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No: 10-10-004


DATE : October 4, 2010

TO :
FROM : Office of the Finance Manager
SUBJECT : Unauthorized Extension of Credit Term to Guest

This is in connection with the unauthorized extension of credit to Ms. Melanie Ortega with guest
Rhea Gutierrez (Room 613, checked-in: May 31, 2010 and checked-out: August 16, 2010)
amounting to Php 69,004.20.

This is also to remind you that only accounting office with the approval of the President can
extend credit to our corporate accounts.

The amount due should be paid not later that October 15, 2010, that is a 60-day term that only
our corporate accounts enjoy. Otherwise, the total amount due will be borne by you subject to
the terms that our Comptroller will impose.

This should never happen again.

This is for your guidelines and strict compliance.


Finance Manager



Cc: HR / BCT / SMT / MABC / S. Santillana

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