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No: 10-10-001


DATE : October 1, 2010

TO : Rank-in-File
FROM : Office of the HR Manager
SUBJECT : Upward Evaluation Scheme

To improve our standards of hotel service, management is also eager to hear what you feel
about your respective department head.

You shall evaluate the performance of you respective department head based on the following
criteria (details and explanations are reflected on the evaluation form):
Quality of work 20%
Job knowledge 20%
Productivity 20%
Character and integrity 10%
Responsibility/initiative 10%
Communication 10%
Accountable/dependable 10%

The ratings given by you shall be considered confidential and your respective evaluation sheets
shall never reach the hand of your respective department head. Your identity shall be
encrypted by the use of control numbers issued by this office. The finished Performance
Evaluation Form must be folded in three equal parts and stapled. Request the Front Office Staff
to drop the said form in the CASH VAULT. These will be securely forwarded to this office and
rest assured that full confidentiality shall be observed.

The management expects honest, objective and firm evaluation from you.

This is for your guidelines and strict compliance.


Finance Manager



Cc: HR / File
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