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Education Vocabulary

1. a Bachelor's issued by a university at the end of longer 22. to to copy another persons work without giving
Degree (BA) course of study plagiarise them credit or identifying the course
2. a boarding where the students live, eat and sleep 23. to sit a to take an exam
school during the school term test
3. a certificate issued for a short course 24. tuition the money paid for education
4. a diploma issued for a course that is shorter than a
degree 25. a a course which teaches you skills for a specific
vocational job, for example, engineering
5. a doctorate this is the highest level of study issued by a
(Ph.D.) university
6. a grant money given by the government to support
a student while studying
7. a Master's issued by a university when the students has
Degree completed further study beyond a degree
(often in a more specialised field than a
8. a non- a course which is not related to a job but to
vocational a general subject instead, such as Biology
9. a prerequisite a class that is required before being able to
class take other classes
10. a scholarship money (often given by the institution
themselves) to support a student while
11. a student loan money which a student can borrow to while
they are studying, but which has to be
12. to attend a ...
13. to cram for an to study at the last minute
14. to cut class to skip a class
15. to drop out of to voluntarily leave school
16. to enrol on a put your name down for a degree course
17. to fall behind to fail to keep pace with the
with studies school/university work
18. to hit the to study very hard
19. to keep up to be able to maintain the level of study
with the required
20. to major in to choose physics as your main subject at
Physics university
21. to meet a ...