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2009 Midterm Exam Questions

SBCA- School of Law

1st Year 1st Semester Subjects

That in all things, God may be glorified!


1. Study the territoriality principle.
Situation: Would the MILF rebels be prosecuted in our courts of justice?
Twist: Happened in Japanese Embassy here in our country.
2. Provision of Civil Code must also be applied (Bigamy and/or Adultery)
3. Be careful of charging a crime.
Topic: Consummated, Frustrated and Attempted Felonies (Art. 6 of the
4. Question is with regard to internal matter within the vessel. Would the
crime be prosecuted here or not?
5. Can an Ambassador be prosecuted here in our country? – Generally,
their immunity must be applied. Exception- Violation of Special law
(E.g., Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act).
6. Homicide or Murder
7. Felonies- Not only by means of deceit but also by means of fault.
8. Consummated, Frustrated and Attempted Felonies
9. Self-Defense, know the elements to invoke self-defense.
10. Justifying circumstances (Self-Defense)

St. Benedict, Pray for us.

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 1 [The following are not the questions of A-
TOL but guides only]
TIP: Cite a provision under the 1987 Constitution or a ruling in a decided case
by the Supreme Court.

1. Study powers of the President in relation to the proliferation of GMA’s

2. Reaction on the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of the President. Is
this Constitutional? –The answer is in the affirmative (Art. 7 Sec. 23 of
the 1987 Consti)
3. Limitations of the Military Powers (Martial Law in particular).
4. Control Power of the President.
5. Derogatory Speech. Immunity from suit
6. Environmental law
7. Electoral Tribunal
8. Equal right of office or representation by the Party-list representatives.
9. Commission on Appointments
10. Electoral Tribunal
11. Declaration of Healthful and Balanced Ecology- Ace him by citing the
case of Oposa v. Factoran.

St. Benedict, Pray for us.

1. Doctrine of Stare Decisis
2. Differentiate a Legatee from a Devisee
3. Difference bet. Testate and Intestate
4. Lien
5. Interlocutory orders
6. Presumption of Evidence
7. Inter Alios Acta Rule
8. Judicial Notice
9. Arraignment
10. Criminal Information
11. Residuary Estate
12. Rules of Court
13. Maragtas Code and Code of Kalantiao
14. Ignorantia Legis Neminem Excusat
15. Philippine Laws influenced by Roman Laws
16. Difference bet. Case Laws and Statute Laws
17. Diff. Bet. Written laws and Unwritten laws
18. Dying Declaration
19. Parole Evidence
20. Judicial Admission
21. Direct Evidence
22. Misleading Questions
23. Circumstantial Evidence
24. Holographic will
25. Requirements of Notarial will


St. Benedict, Pray for us.
I. ONE LOOONNNGGG HYPO Question (10 items)- Diff. Bet. VOID and
VOIDABLE Marriages.
II. Valid Marriages
III. Presumptive Death/ Absence
IV. Fraudulent marriages/ Art. 46 of the FC.
V. Parental Consent
VI. Psychological Incapacities, what are those?
a. Republic v. Dayot
b. Valdes v. RTC
c. Anaya v. Palaroan
d. St. Louis Realty Corp. v. CA
e. Spouses Yu v. PCIB
VIII. Valid Marriages


1. Delegated Legislative Power
A1. Delegated Legislative Power
St. Benedict, Pray for us.
A2. Delegated Lawmaking to Sanggunians
B. Validity
2. Rule making power of the SC.
3. Explain the ff:
A. Construction
B. Interpretation
c. Rules of Statutory construction
d. Vague Law
e. Ambiguity
f. Legislative intent
4. Diff. Bet. Contemporary Construction and Contemporaneous Construction
5. 3 Examples each
A. Legislative Interpretation
B. Legislative approval
a. verba legis
b. dura lex sed lex
c. ratio legis
d. cessante ratione legis, cessat et ipsa lex
e. ex necessitae legis
f. ubi just, ibi remedium
g. ex dolo malo non oritur actio

St. Benedict, Pray for us.