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AMCAT English Dashboard

English Verbal & Models

 Vocabulary
o Synonyms
o Antonyms
o Contextual Vocabulary
 Grammar
o Error Identification
o Sentence Improvement & Construction
o Subject-Verb Agreement
o Tenses & Articles
o Preposition & Conjunctions
o Speech & Voices
 Reading Comprehension
o Inferential and Literal Comprehension
o Contextual Vocabulary
o Comprehension ordering
 Max Score – 800
 Questions – 18 Ques
 Time – 16 mins
Quants Dashboard

Sample Quants Questions

 Basic Mathematics
o Divisibility
o Numbers, decimal fractions and power
 Applied Mathematics
o Profit and Loss
o Simple and Compound Interest
o Time, Speed and Distance
o Inverse
 Engineering Mathematics
o Logarithms
o Permutation and Combinations
o Probability
 Max Score – 800
 Questions – 16 Ques
 Time – 18 mins
Logical Dashboard

Logical Reasoning and Syllabus

 Deductive Reasoning
o Coding deductive logic
o Blood Relation
o Directional Sense
o Objective Reasoning
o Selection decision tables
o Syllogism
 Inductive reasoning
o Analogy and Classification pattern recognition
o Coding pattern and Number series pattern recognition
 Abductive Reasoning
o Logical word sequence
o Data sufficiency
 Max Score – 800
 Questions – 14 Ques
 Time – 16 mins

Computer Programming

Computer Programming Questions and Syllabus

 Basic Programming
o Data Types
o Iteration, Recursion, Decision
o Procedure, functions and scope
 Data Structures
o Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs
o Stacks, Queues
o Hash Tables
o Heaps
o Searching and Sorting
 OOPs
o Polymorphism
o Abstraction
o Encapsulation
o Complexity Theory
 Miscellaneous
o Searching and Sorting
o Complexity Theory
 Max Score – 800
 Questions – 25 Que
 Time – 35 mins

CS Dashboard

Computer Science – CSE Mocks

 Operating System and Computer Architecture
o Basics of OS
o Computer Architecture
o Process Management and Synchronisation
o Memory and I/O Management
o Data model
o Relational Algebra and SQL
o Normalisation, Architecture, Indexing
 Computer Networks
o Basics of networking and communication
o OSI, TCP/IP layers and protocols
o Network Devices and Routeing Algorithms
 Max Score – 800
 Questions – 26 Ques
 Time – 25 mins