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The Punisher – critic

Genres: Action; crime; drama; thriller

Release date: 16. april 2004.

Running time: 123 minutes


 Thomas Jane as Frank Castle / The Punisher

 John Travolta as Howard Saint

 Will Patton as Quentin Glass

 Roy Scheider as Frank Castle, Sr.

 Laura Harring as Livia Saint

 Ben Foster as Spacker Dave

 Rebecca Romijn as Joan

 John Pinette as Bumpo

 Samantha Mathis as Maria Elizabeth Castle

Directed by: Jonathan Hensleigh

Produced by: Avi Arad; Gale Anne Hurd

Written by: Jonathan Hensleigh; Michael France

Based on: Punisher by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, John Romita, Sr.

Music by: Carlo Siliotto

Language: English

Country of origin: USA; Germany

Budget: $33 million

The Punisher is american comic book action movie based on the Marvel Comics character of the
same name. The movie features former US soldier Frank Castle seeing his family brutally murdered
by the henchmen of Howard Saint, who blamed Castle for his son's death and wanting revenge.
Furious by the murders, Castle decided to revenge on those who murdered his family and ends up
'punishing' other criminals, this marking his rise as the Punisher.

The content of the movie is very stereotypical, nowadays there are plenty movies of the same mold.
In the first place there is a good guy who accidentally kills the son of the villain and then the villain
returns in the same way ( in this case even greater ) so he kills Frank's whole family. Even the
beginning of the movie is unoriginal.

One of the biggest problems with this movie is action in it. Sometimes the movie is just too slow.
Before i watched movie i had expected a lot of action and death, but then it just disappointed me. Of
course, there's plenty of violence but the violence isn't as graphic as it have to be, especially if we are
talking about The Punisher. The biggest disappointment was that no one was killed only once.
Jonathan Hensleigh said 'I didn't just want to do a revenge story, that i wanted to do the mother of all
revenge stories', well yeah, he just wanted but he didn't do it. Something that i especially liked was
when of the burning cars formed a torch as symbols Punisher in the final liquidation, i think that was
a good idea and it looks theatrically too.

The movie seems to aim at more character development than character elimination. And the end
result is almost the same problem like in Superman Returns or Ang Lee's Hulk – focusing too much
on character development and not enough action. The good side of the movie is that the story has a
point and sense.

The acting in The Punisher is mostly good. Thomas Jane ( who plays Frank Castle ) is seriously
perfect, he goes all the way with the movie's dark vision and is effective in the action scenes. John
Travolta is literally desperate, looks like he's acting in movie just for money and publicity. Samantha
Mathis is pretty good as Maria Castle and it's shame that the character was killed off early in the
movie. There are also Laura Harring and Rebecca Romijn. I think that they deserve larger roles and
in that case the movie wouldn't be a dull. I'm not saying that these actresses was bad, just saying that
they didn't give the best of themselves. Also what happens between Will Patton as Quentin Glass and
Laura Harring as Livia Saint is convincing, but what the Thomas Jane like Punisher does to sabotage
their relationship is ridiculous and confusing.
Also music it's inappropiate, especially in Castle's fight scene with the Russian when the opera
singing in the backround. Shooting location was Florida and i think that was a good choice. I also
think that they could put much more into a project and less in actors if we consider the budget. The
best thing in the movie is the T-shirt with a stylized white skull which the Punisher wears in his
revenge campaign.

However, it feels like in the end something is missing. I felt depressed and that definitely is not a
felling that you should feel in the end of the hero movie. I know that The Punisher isn't popular like
Batman or Superman. Also this movie was bad attempt at bringing Frank Castle to life, but i think the
movie has a good moments and the stories displayed here are certainly worth telling.

I recommend this movie because the Punisher is pretty realistic character and very thatrical. You will
not be bored if you like low action and intriguing story.

Nina Miladinović

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