end movement in hex with another enemy vehicle�
14� Can move vehicle with infantry�
15�Can pivot in same hex� Cost is 1 MF per hex side�
16� Can move in reverse� Cost 2x’s MF and can only go 2 hexes total�
17� All vehicles can Assault Move (AM) �
• Use 1/2 of MF�
• Main gun fire add 2 to the to-hit roll, MG subtract 2 from FP.
• Can’t use AM to conduct overrun’s�
• Can load or unload passengers but then can’t move. Can still fire.

Passengers 16.0
1� Vehicles marked with a “P” can carry a 1/2 squad, 1 SW and 1 SMC inside

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
2� Vehicles marked with a “PP” can carry a full squad, 2 SW’s and 2 SMC’s inside
3� Weapon Team (WT)’s greater than 20mm can’t be transported�
4� If vehicle is destroyed do a bailout check for each passenger�
• 1� Roll 1d6� Result is even, put in hex on shaken side, mark with a
move marker� Result is odd, eliminate the unit� Roll for SW - can also be
5� Vehicles marked with a “PO” can carry 1/2 squad, 1 SW and 1 SMC outside of
6� Vehicles marked with a “PPO” can carry 1 squad, 2 SW’s and 2 SMC’s outside
of vehicle�
• 1. If vehicle fires ordnance, units disembark and marked with a move
marker and must pass a MC�
• 2� Passengers are subject to (OF)�
7� Passengers are subject to small arms fire. If shaken have to disembark.
8� Passengers on top of vehicle (PO or PPO) can attack targets in separate or
same impulse with IFP but no SW’s�
• Subtract 1 from IFP if vehicle hasn’t moved or subtract 2 from IFP if
vehicle has moved�
9� Passengers of abandoned vehicles disembark and take a MC�
10� To mount vehicles use 1/2 MF for both vehicle and passengers�
11� Can unload anytime as long as vehicle still has 1/2 MF�
12� Assault move capable units can use AM to unload and fire.

Vehicle Crews and Armor Leaders 15.4

1� If vehicle is destroyed then crew must make a bailout check�
• Roll 1d6� If result is 1 crew is ok� Any other results eliminates the crew�
• If vehicle is abandoned, place shaken crew in hex under moved marker�
• Armor Leaders are always eliminated�

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide

Playing the Game

Outline of Play 2.0
1� Rally Phase, Operations Phase, Administrative Phase�

Rally Phase 3.0

1� Each player rolls one die (1d6). Highest roll goes first, ties go to who went
first last turn.
2� To Rally: Roll two dice (2d6) – LM – Positive terrain modifier (TM) (-2 DRM).
• 1� Equal or less than morale = pass�
3� 2 half squads of same unit can form 1 squad if Leader is in hex�

Operations Phase 4.0

1� You can activate 1 hex for move or shoot, not both with this exception�
• AM or SM can also shoot�
• SW with to hit table shoots separately and can at different target�
2� Good Order (GO) Leaders can activate their hex and adjacent hexes unless
wounded� Armor GO Leaders activate tanks, not infantry and vice versa�
3� Complete freedom to activate any units in a hex but when units are activated,
the activated units have to move and shoot together�
4� Leader chain activation is allowed�

Movement 6.0
(After activated to move put the appropriate Move Marker on the units)
1� Move according to MF on unit counter paying attention to terrain allowances
in chart�
2� Always allowed to move 1 hex no matter what�
3� Can’t over stack when moving through hexes�
4� Must stop upon entering enemy hex and do “Melee”�
5� All activated units in the same hex can move but have to do it together on the
same impulse�
6� All activated units can move together including vehicles and can assault fire if

Double-Time Movement 6.2

(Use Move Marker)
1� If moving with a GO Leader, +2 to MF, can’t mover further than Leader’s MF�

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide

Low Crawl Movement 6.3

(Use Low Crawl Marker)
1� Move only 1 hex and mark with Low Crawl marker� Uses up all units MF�
2� Advantage they are not spotted unless in open terrain or adjacent to enemy
3� Attacker gets no +1 bonus for moving�

Stealth Movement 6.4

(Use Stealth Marker)
1� If any unit has a yellow box around movement on unit counter unit can stealth
2� Cannot be automatically spotted except when you fire or are in open terrain.
• 1� Have to have successful spotting attempt�
3� No Double Timing.
4� Can use to enter Melee�
5� Attacker gets no +1 bonus for moving�
6� SM move at 1/2 MF and can fire with -2 penalty for DFT and +1 for OFT.

Assault Movement 6.1

(Use Assault Move Marker)
1� If MF has red box around it’s number you can assault move�
2� Use 1/2 of MF modified by Double-Time if applicable.
3� Subtract 2 from total attacking FP of all units�
4� SW’s add 1 to OFT�
5� If you only move but don’t fire, you can fire during OF, or on a later impulse.

Fire (Combat)
Line of Sight and Spotting 10.0
(Use Ops Complete Markers and Spotting Markers)
1� Need LOS to be able to spot units�
2� Spotted Units are marked with a Spotted Marker� To spot a unit:
• Adjacent to the hex good order (GO) enemy unit�
• In LOS and marked with Move, AM, Fire, or Melee marker�
• In LOS and in open terrain�
• Unit is in degrading terrain roll 1d6 and spotted on result of 3 or less�
» Add 1 to die roll if LOS goes through degrading terrain�
» If LOS goes through 2 degrading terrain, unit is blocked and can’t be
• Unit is in blocking terrain roll 1d6 and spotted on result of 2 or less�
• Can only attempt a spotting once per impulse and doesn’t count as an
• Shaken units and buttoned vehicles do not automatically spot adjacent
3� Look at Terrain Chart for Blocking/Degrading type terrain.

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
4� Blocking/degrading terrain in attacker’s or defender’s hex never blocks or

Fire Combat 5.0

(Use Fire Markers)
1� Need LOS, Range, and be Spotted to fire on units.
2� Attacker adds FP + 1d6 + LM + target moving modifier if necessary – degrading
terrain + other DFT modifiers.
3� Defender adds 1d6 + TM of defender’s hex. Max TM is +4, except sniper’s max
TM is 8�
4� Compare both results�
• If attacker’s total is greater than defender’s roll = hit. Defender takes a
Damage Check (DM)
» Roll 1d6 + difference between attacker’s total and defender’s total – GO
LM from units other than Leader on die roll, check DFT for outcome.
» GO Leader must survive first to use LM on other units.
5� GO Leaders not under Moved, Low Crawl, Fired, or OC markers can use their
• Add to LM to DFT.
• Or subtract from OFT�
6� Shaken Units�
• Can spawn Heroes�
• Cannot Rally except themselves, if allowed�
• Vehicles must Button with Movement Factor (MF) ½ and can’t fire.
• If shaken with OF, they stop�
7� Wounded Leaders LM and Leadership Range decreased by 1�
• Can also call indirect fire and move full MF.
• Snipers can still fire.
8� If during 1d6 DC roll you roll a even number roll again, if even you get a Hero.
• Random pick a hero and random pick a skill�
9� Multiple Attacking Units�
• Lead unit fires full FP, other units fire 1/2 FP�
• GO Heroes add full FP�
• SW’s using DFT fire full FP.
• SW’s using OFT fire separately.
• WT’s using OFT fire separately.
• Vehicles fire separately.
10� Units with a superscript “A” are Assaulters and add 3 to die roll when
attacking at adjacent hex per firing stack, not unit.

Opportunity Fire Combat 5.3 (OF)

1� Units not marked with Moved, Low Crawl, Stealth, or Fired marker with clear
LOS can fire on moving units.
2� Add 1 DRM for attacker.
3� Units under OC markers can OF with a -1 to their FP�
4� Multiple MP hexes allow OF up to MP of hexes if unit has available MP’s�

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide

Extended Range Combat 5.4

1� MMC/SMC with black box around range number can fire up to twice range
with 1/2 FP�

Night Combat 20.0

1� Units can spot, fire, and see anything within 2 hexes.
2� Can only fire on units more than two hexes if they fired first.
• Subtract 3 from total FP of attacker for DFT
• For OFT attacks add 3 to the to-hit roll�
3� Add 2 to FP for attacking adjacent hexes�
4� For artillery add +1 to scatter roll
5� Starshells can be fired into any hex within 3 hexes of your position. Only GO
Leaders, and GO Heroes can do this�
• Roll 1d6�
» If result is equal to or less than nationality’s starshell’s capability listed
in scenario rules�
» If successful you light up the hex and all adjacent hexes as if they were
» Mark with OC marker on unit that did this�
6� On-board Mortars can also fire starshells. GO Leaders and GO Scouts can do
this� Mark activated�
• Place the starshell in lieu of the spotter marker�
• Use the indirect fire procedure.

Melee Combat 8.0

1� Enter enemy hex to Melee� Can’t use AM to Melee� Have to be Melee Eligible�
2� It is simultaneous�
3� No OF allowed�
4� Add IFP of all attacking units the attacker chooses against FP of defending
units including eligible SW’s�
• Determine Odds ratio.
• LM apply for attacking units, add to die roll�
• GO Heroes shift column 1 in favor of GO Heroes side when attacking only�
• Roll 2d6 and consult Melee Table (MT)�
• If attacker’s roll is equal to or greater than Kill Numbers under odds ratio,
defender eliminated�
• Defender now becomes the Attacker and repeat process.
5� Units remaining after round are locked in Melee
• Can’t move
6� Next impulse can melee again or attempt to withdraw�
7� To withdraw must pass a Moral Check (MC) with LM apply�
• If fail MC, have to melee�
• Enemy units may OF on withdrawing units�
» If leave one unit behind you can’t OF�
8� Must be GO Leader with SW to Melee� Snipers, Chaplains, Medics, Corpsmen,

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
Nurses, and Shaken units cannot Melee (NME)�
9� WT’s can be individually targeted in Melee�
10� If Melee eligible units enter a hex with Non Melee units, Non Melee units
11� Units can reinforce if eligible�
12� Zero FP units attack and defend with 1FP�
• For each zero IFP MMC participating in attack, 1 is subtracted from the
• For each zero IFP unit participating in defense, 1 is added to the attacker’s
13�If units or circumstances allow Ambush, then triple FP for first round only and
first round is not simultaneous.
14� Superscript “M” units add 1 to FP�

Ordnance Combat 14.0

1� If attacking weapon is a SW, the Units can attack vehicle, buttoned or not�
2� Can’t be used in Melee�
3� Fires separately and doesn’t have to fire at same targets.
4� If have a red triangle you have to fire in that direction. Point the triangle to
the corner of 2 hexes�
5� Use the to-hit table on the back of the counters�
• Top numbers are the Range numbers�
• Middle numbers are the To Hit numbers�
• Bottom numbers are the Penetration numbers.
• Use the left most number that is equal to or greater than that number�
» 1� Roll 2d6 cross reference the to hit number below the proper
range on counter�
◊ Can be modified by adding the TM of target hex.
◊ Add 1 for each hex of degrading terrain you shoot through�
◊ Look for other modifiers on Ordinance Fire Table (OFT).
◊ If modified dice roll is equal or less than to-hit number the target has
been hit�
◊ A 2 is always a hit, a 12 always a miss�
6. If the Target isn’t a Vehicle
1� Use the Heat (H) equivalent + 1d6 roll� Subtract 1 from HE-Equivalent
number� “*” HE’s can’t attack non-vehicles�
2� If target is in buildings, huts, bunkers, or caves don’t subtract�
3� No modifiers are allowed except add 1 if target is moving, not low crawling.
4� Defender now rolls 1d6 and compares to attacker’s die roll.
5� If the attacker’s die roll is greater than defender’s die roll, each defending
unit takes a Damage Check (DC).
» Roll 1d6, add the difference between attacker’s and defender’s die roll
and consult the DFT.
7. If the Target is a Vehicle
1� Compare the penetration value number, called the Modified Penetration
Value (MPV) at the appropriate range + 1d6 against vehicle’s armor rating

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
+ 1d6. This is called the modified armor value (MAV).
1� If the attacker’s to-hit die roll is greater than 2 and an even number,
shell hits the turret�
» If doesn’t have a turret it hits the hull�
2� If the attacker’s to-hit die roll is greater than 2 or an odd number it hit
the hull�
3� Use the Armor rating on the front of the vehicle for armor values�
» Top left number for armor is of hull at front�
» 2nd left number is for armor of hull at side�
» 3rd left number is for armor of hull at back�
» Second (right) numbers over are for the turret, same locations�
4� If the MPV is greater than the MAV, vehicle is destroyed� Place a wreck
marker on there which has a degrading effect in that hex�
5� If Attacker rolls a 1 and defender rolls a 6 the round is a dud�
6� If Attacker rolls a 6 and defender rolls a 1 = total loss�
7� If target is destroyed, roll 1d6� On a 1, place a GO Crew under the wreck
marker� Otherwise eliminate the crew�
8� If MPV equals MAV, vehicle takes a MC (2d6)�
» If MC fails, crew abandons vehicle and remove from game�
» Vehicle stays on board under Abandoned marker� Can’t be used by
» If pass MC, vehicle is shaken�
9� If MPV is less than MAV, vehicle takes a MC (2d6)�
» Take difference between MPV and MAV and subtract it from the MC
die roll�
» If fails on this, Vehicle is Shaken�
» If pass, no effect�
» A die roll of 12 = Shaken vehicle�
» If shaken again, abandon vehicle�
2� If using SW ordnance and you fail to destroy vehicle, put a -1 target
acquisition on target and same acquiring marker on firing unit.
• If target doesn’t move and attacker fires again on next impulse, subtract
1 from the ordnance to-hit die roll�
• If fail again place a -2 target acquisition on target
» If doesn’t move subtract 2 from ordnance to-hit die roll�
3� If attacker becomes shaken remove the target acquisition markers

Vehicle Assault Move 15.2

1� You are allowed�
2� Only 1/2 of your MF�
3� Subtract 2 from MG FP�
4� Add 2 to Main Gun to-hit die roll�

Vehicle Overruns Combat 15.3 No Passengers Allowed.

1� Must have enough MF to enter hex and have 4 extra MF for clear or other
open type terrain�

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
2� Add the HE-equivalent MG FP and 2, roll 1d6, + AL modifier. Defender rolls
1d6 and compares to attacker’s results�
• If you are allowed to fire multiple times (N on counter next to HE) multiply
the HE-equivalent with the amount of additional fire allowed.
• If attacker’s total is more than defender’s die roll, each defending unit
takes a Damage Check (DM) by rolling 1d6 adding the difference between
attacker’s and defender’s initial totals and look on the Direct Fire Table
3� Any survivors can Close Assault the Overrun vehicle but first must pass a
Moral check (MC)�
4� If vehicle survives close assault, it can stay in hex or move on�
• If stays in hex any infantry units left in the hex except shaken WT, must

Close Assaulting Vehicles with Units Combat 17.1

1� Units can close assault vehicles by moving in their hex� Not WT’s�
2� Vehicles can only defend�
3� Melee eligible enemy units in vehicle hex prevent close assault�
4� Passengers riding outside of vehicle prevent close assault�
5� NME and Shaken units are not automatically eliminated until after vehicle is
6� Must pass a pre-close assault MC�
• Subtract 2 from attacker’s 1d6 if attacker’s come from a Positive TM
• LM applies
• If pass you can assault,
• If not, don’t move into hex� Mark with Move or OC marker�
7� Each unit individually assaults the tank, not together on FP�
• Roll 1d6 + IFP, + LM, + HE-equivalent or FP of any SW that applies (Satchel
Charge, Flamethrowers, Anti-tank SW)�
• If no SW’s, LM only applies to 1 squad unit�
• Defender vehicle rolls 1d6 + lowest armor.
• If attacker’s die roll is greater than defender’s, tank destroyed, gets a
wrecked marker�
• Repeat this process for each attacking unit�
• If vehicle is destroyed the crew and passengers are too�
• Units remaining mark with a Melee marker and now Shaken enemy units
are eliminated�
• If vehicle is not destroyed, attacker’s go back to hex they came from�
• If 2 vehicles in hex, do complete procedure twice�
• Can’t opportunity close assault a vehicle if it moves pass your units�
8. Small Arms versus Armored Vehicles (17.2) – Small arms are weapons
that don’t have the to-hit numbers on the back. They attack with inherent fire
power (IFP), and SW’s�
1� Attacking units use FP + 1d6. Check DFT for modifiers.
2� Target vehicle rolls 1d6 + TM, + lowest armor�
• If attacker’s die roll is greater than defender’s die roll you hit. Defender

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
takes a Damage Check (DC).
• If vehicle is buttoned with only outside riding passengers do the DC.
» Roll 1d6 + difference between the two results and consult the DFT. If
Armor LM is present, use his morale not vehicles� Infantry Leader’s
LM of passengers used�
» Shaken passengers disembark�
9. Small Arms versus Un-Armored Vehicles (17.3) (with a * in place of
1� Same as Small Arms versus Armor Vehicles but don’t count the armor
value for defender�

Mortars/Artillery against Armor Combat 17.4

1� 1� Same as Small Arms versus Armor Vehicles�
2� 2� A vehicle with an un-armored face is attacked as un-armored�

Onboard Mortars Combat 18.1

1� Mortars can’t fire from buildings, bunkers, forests, heavy jungles.
2� Use the DFT.
3� No positive TM for target if in hex of walls or hills�
4� Sniper TM is not doubled�
5� Attacks the whole hex, up stairs, in caves, etc�
6� Onboard Mortars can fire directly at targets or indirectly with a GO Leaders/
Scouts LOS and spotted� Mortars don’t need LOS or be spotted�
• Roll 2d6, pick the higher die roll, + mortar FP, check DFT modifiers. Resolve
• GO LM can’t be used on direct fire on same impulse.
• Put FFE markers on there� Anyone goes into the hex get hit for this
impulse only�

Off-Board Artillery Combat 18.2

1� Scenario tells if and when you can do this�
2� GO Leader/Scout calls it in based on LOS, doesn’t need to be spotted�
3� Roll 2d6 + degrading terrain to the white die, subtract the LM and divide the
remaining modified white die total by 2. (white die + degrading terrain – LM
divided by 2)
• This is how far the spotting round impacts from desired hex�
• Color die is direction the round drifts, 1 is north, 2 is northeast, etc�
• If modified hex is not in GO Leaders/Scout LOS put OC marker on Leader
and remove spotted marker�
• Otherwise GO Leader/Scout can shift marker 1 hex in any direction within
• Place a FFE marker and leave till Administration phase�
» Anyone goes there gets hit�
» Artillery hits that hex and all adjacent hexes with FP on scenario card�
» Roll for each hex to determine damage on DFT. DFT modifiers can be
used but not LM

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
» FFE marked and adjacent hexes are now degrading for LOS�
4� Can’t call 2 Artillery fire missions together unless 2 different formations have
5� GO Leaders can’t add LM to units in same impulse�
6� If Artillery mission is aborted, it can be attempted in another impulse�

Other Rules:
Morale Checks (MC) 1.5
1� Roll 2d6 - GO Leader Modifier (LM) -2 for positive Target Modifier (TM) (see
2� Equal to or less you pass�

Operations Complete Marker 4.1

1� MMC’s under Ops complete Marker (OC) can Opportunity Fire (OF) but
subtract 1 from IFP, unless hex has been spotted in same impulse, then full FP
is allowed�
2� SW are 1/2 FP for direct fire attacks using DFT and +2 DRM on OFT.
3� Vehicles can do OF with 1/2 FP for MG on DFT and +2 for to-hit for OFT weapons.
4� GO Leaders add their LM if hex was previously spotted�

Fortifications 21.0
Bunkers 21.1
1� Bunkers are placed at setup or part of an event.
2� They modify the TM by +2 or +3 if inside the bunker�
3� Units can be in or on top of bunkers, like a building�
4� Costs 2 movement points (MP) to move between inside or outside�
5� If inside can only direct fire through bunkers front 3 hexes, use red arrow on
6� Units on top can’t Melee with units inside and vise versa
7� Units outside or on top of bunker can fire into bunker like an adjacent hex.
Same with units inside bunker can fire on units on top like adjacent hexes.
8� It is blocking terrain for spotting purposes but doesn’t block LOS and has to be
spotted separately from hex� If adjacent you spot the bunker�
9� Vehicles can’t enter or destroy a bunker�
10� Units using the DFT only fire from bunker front arc or if on top of bunker. OFT

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
units can attack any direction�
11� Artillery and Mortars attack outside and inside bunkers� Adjust TM

Foxholes 21.2
1� Foxholes can be placed anywhere and add +1 to TM�
2� Vehicles and WT’s only gain this TM benefit if scenario sets them up there.
3� Units in foxholes get the +2 bonus for rallying in positive TM�

Barbed Wire 21.3

1� Cost is 4 movement points (MP) to enter a hex with wire� This is total not
additional to other TM�
2� T movement class vehicles destroy wire�

Mines 21.4
1� Mines attack with FP marked on marker� Can’t setup in buildings�
2� Up to 2 mine markers per hex and each attack separately�
3� To attack vehicles use Small Arms vs� Armor Vehicles�
• For example: Mines FP + 1d6 versus Vehicles lowest armor +1d6�
4� For unarmored vehicles use procedures of Small Arms versus Non Armor
5� Friendly units don’t get attacked by their mines but must pay +1 MF to enter
mine hex�

Laying Smoke 7.0

(If outlined in module-specific rules) (Use OC Marker)
1� Can do in own hex or adjacent hex�
2� Select hex, roll 1d6�
• If equal or less that unit’s smoke laying capability place Smoke 1 marker�
• Place OC marker on unit who did that�
• Smoke is blocking Terrain with +1 TM added to existing TM amount�
3� Units firing from a smoke hex -1 from DFT die roll and +1 to OFT to-hit roll.
4� Next Administration phase replace with Smoke 2 marker�
5� Next Administration phase after that remove marker�

Skills 12.0
1� Place all skill counters in opaque cup to draw from�
2� Place Skill marker under unit�
3� Put used skills back in cup�

Administration Phase 9.0

1� Remove all markers�

Lock ’n Load Tactical World War II Era Rule Sequence Guide
2� Flip smoke 1 to smoke 2�
3� Remove smoke 2�