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Sitio Tagbac, Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City


APO Cement Complex, Tina-an, Naga City, Cebu

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Metro Manila (02) 849-3501
Toll Free 1-800-1-8882668
Founded in 1906, CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V. (CEMEX) is one of the largest companies in
the world, with approximately 80 million metric tons of annual production capacity.
CEMEX is one of the world’s largest producers of aggregates and among
the world's top traders of cement and clinker.

In 1997, CEMEX entered the Philippines with the Limestone has been used in different applications
purchase of Solid Cement Corporation, maker of Rizal worldwide for many years—as one of the main
Cement. Two years later, CEMEX bought into APO components of cement, as a fertilizer additive
Cement Corporation, making it the second largest
cement producer in the country.
and pharmaceutical material, in sugar refining
and in glass manufacturing. Additionally,
Known in the Philippines as the Cement Expert, limestone aggregates have been used worldwide
CEMEX is a trusted global leader in building solutions. to build skyscrapers, airports, roads and coastal
projects under even the most challenging
environments, providing strength, durability
The main ingredient in ready-mix concrete. These include CEMEX Aggregates is proud to bring high quality
Gray Ordinary Portland Cement, White Portland Cement, limestone aggregates, stamped with our trademark
Masonry or Mortar, Oil Well Cement and Blended Cement. excellence and innovation, to the Philippine market.

Specially formulated products that, when added to cement, allow for concrete mixes
that suit a wide range of building needs. Whether the situation needs waterproof concrete
or extra durability, we have what you need to make your vision a reality.
Island Quarry and Aggregates Corporation
APO Land & Quarry Corporation
A wide range of ready mix concrete products which provide high strength and
resistance against varying environmental conditions. Additionally, our ready mix Our aggregates facilities are located in Antipolo City and Binangonan, Rizal, all
concrete enhances the environmental sustainability of the structures built with them. under the operation of Island Quarry and Aggregates Corporation (IQAC), and
another one in the City of Naga, Cebu, by Apo Land & Quarry Corporation.
Pavement solutions focuses on the use and application of Roller Compacted Concrete. Since 1998, IQAC is the legal and beneficial owner of certain quarry and mining
EcoPavements provides superior durability that enables significantly lower rights under Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) 116-98. IQAC also has
maintenance costs, increases fuel savings and reduces noise generation. several Placer Pantent Claims. In 1993, ALQC was granted MPSA 013-93, and later
also became the mining rights holder of MPSA 093-97, 286-2009 and 335-2010.
HOUSING IQAC’s aggregate reserves are projected to last for 32 years, while ALQC’s
Housing solutions provides housing systems with relevant and distinctive attributes.
aggregate reserves are projected to last for 20 years.
EcoCastBuilders easily adapts to construction and design requirements,
is resilient to natural disasters, lessens wastes at construction sites and significantly
reduces construction time.
Stronger than concrete made from river Long term durability
gravel or basalt aggregates
Crushed limestone concrete has a lower coefficient of thermal
Our limestone aggregates are angular, not flaky and elongated,
expansion (CoTE) than gravel concrete. This means that slabs
or slick or smooth as gravel. This leads to very good interlocking
poured with limestone concrete will expand and contract less
qualities and a strong bond with cement, both of which help
Ot s in achieving good compressive strength properties.
than gravel concrete for a given change in temperature.
her te
Typical α ranges for common PCC components.

More economical to use because COEFFICIENT OF THERMAL EXPANSION

10-6/°C 10-6/°F
of lower cement factor Aggregate
Granite 7-9 4-5
Limestone aggregates can produce concrete with the same Basalt 6-8 3.3-4.4
Limestone 6 3.3
compressive strength as other aggregates but with lesser
Dolomite 7-10 4-5.5
cement content. Sandstone 11-12 6.1-6.7
Quartzite 11-13 6.1-7.2
Limestone when mixed with cement, at any point in time, Marble 4-7 2.2-4
can reach the desired compressive strength faster than basalt. Cement Paste (saturated)
w/c = 0.4 18-20 10-11
To achieve compressive strength of 5,000 PSI at 28 days: w/c = 0.5 18-20 10-11
w/c = 0.6 18-20 10-11
LIMESTONE Concrete 7.4-13 4.1-7.3
Steel 11-12 6.1-6.7
50% Limestone Aggregates 50% Ordinary Portland Cement
*United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Portland Cement Concrete Pavements Research

Sst - Sandstone SRG - Gravel (Siliceous) CRG - Gravel (Calcareous)

Studies have shown that this

Lst - Limestone Basalt has the same values with granite.
40% Other Aggregates 60% Ordinary Portland Cement

thermal stability coupled with Sst-12 SRG-1 SRG-2 CRG-3 Lst-5

limestone’s superior curing

100% OPC 90% OPC 10% FA 80% OPC 20% FA Lst-6 Lst-9 Granite-15 Granite-14

properties results in greater

7000 8000
6000 8
5000 6000

crack spacing, and less crack 7.5

Measured CoTE (10^-6/deg F)

4000 Basalt 4000 Basalt
Basalt 3000

width in limestone concrete

2000 Limestone
2000 Limestone 2000 Limestone 7
0 0 0
3 7 14 28
days days days days
3 7 14 28
days days days days
3 7 14 28
days days days days slabs 6

70% OPC 30% FA 60% OPC 40% FA 50% OPC 50% FA
7000 6000
6000 6000 5000 4.5
5000 5000
4000 4000 4
Basalt Basalt 3000 Basalt
3000 3000
Limestone 2000 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8
2000 2000 Limestone Limestone
1000 1000 1000 Calculated CoTE (10^-6/deg F)
0 0 0
3 7 14 28 3 7 14 28 3 7 14 28
days days days days days days days days days days days days
*Preliminary Characterization of Aggregate Coefficient of Thermal Expansion and Gradation
for Paving Concrete, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007
brings you its superior set of products... G1
For asphalt concrete mixes with coarser aggregates
requirements, massive foundations, granular beddings
and filler and concrete pavements.

For high strength concrete mixes used in densely
reinforced structures, self consolidating concrete

S3 S1
and screed mixes

For binding fillers For masonry works,

and low strength
concrete hollow block
hollow blocks
mixing and filling
Basic size for high strength concrete mixes, massive
foundations, pre-stressed or pre-cast concrete products
and asphalt concrete mixes
Base Course
A layer of material in an asphalt roadway, race track, riding arena or sports filed,
Sub base located directly under the surface layer
The main load-bearing layer of the pavement, used to spread
load evenly over the subgrade. CEMEX Limestone Aggregates are also used to build earth retaining
and anti-noise walls, embankments and other structures for stabilization.
Limestone aggregates is widely used around the world...

The Wembley Stadium, United Kingdom

Aside from hosting major football matches for the FA Cup and
Burj Khalifa, Dubai the England national football team, the Wembley Stadium is a
world class venue for international concerts and shows.
Currrently the world’s tallest man-made
structure, standing at 829.8 m. Concrete
made from limestone aggregates was The Dubai Mall, Dubai
pumped at a height of 606 meters,
a world record . CEMEX was the sole supplier
of limestone aggregates used to build
the Dubai Mall. Regarded as the world’s
largest shopping mall based on total
area, it now attracts about 75,000
visitors weekly.