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CIOs are Driving

Digital Transformation
Heads of IT are Leading Change Efforts &
Bringing in a Culture of Collaboration

88% of CIOs say their role is becoming more digital and

innovation focused

Strategic CIOs Transformational CIOs Functional CIOs

90% 89% 83%

CHALLENGE: 73% say it’s challenging to find the right balance between
business innovation & operational excellence

CEO’s top goals for the CIO

1 Upgrade IT and data security
to avoid cyber-attack
2 Leading digital
business initiatives
3 Help reach specific goal for
corporate revenue growth

Security and IT Strategy

Digital Transformation Revenue
Go Hand-in-Hand

89% 71%
CIOs identify innovation as their
single most important role in
digital transformation
of CIOs have an integrated of CIOs meet with
IT/security strategy external customers

CIO’s top roles in digital transformation:

Tightly integrated expect that frequency to
54% increase in the coming year
IT/security strategy
Somewhat integrated 22% 13%
IT/security strategy 35 %
Innovation Technology Integration

Not integrated 10 %
20% of those that meet
frequently with customers say
Do their LOB colleagues agree? enabling/enhancing new product

82% of CIOs expect their IT and development will be the most

security strategy to be tightly Technology (Identifying emerging significant business initiative
integrated in the next 3 years technologies to facilitate DX) driving IT investments (up from
14% last year)

22% Project Management (Managing

digital project implementations)

54% of CIOs are focused on

security management
19% Innovation (Identifying which parts of the What’s driving IT investments?
(up from 41% in 2017) business could be digitally transformed)
Increasing operational
efficiency 39%
The future role of the CIO: both LOB Improving customer
(64%) & IT (88%) leaders agree that the experience 38%

59% CIO role is becoming more digital and

innovation focused Growing the business 33%
of CIOs are experiencing
skill shortages within Collaboration is Key
their organization

71% of CIOs say collaborative IT (when IT shares

oversight to some degree with departments Do their LOB colleagues agree?
or LOB) has become more frequent over the
The number one area past 12 months
Increasing operational
where they anticipate
efficiency 43%
having difficulty finding
appropriate skillsets is 80% ofconsultants
LOB view CIOs as strategic advisors or
(up from 63% in 2017) Increasing cybersecurity
in security & risk protections 32%

39% 49%
31% Consultant Growing the business 26%

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