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Subject: Services Marketing

Project on

Physical Evidence of service and Preparation of

Service Blueprint of ‘McDonald's’

Submitted to:

Dr. R Sugant
(Chairman – Placements, Professor – Marketing)

Submitted by:

Group No. 6

17033 Sai Supraja

17055 Ayappa K J
17078 Rahul Irani
17105 Basappa Sagar K S
17138 Suman Kumar Das

Batch: 2017-19

Date of Submission

06th August 2018

Introduction to the company

McDonald's is an American fast food company, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by

Richard and Maurice McDonald. McDonald’s came to India in 1996 at Basant Lok, New Delhi
and it has spread all over the country since then. McDonald also has adopted to the Indian
culture by changing its menu served to Indians as developed an entirely beef-less and pork-less
menu unlike in its native country USA.

Location of the branch

The outlet, which was observed, is located in JLB road, Mysuru. (Address: HPCL Petrol pump
compound Sri Ganesh Service Station, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001). It is situated just a few
meters away from the Railway station and also has a petrol bunk just next to it, so it attracts
lots of customer.

Physical Environment and Customers

The outlet is located at one of the prime location in Mysuru. It is situated just a few meters
away from the railway station and hence attracts a large crowd. A tourist wanting to have a
quick meal can go this outlet before boarding their train. The outlet also has a petrol bunk just
next to it. The location it is situated is a hustle –bustle road. There are colleges too around and
the outlet experiences college crowd regularly. Though being on a busy street the outlet has
enough parking space to serve their customers. During rush times there could be problems for
4 wheeler vehicle owner for parking but the drive through helps to service those customers who
just want to grab a meal and the outlet benefits on not losing on many customers.

The outlet offers drive through (capacity of cars was also mentioned) where customers can wait
in their vehicle and collect their order in quick time. The drive through has a systematic
pathway where one vehicle can move at a time without confusion.

The facilities for the customer increases as the outlet has a car wash tie up with the third party
services. This facilitates the customers to get their vehicle washed if interested while they are
enjoying their meal in the outlet.

Inside the restaurant, items are displayed on attractive boarding’s, which has range of food
from lowest to high prices, and various attractive combos.

The customers here are children, youth and families of middle and high-income people.


The employees or the staff here are mostly males, aged between 22 to 30 and few females at
front desk aged between 25 to 30.

 Front desk: All the staff wears a standard uniform and a cap with sign of the
McDonald’s company, which reminds the customer that the company is present
everywhere. The staff greets in the form of waving out to the customer from a distance
when the customer is reaching to the counter for ordering and payment of bill. The staff
is always smiling which makes the customer feel, a happy moment for their meal. Once
the customer has placed his order, before printing the bill the front desk staff asks the
customers if they want to order more. The staff makes the customer feel that they can
order for more and in this way, they indirectly persuade customers.
 Housekeeping staff: Their attire is same as the front desk staff. They clear the trays
from the tables and throw all the waste in the trash bin. The cleaning of the floor is done
every now and then even in the presence of the customer to give that shine to the outlet.
At times customer are confused regarding what to order and often asks for suggestion
to the front desk staff. The staff are always willing to help the customers and often
recommends the customer regarding what to buy.
 Manager: The manager is always moving around to supervise that the process is moving
smoothly from the kitchen to the billing desk and even in the customer area where they
are having their meals. During rush hours, the manager also lends his hand to meet the
demand and does all kind of work. If there is, a major issue occurred concerning
customers the manager comes soon to address it and calms the situation politely to the


The environment is decent. The environment is always kept warm, vibrant and well lit.

 Rock music is played at the ground floor especially for a group of friends and people
who are come alone for their enjoyment and melodious at the first floor. The reason
behind melodious music played on the first floor is that there are many 2-seater table in
the corners, which is mostly occupied by couples to set the right environment for them.
 Walls were well decorated with balloons and attractive cartoons in ground floor. On the
balloons, too the company logo is present to remind the customers about the company.

 Balloons on the ground and wall. The wall had attractive paintings and posters. The
posters and paintings have good quotes written for the customers to read related to food.

Atmosphere of the establishment

Ground floor:

 Appears to be designed for kids and families, contains 10 seater table, 4 seaters and
high seaters along with benches where people can eat alone
 Kids were attracted by toy showcase present in the ground floor. Kids get attracted to
the toys in the showcase and force their parents to buy a meal for them just for those
toys. This is another form of persuading to buy indirectly.
 There are bright attractive screen above the billing counter targeting various set of
customers. The menu designed to target kids, had toys give away. The menu designed
for middle-income people mentioned single products, which appeared as low price but
was not low as the customer gets less items or rather a single item to eat. There was a
screen, which mentioned various combo offers to those customers who wanted to have
multiple items.

First floor:

 Designed for youth and teenagers, where balloons were on the floor along with other
 Each table had attractive table lamps and dim lights designed for customers who come
with their partners.
 The first floor had walls made of glass, which provided an attractive view of the city
providing an aerial view for the customers.


Uniform, balloons, colours on the wall and almost every object was to represent the
McDonald’s, i.e. Yellow and red. The colours are very attractive and can be quickly related to
the logo of McDonald’s even from the distance.


The smell here is of Burgers and fries, mostly, which increases appetite. This smell tempts the
customer to eat more and gives the feeling that the food is tasty already before eating. The
smell was strong and would not get away easily from the customers.


Apart from the music, the sounds here are the machines cooking. Rock music was played at
the ground floor and melody music in the first floor. Whenever the door opened the sound of
the busy traffic could be heard. As the outlet was crowded the sound of people talking was
present everywhere especially on the ground floor as the seating area were not well spaced. On
the first floor the sound of people was less as the tables were well spaced and the sound of
traffic was zero.

Target market

The target customer Children, teenagers, youth and families too. Families usually came here
with children from age 5-16 years. Youth spend quality time over here and usually come in
couples or as a gang. The 10-seater table also facilitated to celebrate birthday parties. The
customers here feel satisfied with the service as well as the quality and taste of the food.


The customers are neatly dressed, professionals, Couples and students. Most of the customers
are millennials. They spend quality time over here and usually come in pairs or as a gang.
Students can spotted with uniforms who come directly from school/college.

The customers here are of middle and higher- income class of people. People who regularly
prefer fast food visit McDonalds. The benefits sought by the customers here are cost benefits
and time efficiency. Customers need to be well dressed as the classy outlet itself demands for
good dressing and people do judge, not only people but the staff too judges the customer on
the dressing sense.

Customer contact Personnel:

They are very friendly and apologise encase of any mistake from their side. There is board
mentioned which provides contact details of the contact personnel in case if customers have
any suggestions, feedback or complaints. For this outlet the contact personnel was the manager,
which provided a feeling to the customer that they can contact the top management of that store

Grievance handling:

 Customer complains wrong food being served:

 Company apologises for the mistake. The outlet cannot make the mistake of
serving non-vegetarian food to vegetarian customers as it sets a bad impression
of the outlet and they are likely to lose trust and not visit again.
 Serves the right food. The front desk staff serves the right food and have fewer
chances of committing mistakes as they complete a particular order and then
only move to the next order.
 Compensation if really needed. If a customer is dissatisfied with the food served
due to genuine issues then the store compensates the customer by serving a fresh
item of the order placed. The outlet does not compensate its customers by cash.
 Customer approaches that he has received old or torn currency notes
 The staff apologises and greets with a smile first and takes back the torn
currency and issues neat notes.

Characteristics of Employees:

The employees or the staff here are mostly males, aged between 22 to 30. They can converse
in Kannada, Hindi and English. The staff here have down to earth attitude to serve their
customers and are calm people while their working. All the staff had computer knowledge to
deal with the system and knowledge of the software used.

Staff training and motivation:

All the staffs had the minimum of 12th pass education qualification. The manager requires
undergraduate education to qualify for the job directly or in case the 12th pass employee is
promoted to an upper position with performance and experience.

Employees had an anthem, which they sing together before starting their work for the day,
which is to motivate employees to serve the customers better. Each employee was addressed
with the due respect, irrespective of their roles. Every employee attempts to maintain friendly
and attentive service while also ensuring accuracy in taking the order and aptness in
anticipating customer’s need such as napkins or straws.

Hence, it is a good place to work since they maintain employee friendly culture and are always
motivated to perform better. As the work is 10-12 hours employees, get along each other with
a personal connection between them.

Service culture of the business:

Fast and friendly service has been the hallmark of McDonald’s all over the world and this is
what sets it apart from competitors. They strive to serve only the highest quality food and pays
tremendous attention to it. The customers get goodies such as toys when they opt for special
combos which basically attracts the kids.

 The customer always comes first and every employee aims to achieve 100% customer
satisfaction for every visit of every customer.

 Greets customers at arrival. The greeting persuades the customer to buy as he feels that
he should buy something

 At peak hours, they bring the food to the customers’ table instead of the having to wait
in the queue. This reduces the length of the queue and removes the bad experience of
having to wait in a long queue

 Double checking of orders- once when the order is placed and again when the order is

The customers get a number of benefits here which are:

 Drive through option

 Car wash option
 Courteous staff
 Toys for kids and cartoons
 Location for casual meet up
 Nice ambience for customers with their partner
 Open kitchen and CCTV in cooking area assures about food quality and cleanliness

Services Blueprint of McDonald’s Mysore