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1. What are the requirements for the accreditation to be a CPD provider?

 Application Form

 Supporting documents :
Individual / Sole Proprietor Firm / Partnership / Corporation
 Résumé must include:  Company Profile must
Relevant Educational include Mission, Vision,
background, current Core Values and if any, a
employment, profession, list of previous training
principal area of professional activities conducted.
work & No. of years in the
practice of the regulated  List of Officers with valid
profession. Professional ID Card (if
 Valid Professional Identification
Card as Certified Licensed  List and photographs of
Customs Broker. training equipment and
 Company Profile must include
Mission, Vision, Core Values  Instructional Design (one)
and if any, a list of previous
training activities conducted.  Annual plan of proposed
CPD Activities
 List and photographs of
training equipment and  Appointment paper from the
facilities managing partner authorizing
the partner to manage CPD
 Instructional Design (one) activities, or Board

 Annual plan of proposed CPD  Resolution/Secretary

Activities Certificate of a Corporation
authorizing an officer to
 DTI Certificate of Registration manage CPD activities
(authenticated copy)
 SEC Certificate of
 NBI Clearance (original) Registration and Articles of
Incorporation or Partnership
 BIR Certificate of Registration and their respective By-laws
(authenticated copy) (authenticated copy)

 Affidavit of Undertaking  BIR Certificate of Registration

(CPDD-06) (authenticated copy)

 Affidavit of Undertaking
Government Institution/Agency
 Copy of charter or Republic
Act establishing the agency

 Instructional Design (one)

 Annual plan of proposed

CPD Activities

 Office Order or its equivalent

from the head of Agency
appointing its officer to
manage the CPD activities.

 Additional Requirements:

 Short brown envelope for the Certificate of Accreditation

 One set of metered documentary stamps worth Twenty-Five Pesos (P25.00) to

be affixed to the Certificate of Accreditation. (Available at PRC Customer Service
and PRC Regional Offices)

 Soft copy of the Application including supporting attachments in PDF format

saved in CD.

 Pre-paid pouch (preferably from Philpost) for applications filed in Regional
Offices only.