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Introduction to Spanish – Hispanic Heritage Month Project

From September 15th – October 15th, the United States of America

celebrates “Hispanic Heritage Month” to recognize the contributions of
Hispanic Americans to the United States and to celebrate Hispanic heritage and
culture. September 15th was chosen as the starting date because it is the
Independence Day for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and

Hispanics have made many important contributions to our society.

Because of this, it is important for us, as a Spanish class, to explore and
discover some of the great influences that many Hispanics have had both in the
United States and worldwide. You will have the opportunity to learn about one
important Hispanic individual and share him or her with the entire school.

Each student will be assigned a famous Hispanic man or woman to
research. Your goal is to teach the class about the individual that you are
assigned. Your final product will be completed on a poster board, and it will
be on display at IJG’s Hispanic Heritage Month Festival.

You must include the following information on your final product:

√ Required Information Checklist
Name of famous Hispanic
Individual’s birthday (and death date, if applicable)
Individual’s birthplace
Individual’s job/occupation
Individual’s impact/contribution to society
5 interesting facts about the individual
1 photo/picture of the individual
1 photo/picture of the country’s flag where the
individual was born
Important Dates

Friday, September 17th – Receive Hispanic Heritage Month Assignment

Thursday, September 23rd – Information sheet due to Sr. Rabin

Wednesday, October 6th – Final project due in class

Final Project Due Date:


This project will be worth 70 points, and will be counted towards an

assessment grade.
Assignment Points
Information sheet 10
Required Information 30
Posterboard 10
2 Photos/Pictures 10
(Person and Flag)
Creativity/Neatness 10

Total Points 70

* For every day (A or B) that your project is late, you will lose
one full letter grade.*

Helpful Resources

You will each be responsible for finding the information on your famous
Hispanic during your own time. Below are some helpful resources that you can
use to help you research.

1) Biography.com’s List of Hispanic Icons


2) Info Please

3)Wikipedia’s List of Famous Hispanic Americans

4) You may also use the books and encyclopedias in the IJG Media
Center. Please see Mrs. Gibson for more information.

** If you do not have access to the Internet, please come and talk
to Sr. Rabin as soon as possible! He will provide you with other
ways to research your famous Hispanic. Not having the internet
at home is not an excuse to not complete this project! **

Nombre: _______________________

Introduction to Spanish - Information Sheet

Due: _______________________________

Use this sheet to help you research your famous Hispanic individual. You
will earn 10 points towards your final project grade for completing this
sheet and bringing it to class by the due date above.

Name of Hispanic Individual: _____________________________

Birthday: ___________ Death date (if applicable) ____________

Birth place: __________________________________________

Job/Occupation: ______________________________________

What impact or contribution did your individual have on society? In

other words, why is this person important?

5 interesting facts about your individual





Do you have a photo/picture of your person and the flag of his/her


Yes No
List of Hispanic people to use:

1) Jorge Luis Borges

2) César Chávez
3) Salvador Dalí
4) Frida Kahlo
5) José Martí
6) Pablo Neruda
7) Pablo Picasso
8) Diego Rivera
9) Carlos Santana
10)Christina Aguilera
11)Celia Cruz
12)Jennifer Lopez
13)Alex Rodriguez
14)Tito Puente
15)Diego Maradona
16)Salma Hayek
17)Ruben Bladés
18)Isabel Allende
19)Oscar de la Renta
20)Rita Moreno
21)Gloria Estéfan
22)George Lopez
23)Selena Gomez
24)Eva Longoria – Parker
25)Paulina Rubio
27)Jaime Escalante
28)Manu Ginobili
29)Mark Sanchez
30)Rebecca Lobo
31)Sonia Sotomayor
32)Sandra Cisneros
33)Emiliano Zapata
34)Oscar de la Hoya
35)Pedro Martinez
36)Gary Soto
37)Nancy Lopez