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Review – Unit 1 – New Perspectives

A) Write the correct answer for each meaning:

1. Someone who says or does annoying things, especially to make himself or herself
seem smarter than other people
2. Someone who likes being with and works well with other people
3. Someone who is honest and direct
4. Conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual
5. Beaten or overcome

B) Match the words and the meanings:

1. a pushover _________ A. someone who is likable and

easy to get along with
2. a workaholic __________
B. someone who is always working
and does not have time for
3. a brain _________
anything else

4. a team player__________ C. someone who is easy to

persuade, influence, or defeat
5. a sweetheart________ D. someone who works well with
other people so the whole
group is successful
E. someone who is intelligent and
can solve problems that are
difficult for others
C) Complete each sentence. Type the gerund or infinitive form of the verb in

1. Stop (bring) ________________ your work home with you.

2. Oh no! I forgot (send) _________________my sister a birthday card.

3. Remember (appreciate) ___________________the important people in your life.

4. He'll never forget (go) _______________scuba diving for the first time.

5. Ms. Jackson will always remember (live) ______________in India when she was

6. You should stop (consider) _________________all of your choices before you make
a decision.

7. Mr. Smith decided (quit) _________________his job in order to spend more time
with his Family.

8. I dream of one day (go) ________________to St. Petersburg.

9. My son asked me (help) _________________him with his homework.

10. Wendy Chia considered (take) __________________another job.