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A project is a temporary, one-time endeavor undertaken to solve a

problem or take advantage of an opportunity. It usually has a customer or

(either internal or external to the organization that is doing the project),
a budget or a set of scarce resources that must be managed and some kind of
timeframe/constraint for completion or operation. Before one can undertake a
to solve a problem one must first understand the problem. Not only understand the
of the problem but also understand who has the problem and the context and
environment that
must be taken into consideration in addressing the problem. The system approach is
a framework
for conceptualizing problems as systems and for doing things such as solving
problems and
designing systems. Concept of system approach:
1) The objectives and performance system
2) The environment and constraints of the system
3) The resources of the system
4) The element of the system and their function
5) The management of the system
The objectives and performance system: The system approach mandate a practical
thinking about the real objective of the system and real ways to measure it project
uses this kind of thinking. The environment and constraints of the system: The
of the system i.e. relevent subsystem, groups and the persons who affect or
affected by t5he
system, must also be identified. The resources of the system: In accomplishing
system goals,
internal system resources such as capital, labour, material must also be
identified. Most of
the system resources are exhaustible. The system is free to utilize them. The
element of the
system and their function: The system approach to a project considers the project
in terms of
many element .each having performance measure directly related to performance of
the overall project.
The management of the system:
The system approaches plays explicit attention to the management of the system.
Management is the function which takes into consideration all of the