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Complete the text. Underline the stress.
arts science /'sar:ms/ courses
university /ju:m'v3:sat1/ uniforms /'ju:mfo:mz/ subjects I ' sAbd31kts/ degree /d1' gri:/
secondary school mixed do research /n's3:1f/ professors
primary school nursery school
boarding/ 'b::i:d11J/ schools nuns Complete the text. Underline the stress.
private/' pra,vat/ schools pupils /'pju:plz/ At university you can do _ 1 ______ m
state schools priests /pri:sts/ many different 2 (e.g. law).
head Some students prefer to do an _ 3 ______

course (e.g. languages) and others prefer a

4 course ( e.g. engineering). In
Britain, it usually takes three or four years to get
______ (ages 2-4) a university 5 • When they finish
their course, some people stay at university and
6 • The most important teachers
at a university are called _
7 ______


\ 2 ______ (ages 4-l l )
a Look at the subjects and underline the stress.
Translate them.What other school subjects do
you know?
biology maths
foreign languages economics
3 ---�- (ages 1 1-18) chemistry P.E. (physical education)
history geography
computer studies physics
b Complete the text.
1 4 ______ (ages l8+) take/ do marks (n.) fail /fer!/ terms pass

The school year is divided into three

1 • Most children at secondary

In a typical school system in many countries, there are two kinds school have to 2 exams at the
of schools: 5 which are run by end of the summer term. Copying in exams
the government, and 6 • Private
is strictly forbidden. Of course all pupils
schools are often stricter than state schools, and in many of them hope to get good/high 3 and to
the 7 (schoolchildren) have to wear
4 their exams, not to
8 _____ them!

Both state and private schools are often 9 (for

boys and girls) or are for boys only or girls only. There are also
some schools, usually private, where the pupils sleep at school, Add other education words to this page or write
which are called _
to___________ them in your vocabulary book.
The 'boss' of a school is called the _
1 1______ (teacher). In
some religious schools there are also 12 . (women)
and 13 (men) who work as teachers.