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Curriculum Vitae

Karan Thakkar


E-mail: kthakkar@altimetrik.com
Mobile: +91 9535171937
Date of Birth: 17th Sep’95
Nationality: Indian
Languages Spoken: Hindi (mother tongue)
English (fluent)

Key Technical Skills:

1) MS-Office 2) Core Java
3) Java EE 6 4) Spring Framework(MVC, AOP)
5) SpringBoot 6) JUnit
7) Hibernate & JPA 8) RESTful WEB Services & SOAP
9) Git Workings 10) Basic Linux Use

1) HTML 2) CSS
3) JavaScript 4) Bootstrap
5) Mockito 6) CGI
7) Penetration Testing 8) C
9) Android 10) JSP

Projects & Accomplishments

Altimetrik Corp.
1 Mar 2018-Present

Project:- Made an email application that sends email to the concerned party of
each client if an employee’s contract with the client is about to end within 15 days.
Made a dynamic website that allows to configure each client’s email list
separately. Used –
Backend: Spring, Spring-Boot, JAX-RS, Spring MVC, JPA, Hibernate, Java, Rest Web
Services, JPQL.
Frontend: AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JPA, JSTL.
Database: MySQL 5, MySQL Workbench 6.3.

 Back-end development. Made small applications using:

1. Spring & Spring-Boot: Implemented BinarySearch algorithm by using
interface SortingAlgorithm which had two instances-‘BubbleSort’ and
‘QuickSort’. Each of them had Qualifier with one of them having
Primary. Implemented JUnit to test application also.
2. Spring MVC: By extending HttpServlet, implemented doGet and
doPost(former referencing to latter) with JSP pages to create a Web
Application that verified user credentials with the implementation of
database and displayed the user’s name picked from provided login.
Implemented JUnit to test application also.
3. Spring AOP: Implement two beans that had various aspect methods
such as:@TrackTime, @PointCut, @Around, @AfterReturning,
@Before, @After. Basically PointCut was defined to execute the
various aspects defined above. Implemented JUnit to test application
4. JUnit: Implemented all the methods defined in JUnit, such as: @Test,
@Before, @After, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass. All assert methods were
implemented inside @Test method.
5. Mockito: Implemented some Mockito methods. Using @Mock,
@InjectMocks, implemented ‘when’ to return new data type for
Mockito Test case to run.
6. RESTful Web Services: Implemented RestController, various mappings
(Get,Request,Post,etc.), Customized UserExceptions, etc.
7. Hibernate & JPA: Implemented Entities to create database tables and
repositories to create access methods using JPA. Inserted data in sql
format and ran test cases on it using JUnit. Implemented OneToOne,
OneToMany, ManyToOne, & ManyToMany relationships.
8. Self-Project: Implemented a Web application that took user input of a
car brand using JSP pages, submitted it to Spring Controller which
autowired according to the brand and displayed its Brand Credentials.

Class / Year Projects / Accomplishments

12th Standard Worked on three Class Projects: Showed the working of
Electromagnetic Motor on the basis of EM Induction principle; A project
on NOR gate containing two switches, a LED, and capacitors. A NOR
gate is used in the principle of double switch.
B.E. Sem 3 Took part in Android Classes for 2 days by i3indya. Took part in
Aerosols. Attended workshops to understand flight mechanics and
B.E. Sem 5 Took part in Coding (Programming at Codechef, SPOJ) competitions in
B.E. Sem 6 Learned Android. Made apps in Android such as Calculator, Timetable,
Cards(Birthday Card, Anniversary), Ordering app(sending an email
containing your order, Music Player. Implemented WiFi Jammer
through Kali Linux(basically prohibiting devices to connect to a WiFi
B.E. Sem 7 Took part in TCS CodeVita Contest. Cleared Round 1. Hacked a PC
through LAN, took full control of it. Stole FaceBook credentials
(username and password) through backdoor. Remotely monitored
user’s actions on another PC through Internet.
B.E. Sem 8 As Final Year Project, implemented an application on Android for the
Color Blind(help the Color Blind Individual to differentiate different
colors)for Video and Image. Implemented a unique algorithm,
accepted by an IEEE sponsor ICIEECS.

Year Education Qualification Score

July 2013- June 2017 BE – Computers C.G.P.A-6.34
MHSSCOE, Mumbai University,
Apr 2012 - Mar 2013 10+2 – PCM, CBSE Board 66.4%
Apr 2010 – Mar 2011 10th – CBSE Board 70.3%


• Lucideus Tech on Security Management

• Projects - Exploitation Methods, Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering Android
Applications, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hacking Theory, Company Espionage Methods, Software to
prevent espionage, etc.

• Trimax Inc.
Projects - learned JSP, JDBC, JS(basics). Implemented

Extra-Curricular Activities

• Took part in English Debate Competition at School level.

• Played Basketball at School level.
• Took part in Yoga and presented at state level.


• Strong communication skills

• Presentation skills
• Interpersonal abilities
• Ability to manage issues
• Expectations and have a structured approach


• Like to solve puzzles, Learning New Languages and play Sudoku.