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Adviser’s / Student’s Review Guide

Criminological research Crimsoc 6

(A.Y 2018-2019)

Chapter I What to do? Remarks

(/ for completed or × for not completed)

Rationale 1st paragraph – state the problem situation

of DV
2nd paragraph – the importance of DV
3rd paragraph – link between IV and DV
4th paragraph – contribution of the study
1page only
Note: Redundancy of terms avoided
Research Objective -State the objective
Literature Review - Introductory statement
- introduce the variables with indicators and
their sources
- use appropriate transition term (e.g.
moreover, furthermore, further)
- sources not earlier than 2010 except for
-10% percent allowed from old article
At least 3pages or more
Theoretical and or conceptual - cite theory related to your study
framework with paradigm - a theory has a name and cite the author
- add your personal account why you have
chosen that theory/ concept of your study
Significance of the study - possible beneficiaries
Definition of terms - only the keywords in the title are defined
Chapter II -
Research design -
Population and sample -
Research instrument -
Data collection -
Statistical tools -
Chapter III -
Result and Discussion -
Chapter IV
Conclusion and recommendation -
No big vacant space within the chapter
No artistic fonts for preliminary pages
Margin Left 1.2”; top 1.2” and right 1.0”; bottom 1.0”
Font style Arial
Font size 12
Curriculum vitae

Note: Submit the final copy of your research 2nd week before final exam schedule via email.