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This research paper was made possible through the help and support from everyone including
family, friends, adviser and in essence all sentient beings. Allow the researcher to dedicate her deepest
gratitude towards the following significant advisors and contributors.

First and foremost our God Almighty, for bestowing His eternal grace, wisdom and guidance
throughout the conduct of this research.

To Dr. Maria Louella Castillo Pondevida, my dearest adviser for offering her valuable advices, support
and her precious time in constantly monitoring my paper for improvement.

To the panel, for allowing me to conduct and push through with this research study as well as for
their guidance.

To the Barangay Officials headed by their Barangay Captain, NDP's and Barangay Health Workers of
the Municipality of Kabasalan for the accommodation and their time in assisting me during the survey on
their respective municipality.

To Doctor Jaime, Doctor Dee Hajilan and Doctor Angelica Cruz for rendering their assistance in doing the

To my beloved parents, to my daddy in heaven Dr. Ashley L. De Villa, FICS for his boundless love and
guidance and to my mommy, Mrs. Raquel Oasan-De Villa, RN MAN for believing and supporting me from
the very beginning of this research.

To Dr. Gerfer Emmanuel O. De Villa, MD MPH and Maedelee S. De Villa for bringing me to the research
setting and for their undying support and love over the duration of this study. To Earl German O. De Villa
and Alereen Faith D. De Villa, for their presence and love and for believing in me while doing this study.

To Nilo and Carlo, for their tenacity in doing my errands. To Kuya Kyle, Kuya Dan, Eric, Francis, Donna and
April for supoorting and taking care of me during my stay in Kabasalan. To my Genito and Carido family,
who continually prayed and supported me while doing this research study.

To Chin and Kurt, for lending their helping hand during the house to house survey.

To Lourdes, Vincent and Rhasdie Mandi, RN, for their magnanimous effort in sharing their ideas for the
improvement of this research paper.

To Doctor Arnie Jude Carido, my partner for his everlasting love and unwavering support.

To the respondents of this study, for being approachable, understanding, cooperative and for alloting
their time which was a big part of the success of this study.
And lastly, the researcher would like to extend her sincerest gratitude to all those people who have
contributed and have been a part of this study as a whole.

The Researcher