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Re: CLUB 20 Neutral on Xcel Energy – Colorado Energy Plan

Dear Colorado Public Utilities Commission,

CLUB 20 writes to you today to amend our position from support to neutral regarding the Xcel Energy
Colorado Energy Plan. While we are committed to maintaining a robust economy and a clean and healthy
environment, CLUB 20 believes that we need to pursue a diverse energy portfolio that includes
conventional/traditional sources as well as unconventional and renewable energy sources. We are
strongly opposed to the early retirement of coal-fueled power plants and have grave concerns about the
impacts to our local coal producers and our local economies with such early retirements.

The current Colorado Energy Plan does not outline the impacts of the early retirement of coal units on the
actual rates that consumers will pay. Since the passage of HB10-1365, consumers in rural Colorado have
seen their electric bills sky rocket as electric utilities have been required to incorporate a greater
percentage of renewable energy sources. Many of these residents simply cannot afford additional
increases in their utility costs and we cannot lend our support to a plan that has the potential to increase
rates and threatens the prosperity for Western Coloradans.

Before CLUB 20 can lend its support to Xcel Energy’s Colorado Energy Plan, we need to evaluate the
methodology used to determine the impacts to rural electric rates for the near and far future and will
oppose the plan if we find that electricity rates will be increased. Right now, we simply do not have enough
information to make an informed decision on the plan.

We thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on this important issue and reiterate our neutral position
until we are able to obtain additional information and make a more informed decision.


Christian Reece
Executive Director