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4A Class List 2017-18 Ms.


Family Name First Name

Ahmad Hussein
Al Shami Lea
Al Zeibak Mhd Marwan
Al-Hroub Layal
Alameri Reina
Alayli Razan
Alkouatli Qayem
Alwan Ali
Barbar Judy
Choukeir Hasan
Dakik Karim
Economakis Pete
Fayad Karl
Icho Joelle
Kamaleddine Adam
Marji Celine
Mikati Rashid
Moussa Perla
Nasser Jad
Roumieh Hadi
Takyo Olivia
Younes Malak
Zaatari Mustafa
Zaidan Tia
4B Class List 2017-18 Ms. Iman

Family Name First Name

Extremely hyper and talkative. She tends to like drama with friends and has tendancy for bullying.
Rokaya will not be able to set her own limits at times and the teacher will need to be quite firm at the
start to ensure she is able to know what is not allowed. Rokaya will always need some challenging
Abdel Aal Rokaya
material specifically in Math as she tends to finish much earlier and understand things much quicker
than her peers. She loves solving math problems for fun. Teacher can actually have her help explain
one on one to her friends as a kind of differentiation.
Needs to maintain in a very good relationship with teacher otherwise will pick problems. He works
hard and listens unless he gets in a bad mood. Self-conscious at times and needs confidence. Some
anger issues especially if his friends pick on him or criticize him. Hassan will need constant
Ahmad Hassan
conferences with the teacher during writing and will always need to be checked during math sessions
as he tends panic when a new concept is given. He will not always say he doesn’t understand so the
teacher needs to always ask.

Al Ghaberi Farah No behavioral issues but chats a lot. She needs to be seated next to the board in order to focus.

Al Sabbagh Lynn No issues, very hardworking and always responsible

Hyperactivity, needs to always play with something and fiddle. He will always attempt to talk to
someone or make sounds somehow. He will only work if interested and motivated. Hamza tends to
Arabi Hamza pick on friends and take thing away from them then pretend not to but if he maintains a good
relationship with teacher he will keep this at a minimum. He is an average students but can also do
better with motivation.
Mohamad is very low academically. He is unable to retain information for long periods of time and will
Awada Mohamad
often need one on one.
Extremely hardworking, competitive and an over achiever. She panics with work and always wants to
Bou Hamdan Serena come in first. Can be very chatty and will sometimes speak out of nowhere during class. Mom is very
adamant about her daughters performance.
Lacks motivation in writing, needs teacher to always listen to his stories and form a strong
Chalita Bouari Arek relationship. Arek needs to feel secure with teacher and trusted, he gets angry when friends pick on
him and can sometimes by physical. Should always try to boost his self-esteem.
Jawad is very hyperactive and will always need to either walk around, talk to someone or make some
Cheatiou Jawad kind of noise in class. He is better and more focused in math and needs so much guidance and
support in writing.
Raphael has very low self-esteem and because of that, he always either acts out in class and tries to
be the clown of the class or show no motivation to work. He will sometimes refuse to work and often
say that there is no point in school as a way to look cool in class. When praised he tends to do better
Dabdab Raphael
and he will always try harder when he sees that he is doing ok and is developing. Raphael enjoys
creating thing sand should always be given the opportunity to share things he does at home. He is an
only child and can’t make friends easily.
Joud is an excellent student and very hardworking. She is flexible and tends to work well with
Eido Joud everyone however she doesn’t like to always be put with girls and works better with boys. She needs
to always be praised for confidence.
Mia is low academically, she has no behavioral issues but tends to be a pessimist towards her
capabilities. She needs to be in front of the class as she day dreams a lot. Mia is very friendly and will
El Koussa Mia always come to the teacher for help if she forms a connection. She needs a lot of encouragement to
read and does not always work well in large groups. Mia will always say she does not understand
before even attempting so she needs confidence boosters.
Teya is quiet and handworker. She is independent but when put around her friends can get very
El Makari Tyaa
chatty. She has improved to become one of the high achievers in grade 4.
Randa has very low self-confidence. She is not secure about her English language and will always talk
in Arabic even if asked not to. She is extremely distracted and will need reminders to take things and
Faiad Randa to bring this. She will need one on ones as she finds it hard to focus in groups. She has become much
more vocal when she doesn’t understand and teacher will always need to make her feel like mistakes
are part of learning.
Hani can be very hardworking and can focus in class. However, at times he is very chatty and will not
take things seriously. He is very stubborn and get be rude when he gets angry. Teacher should always
Hamdar Hani take him aside and have a chat with him rather than get into a power struggle in class. He will always
try to change topics and talk about random things in class so needs to be set limits from the start. He
is very interested in girls and always
Leila has ups and downs. She can work very well and is higher than average if she is focused but most
of the time she is day dreaming. There isn’t much follow up at home and it seems that she is on her
Hamed Leila
own most of the time at home. She has had some inappropriate discussions with her friends this year
and can tend to lie and make things up.
Yara was very quiet and shy at the beginning of the year and throughout the year she worked really
hard and improved in all the subject areas. However, Yara tends to like drama and clicks when it
Hammoud Yara comes to friends and always has issues with her friends. She always copies what her friends do in
order to get approval even if she knows it’s wrong. Her parents already are aware of this and try to
give her talks. She needs to always be placed away from any distraction of friends during class.
Thalia is weak at the subject areas and always required one on one in order to ensure that she
understood. She needs to have things explains many times. She has had many incidents of bullying
Itani Ekram-Thalia along with Yara and they always pretend like they did not do anything but they do. They will always
want to exclude someone from a group and act like the leaders of the click and they have made many
people cry this year. She needs to be away from any distractions.
Mahmoud is a hard worker and tends to be above average when concentrating. He was going to
Kamal Mahmoud
etcetera all through the year last year but we asked the parents to stop as it really got him exhausted
and we did not see that he needs it. He has improved in all subject areas and it is critical that the
teacher always gives him boosts with words or awards as he tends to doubt his abilities at times. He is
very sweet and will listen to the teacher when she asked him to do something but can also get into
physical fights as a game with his friends. He has no major behavior issues.

Mahdi can work better when one on one and pulled out. He has had many incidents
with friends when it comes to language and hitting. He always likes to take things
from class and play / dismantle them. Ex: always took pins from bulletins and would
Marji Mahdi try to insert them into pencils which became quite dangerous. When engaged, he has
good quality ideas. Mahdi needs guidance at many times in order to make sure he
knows what he is doing. He will always lose focus if he doesn’t understand or feels
lost when it comes to a task.
Antoine is quite a character with many aspects to keep in mind. Firstly, Antoine will
not change or fix any of his behavioral issues if he does not like the teacher and have a
good connection with her. If the teacher puts in the time to explain things to him and
make things look logical and let him see her perspective, then Antoine directly
switches character. He will need teacher to always have some kind of a motivational
Moughanni Antoine deal ex: if you give me 40minutes of focused work you can have 10 minutes of
reading. He loves to read science books and will always want to lay down in th reading
corner and read about the solar system. He is very smart and a great inquirer but the
teacher needs to always engage him as he tends to fall asleep and day dream a lot in
class. He is addicted to a PlayStation game at home and it causes him to lose
stimulation in anything he does so this needs to be monitored closely.
Andrea is a very sweet girl that always wants to do the right thing. She is sometimes struggeling to fit
in with her friends and will always come and tell the teacher if someone is doing something that she
thinks is wrong. She did not have an easy year as the girls were not always so nice to her so she will
Nassif Andrea
need to make good friendship connections in grade 5 to help her. She is a perfectionist and tends to
have anxiety if something doesn’t work as was planned. Academically, Andrea is always on track. She
sometimes slacks off with homework.
Sarah is absolutely lovely in every single way. High achiever. Teacher should always push Sarah to talk
Omar Sarah
in class as she is very shy. She doesn’t like the spotlight in any form.
Zeina is a sweet girl with no behavioral problems. She has been referred in previous years to be part
of the learning support department as she is quite low in her subject areas and always needs one on
Sweid Zeina
one guidance. This year, it was observed and communicated to the parents that Zeina tends to mix
between letters and words both orally and in writing.
Carolina has excellent working habits. She is always focused and on track. However sometimes she
tends to be bossy and competitive in groups and will waste too much time on a task decorating and
Yassin Carolina coloring. She works extremely well with Sarah omar and she can be given responsibility to make sure
her team is on track. She is very energetic and loves to dance and sing and that can sometimes be
distracting as she might do it in the middle of class. However she will stop as soon as she is reminded.