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1. Your assignment should be typed using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5-line spacing.

2. Your assignment should be prepared individually. You should not copy another person’s
assignment. You should also not plagiarize another person’s work as your own.

3. Your assignment must be submitted before 6PM until 11th March 2018.
Submission after 17th March will NOT be accepted. Late penalty will be deducted on a basis of
10% per day until 5th day from the due date.

4. Batch wise extension will NOT be granted for any reason unless it is communicated by the batch
leader/Lecturer to the course coordinator before 7 days prior to the due date.

5. No individual extension will be granted unless there is an evidence of extenuating circumstance

with valid proof. Work related reasons will NOT be considered as a valid reason for extension
unless there is an overseas trip involved and the due date of the module(s) falls in it.


This assignment accounts for 30% of the total marks for the course.

You would be given feedback on the assignment before the Final Semester Examination commences.


Warning : The submitted assignment will automatically undergo a similarity check. If plagiarism is
detected, marks would be deducted as follows:

 Assignments with 10 - 30 % overlap with others: 20% deduction from the total marks scored.
 Assignments with 31 - 50 % overlap with others: 40% deduction from the total marks scored.
 Assignments with more than 50% overlap with others: Zero mark would be given.



The purpose of this assignment is to:

 Understand the concept and process of marketing;

 Be able to use the concepts of segmentation, positioning and targeting;

 Application of elements of marketing mix; and

 Able to use the marketing mix in a different context.


You are the marketing manager of a multi-national cosmetic company. The company has
falling sales. Hence, marketing targets are not being met. You believe the solution to this
problem is to add a new product to your company portfolio of products. Therefore, you are
required to develop a marketing plan to propose the best target segment for the new cosmetic
product of your choice.

[30 Marks]
Marketing Management &
Poor Low Fair Above average Excellent
Criteria Marks Max.
0 1 2 3 4
Weight Marks
No introduction, An introduction was An adequate A well explained introduction, An excellent introduction
purpose and scope of given, but purpose and introduction, purpose purpose and scope of giving an overview of the
1 Introduction 0.4 2
the assignment were scope of the assignment and scope of assignment assignment was given. whole assignment.
given. was not given. was given.
Target market was Target market selected Target market selected The assignment shows that the The assignment shows that the
not selected. Industry but information presented but information student has done a survey of student has done an excellent
2 Target Market 0.9 4.5
analysis was not was incorrect. presented was the target market and has survey of the target market and
done. inadequate. presented it well. has presented it very well.

Unclear or vague Product or service is

Product or service is clearly Product or service is clearly
No explanation of explanation of product or described in general
described. Its uniqueness or described. Its uniqueness or
3 Target Product 0.9 product or service service. No explanation terms. Its uniqueness or 4.5
market niche is adequately market niche is clearly
was given. on its uniqueness or market niche is briefly
explained. explained.
market niche. explained.

Only some of the

Many of the elements
elements under Many of the elements under All of the elements under
Segmentation No segmentation under segmentation
segmentation strategy segmentation strategy were segmentation strategy were
Strategy 0.9 strategy was strategy were not 4.5
4 were analysed. Overall analysed. Overall a good analysed. Overall an excellent
provided. analysed. Overall a poor
an adequate analysis was analysis was given. analysis was given.
analysis was given.
Excellent positioning strategies
Selected strategies were
were selected, with
Selected strategies were appropriate but Appropriate strategies were
justifications given. Positioning
inappropriate, not clear information presented selected and adequate
Positioning No positioning was grid was presented well (has
5 0.9 and inconsistent. was not clear and information was given. 4.5
Strategy provided. shown the position of
Positioning grid was not inconsistent. Positioning Positioning grid was
competitors and the position of
presented. grid was presented presented.
the selected company)
Selected strategies were
Excellent strategies were
No marketing Selected strategies were appropriate but Appropriate strategies were
Marketing selected, and justifications
6 1.6 strategy was inappropriate and not information presented selected and adequate 8
Strategy given were very clear and very
provided. clear and inconsistent. was not clear and information was given.

The conclusion only The conclusion

The conclusion summarized
No conclusion was summarised a few key summarized many key The conclusion summarised all
7 Conclusion 0.4 most key findings of the 2
given. findings of the findings of the key findings of the assignment.
assignment. assignment.

Total points 6 30