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ADMU UP Manila Schools 1st Term 2nd Term 3rd Term

Ms. Arianne Ferrer/Ms. Grace Berganio Mr. Rizalino Gestopa
School of Science and Engineering National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences ADMU, CLSU,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City Ermita, Manila MSU-IIT, UPD,
Jun. 15 Nov. 15
426-5985 523-1495 UPV, USC, UST
dean.sose@admu.edu.ph ngohs@post.upm.edu.ph and VSU
www.admu.edu.ph ngohs.upm.edu.ph
CLSU UP Visayas DLSU Aug. 15 Nov. 25 Apr. 25
Ms. Brenda Sevilla Ms. Ma. Fe Celestial
University Graduate Program Office Office of the Dean
Academic Affairs Building College of Arts and Sciences CAREER INCENTIVE PROGRAM
Science City of Muñoz, N. Ecija Miag-ao, Iloilo
456-5186 315-9636 The Career Incentive Program (CIP) is a short-term
ugpoclsu@gmail.com mafe.celestial@gmail.com scheme to address the administration’s call to strengthen
www.clsu.edu.ph www.upv.edu.ph the country’s S&T capability and avert unemployment of
graduates of DOST-SEI graduate scholarships and
DLSU USC provide them opportunity to work in research activities
Ms. Antonette Profeta Ms. Ailenn T. Baculpo where they can contribute their knowledge and expertise.
College of Science, Taft Avenue, Manila School of Arts and Sciences
Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu This is open to MS and PhD graduates of the ASTHRDP.
524-0451; 524-4611 loc. 569 Interested scholar-graduates may apply to the CIP and
profeta.antonette@gmail.com 230-0100 local 155 they shall be matched with a DOST agency/research
retchel.lleno@dlsu.edu.ph usc.asthrdp@gmail.com institution where their specialization is needed in research
www.dlsu.edu.ph www.usc.edu.ph projects/activities.
Ms. Lalaine Orbe Ms. Abby Comaya The CIP Researcher with a MS degree shall assume the
College of Science and Mathematics Mr. Chris Purugganan position of a Senior Science Research Specialist and one
A. Bonifacio Ave., Tibanga, Iligan City Office of the Vice Rector for Research and with a PhD degree, Supervising Science Research
Specialist with the corresponding compensation to be
221-4068 provided by the Science Education Institute, subject to
España, Manila
csm.dean@g.msuiit.edu.ph availability of funds and government accounting and
www.msuiit.edu.ph 406-1611 loc. 4039; 740-9731 auditing rules.
UP Diliman
Ms. Efriel Ragasa
College of Science, Diliman, Quezon City VSU JOSETTE T. BIYO
Ms. Sweety Jane Ocoy
981-8500 loc. 3818 Director, SEI
College of Agriculture and Food Science
Baybay City, Leyte
UP Los Baños
Ms. Dorothy Litan/Ms. Annabelle Ocampo
Graduate School Department of Science and Technology
Los Baños, Laguna Science Heritage Building, DOST Compound
Bicutan, Taguig City
536-2310/3414 Phone Nos.: 837-1333 / 839-0083
gs.uplb@up.edu.ph Fax No.: 839-0086
www.gs.uplb.edu.ph www.sei.dost.gov.ph
ABOUT STUDY PLACEMENT SCHOLARSHIP PRIVILEGES 4. The academic performance of the scholar shall
be evaluated every school term based on estab-
MS(₱) PhD(₱) lished policies to determine his/her scholarship
The Department of Science and Technology— National Science Consortium (NSC) status.
Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) announces Member-Universities: Tuition & other school fees Actual
5. A service obligation to be rendered in the
the availability of scholarships for the pursuance of 25,000 33,000 Philippines shall be required of the scholar after
Master’s and Doctorate degrees in priority S&T ADMU UP-Manila Stipend
/mo. /mo. he/she finishes the MS/PhD degree, i.e. one year
areas through the implementation of the service for every year of scholarship.
Book Allowance 10,000/AY
Accelerated Science and Technology Human CLSU UP-Visayas 6. Refund of scholarship grant with interest shall be
Resource Development Program (ASTHRDP). Transportation Allowance* Actual required of the scholar for non-completion of his/
Insurance Coverage 1M/yr. her graduate program or failure to comply with the
GOALS Thesis/ Dry 30,000 60,000
Wet 50,000 100,000
1. To help improve the country’s global MSU-IIT UST
competitiveness and capability to innovate Research Grant 89,000 253,000
through Science and Technology (S&T). Student
Research Dissemination  Accomplished ASTHRDP-NSC Information
UP Diliman VSU 75,000 150,000
2. To accelerate the production of high-level human Support Grant Sheet / Application Form which can be
resources needed for Research & Development Fund downloaded at www.sei.dost.gov.ph or thru the
(R&D) in S&T. Mentor’s Fee 36,000 72,000
websites of the NSC member- universities.
UP Los Baños *One (1) actual economy class round trip fare per  Birth Certificate (Photocopy);
Academic Year; given only to those who will study outside
TYPE OF SCHOLARSHIP  Certified True Copy of the Official Transcript of
their home province.
 MS/PhD Program  Endorsement from:
 Thesis/Dissertation Grant Support for researches
An applicant must:
INCENTIVE MS -Two former professors college
aligned with the DOST R&D priority areas.
 be a Filipino citizen; PhD -Two former professors in the Master’s
 not be more than 45 years old at the time of  The stipends in the remaining months of scholar- Program
PRIORITY FIELDS* application; ship period shall be given to a scholar who com-
 be in good health condition; pletes his/her degree earlier than the prescribed  If employed, recommendation and permission
 pass the admission requirements for graduate period of his/her study. to take a leave of absence from employer or
 Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources
studies at any of the NSC member-universities head of agency while on scholarship;
 Biological Sciences
and;  Medical Certificate as to health status from a
 Biotechnology
 Chemical Sciences  pass the interview and other screening TERMS OF SCHOLARSHIP licensed physician with his/her PRC license
 Earth, Atmospheric and Space Sciences procedures. number indicated;
 Environmental Sciences  Valid NBI Clearance;
1. The scholarship award shall be for full-time
 Fisheries and Marine Science  Letter of Admission from the Program Head of
PRIORITY AREAS FOR graduate studies to ensure on time completion of
 Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences a MS/PhD degree in any of the DOST identified
the accepting institution which should include
 Information and Communication Technology THESIS/DISSERTATION the evaluation sheet and;
priority fields.
 Materials Science and Nanotechnology  Approved Program of Study.
2. The scholar must not be employed or practicing
 Pure and Applied Mathematics Scholars are encouraged to choose topics for their his/her profession while on scholarship; he/she Completed application and other documentary
 Pure and Applied Physics thesis/dissertation along the following areas: must secure approval for official leave of ab- requirements may be submitted personally or by
 Statistics sence, if employed. mail addressed to the office of the ASTHRDP
1. Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness Project Leader of the desired NSC member-
*Please refer to the list of graduate program 2. Materials Science and Nanotechnology 3. The awardee shall execute a Scholarship university on or before the set deadlines.
offering per university in the SEI website. 3. Natural Products and Drug Development Agreement with DOST.