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Mumbai is a place in Indian union. Mr.

Rahul Bakhshi, the film producer lives in Mumbai in

his bunglow. He started the project of a film called “Dulhan No. 1”. He made a contract with
his financer Mr. Suveer Shah (diamond merchant), and three co-sureties Mr. Satyam, Mr.
Raman & Mr. Ghanshyam on 1 st January 2016. Budget of the film was Rs, 13 crore and time
scheduled for finishing of the film was 1 year. It was decided according to the contract
between them that Mr. Suveer will give the Rs. 10 crore to the producer; Rs. 4 crore will be
given initially and in last 6 months of the scheduled time Rs. 1 crore will be given in each
month. Among the sureties, Mr. Satyam and Mr. Ghanshyam had agreed to give surety for
25% each, and Mr. Raman had agreed for 50%. Mr. Rahul also mortgaged his bunglow
primarily and later on also hypothecated his imported Ferari car to Mr. Suveer, as security of
the loan. Everything started accordingly. Producer promised all the sureties that their name
will be highlighted in the title card of the film as a producer, but that was a false promise.
After 7 months Mr. Raman came to know that and wanted to revoke his liability as a surety.
At that time Mr. Rahul had to sell his Ferari car through his factor Mr. Ron at a cost of Rs.
90,00,000/-, because of his personal financial emergency. Mr. Ron had to be given 10%
commission for the sale of the car. It was decided that 50% of the commission will be given
just after the sale and rest 50% will be given after release of the film. After the car was sold
Mr. Rahul gave Mr. Ronan amount of Rs. 30,000/- and promised that rest will be given after
the film release to which he agreed because of their long business relationship. When this
money settlement was going on, the car was in the wharf. Later on instead of unloading the
car the wharfinger Mr. Ahmed & factor Mr. Ron tried to lien that car for their due payment.
By that time, 80% of the film was finished, but among the co-sureties Mr. Raman had given
the notice of revocation already and Mr. Satyam & Mr. Ghanshyam were also thinking of
doing the same and verbally informed that to Mr. Rahul. Financer, Mr. Suveer observed the
whole situation and sued the producer along with the sureties on 14th January 2018 to
realize his money Rs.10 core with interest off 23% p.a. according to the contract. By that
time film was ready and it was in the stage of post-production but release date was not
finalized. It was stipulated that the Film should be released on 31 st December 2017 and after
2 weeks of the release Mr. Rahul would pay back the loan money.

Argue as plaintiff or defendant.

*With these facts some assumptions are allowed but they should be relevant to the facts.
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