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Fame & Celebrity Vocabluary

1. 15 minutes of short-lived media publicity, as in a "one-hit 21. to gossip talk or untrue stories about other people's
fame wonder" musician private lives
2. adulation excessive admiration or praise; obsequious 22. to have some plastic surgery to preserve
flattery "work done" youthful appearance

3. cachet the state of being hip, respected, or 23. to splurge the act of spending money freely or
admired; prestige extravagantly
4. celebrity ideas people have about being famous; a 24. to wear many to be able to play many different
culture structure that influences and promotes different hats characters
25. vanity excessive pride in or admiration of one's
5. a claim to someone's reason for being famous or well- own appearance or achievements
fame known
6. entitlement the belief that one is inherently deserving of
privileges or special treatment
7. entourage a group of people attending or surrounding
an important person
8. flaunt to display something obviously or in a
show-offy way, often provoke envy or
admiration or to show defiance
9. fling a sexual relationship that is short and not
serious a short period of time when you
have a lot of enjoyment or pleasure
10. gossip column a magazine or newspaper section, or
website devoted to celebrities' private lives
11. a "has-been" someone who is no longer famous; their
demand has "dried up" or gone to zero
12. intrusive causing disruption or annoyance through
being unwelcome or uninvited
13. a one-hit a person/band that had only one hit song
wonder (or movie)
14. ostentatious characterized by vulgar or pretentious
display; designed to impress or attract
15. prestige widespread respect and admiration, based
on a perception of achievements or quality
16. pretentious attempting to impress by affecting greater
importance, talent, culture, etc. than is
actually possessed or warranted
17. red carpet route taken by heads of state, VIPS, and
celebrities on formal, ceremonial occasions
18. schadenfreude pleasure derived by someone from another
person's misfortune
19. stardom the state of being famous, known by many
people, in the spotlight, a star
20. tabloid a newspaper, typically smaller in size,
popular in style and dominated by
headlines, photographs, and sensational