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Arranged for the 1991 International Choral Symporivan Contervatory of Music University of Missouri, Kansas City Dr. Eph Ehly, Director ~ RIVER IN JUDEA Words by Music by JACK FELDMAN LINDA MARCUS Arranged by JOHN LEAVITT Gospel swing (d= ca. 96) mo PIANO t Sole for women) 9} mp ising 12 me onty) SOPRANO 1, Oft - en-times 1 dream of mu - sic,__ Solo (or men) EGP (sin 2nd time only) be-lieve it keeps on tav="lin__ BP) Performance Time: approx. 3:30 ‘Also available: Instrumental Score and Parts LB-331 Performance/Accompaniment Casseue, Recorded with no repeats, MC-132 2-Pant BA-139 > Copyright © 1989, Jack Feldman, linda Marcus Used by permission Intemational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved SOLE SELLING AGENT FOR THIS ARRANGEMENT: SHAWNEF PRESS, INC, NASHVILLE, TN 37212 cop) ILLEGAL] AAU tiv + er that on the sweet-er than And the time when it paus -es still -ness,- @ Late at night 1 hear it sing-ing When I'mwear = y _and____down - heart-ed, (tutti, unis.) ga 65) then a - gain when 1 wake at dawn. how long for the song, it sings, J || 4 ‘gain when I wake at dawn. long for the song it sings, And it fills me up. with hope and good = will, blue, for the calm with its gen - tle AISI