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Behind this SMS, there are basic protocols such as

SS7(Signaling System No.7) and SMPP(Short Message Peer

to Peer Protocol). SS7 supports communication between
core network elements. SMPP is used in IP domain. SMPP
is responsible for communication between SMS
center(SMSC) and ESME(e.g. service provider/content
Following are the steps for entire SMS process from
originating mobile(MO) to terminating mobile(MT).

• The SMS-SUBMIT is the MO FSM message(Mobile

originating forward short message) which is between
origin MSC and origin SMSC.

• The message received by SMSC is acknowledged to the

origin subscriber MS-A by SMS-SUBMIT REPORT. The MS-A
gets indication message as "message sent" from origin

• Origin SMSC gets the required information from HLR

regarding destination MSC/VLR to route the SMS. This
information is obtained by SRI SM request(Send Routing
information for short message). HLR responds the
required information to origin SMSC in RESP message.

• After receiving the routing information origin SMSC

delivers the message to respective destination
MSC/VLR, which in turn delivers the SMS to MS-B. The
same is indicated in the figure by MT-FSM and MT-FSM

• Once the SMS is delivered to the MS-B, MS-A gets

indication message as "message delivered" OR "message
succeddfully delivered". The same is mentioned by SMS-
STATUS REPORT in the figure.

Please note that connection from MS-A and MS-B is with

the BTS as shown and BTS is connected with BSC and BSC
is interfaced with the MSC.