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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Bohol
Municipality of Loay
BARANGAY ____________________

Executive Order No. ___

Series of 2018



WHEREAS, the Constitution mandates that the government shall promote the quality of life of the

WHEREAS, Section 2 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act or Republic Act 9165 declares that
it is the policy of the State to safeguard the integrity of its territory and the well-being of its citizenry
particularly the youth, from the harmful effects of dangerous drugs on their physical and mental well-
being, and to defend the same against acts or omissions detrimental to their development and

WHEREAS, DILG Memorandum Circular No.2015-63, dated June 16, 2015 and DILG-DDB JMC 2018-01
dated May 21, 2018 were issued to emphasize to local authorities especially barangay officials their
principal responsibilities in support of overall government efforts to maintain peace and order
particularly to curb illegal drugs and other substances and to provide guidelines on the functionality
and effectiveness of Local Anti-Drug Abuse Councils.

NOW THEREFORE, I, __________________________, Punong Barangay of __________________, Loay, Bohol

by virtue of the powers vested in me by law do hereby order the following:

Section 1. Reorganization of the BADAC. The BADAC is hereby reorganized with the following

Chairperson - - Punong Barangay

Vice- - - SBM Chairperson on Peace and
Chairperson Order
Members : - SBM Chairperson on Women &
- SK Chairperson
- Chief Tanod
- Public School Rep
- Religious Organization Rep
- PNP Representative

Sec. 2. Roles & Responsibilities of the BADAC. The BADAC shall have the following roles and

1. Create a BADAC Plan of Action to be submitted to the MADAC copy furnished the DILG
Municipal Field Office;
a. Set quarterly targets to reduce the level of drug affectation and ultimately achieve
drug free status and maintain the status of drug-cleared and unaffected barangays;
b. Empower the community in reporting drug related cases through an
Award/Commendation system;
2. Organize the BADAC Auxiliary Team and orient them of their roles and functions in formulating
a plan of action to address the drug problem;
3. Equip Barangay Tanods and BADAC Auxiliary Team on their roles and functions in the
campaign against street-level illegal drug trade through seminars or trainings;
4. Identify drug affected places (i.e workplace, house clusters, and streets) within their
respective barangays where there are violations of RA 9165 and immediately report the same
to the PNP or PDEA;
5. Determine and maintain record of the names and other pertinent information of residents and
likewise, record, update and monitor all drug-related incidents/cases reported or filed and its
effect on the peace and order situation in the barangay including listings of suspected drug
users and peddlers;
6. The BADAC through its Chairperson, shall consolidate all information gathered from all sources
related to any drug related activities within the barangay, to include names of users/peddlers,
marijuana cultivation, clandestine drug laboratories and submit immediately to
CADAC/MADAC and local PNP for validation and formulation of watchlist;
7. Ensure existence and operation of barangay rehabilitation referral system, through the
Barangay Rehabilitation and Referral Desk, intended for drug users and dependents who
voluntarily surrendered;
8. Assist PWUD who surrendered to Barangay Rehabilitation and Referral Desk and refer to
CADAC/MADAC and other institutions for appropriate action;
9. Monitor individuals who are undertaking Community-Based Rehabilitation Treatment and
Rehabilitation through their attendance and completion of CBRP requirements;
10. Conduct regular and consultative meetings at least once a month and call for special
meetings with organizations in the barangay such as the Parents Teachers Community
Association (PTCA), youth groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, religious organizations, senior citizens,
homeowners and neighborhood associations, puroks, Tricycle Operators and Drivers
Association (TODA), and other groups existing in the community to ensure their commitment
to assist in curbing the drug menace in the community, whenever necessary;
11. Formulate preventive education programs and ensure implementation of the same in
coordination with various associations barangay such as the Parents Teachers Community
Association (PTCA), youth groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, religious organizations, senior citizens,
homeowners and neighborhood associations, puroks, Tricycle Operators and Drivers
Association (TODA), and other groups existing in the community, using funds which shall be
derived from the Local School Board and other available sources;
12. Conduct an Information Education Campaign (IEC) on illegal drug demand reduction;
13. Extend assistance to law enforcement agencies during the conduct of anti-drug operations.
The BADAC Chairman or any elected official present during the anti-drug operations should
sign the inventory of seized drugs and paraphernalia as witness;
14. Submit all monthly reports to CADAC/MADAC not later than the 5 th day of every month, copy
furnished the DILG City/Municipal Field Office;
15. Submit annual Accomplishment Report and Fund Utilization Report to the CADAC/MADAC not
later than the 20th day of January, copy furnished the higher Peace and Order Council and the
DILG Field Office;
16. Submit reports on the implementation of BADAC Plan of Action (drug-clearing operations)
following the schedule;
17. Perform other related functions as prescribed by the rules and regulations.

Section 3. Reorganization of the BADAC Committees on Operations & Advocacy. The BADAC
Committees on Operations and Advocacy shall also be reorganized with the following composition:

a) Committee on Operations:

Chairperso - - SB Committee Chair on Peace &

n Order
Members : - Chief Tanod
- Tanod

As part of the Committee on Operations, the BADAC Auxiliary Team (BAT) composed of at
least 25 members in every 2000 population and residents of the barangay with good repute
for probity and integrity shall also be reorganized composed of the following with the
corresponding roles and responsibilities:

1. 14
2. 15
3. 16
4. 17
5. 18
6. 19
7. 20
8. 21
9. 22
10 23
. .
11 24
. .
12 25
. .
(1) Identify and report to BADAC, drug dependents suspected drug personalities, illegal drug
laboratories within their respective areas;
(2) Assist in the conduct of IEC;
(3) Help facilitate in the preparation and distribution of information materials in collaboration
with the school. Neighborhood association and others;
(4) Report existing community-based rehabilitation programs;
(5) Conduct neighborhood activities to prevent drug addiction

a) Committee on Advocacy:

Chairperso - - SB on Women & Family

Members : - SK Chairperson
- School Principal/Representative
CSO Representative
UBAS Representative (Religious

Section 4. BADAC Operations. BADAC Operations consist of the following activities from the pre-
operation phase, operation to the post-operation phase.

A. Pre Operation Phase

a. Conduct basic drug prevention and control seminars, giving emphasis to collection and
analysis of drug-related information and prevention education;
b. Organize house clusters with designated cluster leader who shall submit a compliance
report to DILG through the concerned MLGOO
i. Functions of cluster leader
1. Attend BADAC meetings, upon instruction of the Punong Barangay;
2. Maintain or prepare a list of individuals or residents in every house
within the assigned cluster
3. Immediately report to the Punong Barangay/BADAC Chairman any
incident that transpired within the cluster involving illegal drug
personalities, PWUD, and or activities;
4. Perform other functions as may be assigned by the BADAC Chairman
b. Submit consolidated information report to the CADAC/MADAC and Local Police Unit by the
BADAC Chairman;
c. Support the local PNP Unit in the determination of priority drug affected barangays;
d. Establish a Rehabilitation and Referral Desk (BADAC Desk) in every barangay;
e. Designate a Barangay Rehabilitation and Referral Desk Duty Officer
B. Operation Phase
a. Assist and coordinate with oversight agencies for the drug clearing operation
b. Submit requirements or reports as means of verification, as required by oversight agencies
C. Post-Operation Phase
a. Implement support projects for PWUD who surrendered, their families and the community
as a whole and prepare the barangay for reintegration of drug personalities
b. Mobilize Auxiliary Teams to ensure the sustainability of the status of the barangay as drug-
c. Conduct seminar and implement measures towards drug abuse prevention.

Section 5. Establishment of the Rehabilitation and Referral Desk (BADAC Desk). There is
hereby established a Rehabilitation Referral Desk in the barangay. The designated Barangay
Rehabilitation and Referral Desk Duty Officer is ____________________________________________.

Functions of the Rehabilitation Referral Desk. The Rehabilitation Referral Desk shall
endorse drug dependents to the duly authorized representative of the Dangerous Drugs Board
pursuant to Article VIII of RA 9165 and pertinent issuances of the Board.

Section 5. Meetings. The BADAC shall conduct regular and consultative meetings at least once a

Section 6. Reports. The BADAC shall submit the following reports:

1. Monthly Reports to the CADAC/MADAC NLT 5th day of the following month;
2. Annual Accomplishment Report and Fund Utilization Report to the MADAC NLT 20 th day of
January, copy furnished the higher Peace and Order Council and the DILG Field Office;
3. Reports on the implementation of BADAC Plan of Action (drug-clearing operations)
 Monthly Accomplishment Report to MADAC (details: accomplishment vis-à-vis BADAC Plan
of Action)
 Quarterly Monitoring Report of PWUD who surrendered to MADAC (details: Progress Report
of PWD who surrendered)
 Annual BADAC Monitoring Report to C/MLGOO (details: BADAC Plan of Action, Composition
and names of members of BADAC. Amount of budget allocated for BADAC)
 Consolidated Information Report (regular if data is available) to MADAC and Local PNP
(suspected drug personalities)

Done this _____ day of July, 2018 at______________________, Loay, Bohol.

Punong Barangay