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I. Write A if the statement is true, and B if it is false.

1. It takes another person to better discover our inner self. _____

2. Goals in life are our destination. _____
3. Life as a journey is a sacred adventure. _____
4. Living and existing are two distinct realities. _____
5. Dukkha is the truth of suffering in Islam. _____
6. Man has free will, so he is free to choose what is good. _____
7. Man’s purpose in life is eternal gratification of the self. _____
8. Body exists in a physical and spiritual being. _____
9. Incarnate spirit means that the body is the spirit and vice-versa. _____
10. Whatever is done to this bodily being is done to my total being. _____

II. Write A if a is correct, B if b is correct, Cif both a and b are correct and D if
neither a and b is correct. Use capital letters..

___1. He is the center of philosophical studies during the modern times.

a. World b. man
___2. It is a body of information.
a. Wisdom b. knowledge
___3. It is an applied branch of philosophy.
a. Logic b. cosmology
___4. It is a conscious search for knowledge.
a. Wisdom b. answer
___5. It is an approach used during the medieval times.
a. Cosmocentric b. anthropocentric
___6. It is an attitude of looking at reality as things. It consists further of my biases.
a. Natural attitude b. scientific attitude
___7. It is the world’s oldest profession.
a. Sex b. teacher
___8. They are the sex categories.
a. Male b. female
___9. A sexual act, according to Buddhism, that promotes caring and loving
a. Good sex b. bad sex
___10. Sex should be enjoyable experience for all concerned.
a. Simplicity b. contentment
III. Identification. Identify whether the philosophical statements are of Islamic,
Buddhist or Christian philosophy. Write I for Islamis, B for Buddhist and C for
1. Work is a calling to be God’s co-creator. ___
2. Work is a form of right of living. ___
3. Work is the soul of life. ___
4. Death is viewed always in relation to the judgment day. ___
5. Death is a dissolution not of the body and soul but of the material elements that
compose man. ___
6. At death, there is no longer concupiscence on the part of man. ___
7. Sex is an expression of mutual submission/. ___
8. Sex is always in the context of marriage. ___
9. Contentment means the experience of being satisfied, of not desiring more than
you have. ___
10. Love is an essential element of every loving relationship. ___

IV. Analysis. Analyze each statement and give your brief explanation.

1. Work is for man and not man is for work.

2. Distinguish inauthentic and authentic attitude of death.

V. Application.

1. In your life, based on what you have learned in philosophy of man, can
you now identify what are your principles in life.

a. Draw a thing that best describe yourself. Explain the meaning of it.
b. What is your philosophy in life?
c. What is your own view on love?
d. What is your own view on sex?
e. What is your own view on work?

2. Draw your own epitaph (lapida). What is your own view of death? What
are your fears regarding death?

3. Please write your own motto that best captures all that you have learned
in philosophy of man. Explain in Visayan language.