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Ref: AM/CE & AM/T joint Circular No.2015/Track-III/TK/15 dated

Vide railway board joint circular No. 2015/Track-III/TK/15

dated 28/12/16(attached at Sl. No. 1) it was instructed that zonal
railways should carryout comprehensive review of Working Time
Table to ensure provision of planned corridor blocks in all sections
for assured duration (one block of four hours or two block of 2.5
hours) every day. Wherever margins are not adequate, these
corridors are to be provided by rescheduling of trains. This issue has
also been discussed as detailed in item no. 4 (x) of record notes of
GM’s conference held on 03/10/17 circulated by Secy./GM on
04/10/2017. A letter in same context was written by CTE to CPTM
(attached at Sl. No. 2)

A meeting was held in Railway Board by CRB, ME and MT on

25.10.17 regarding provision of corridor blocks in new Working
Time Table where it was decided that sufficient corridor blocks may
be provided in the next Working Time Table Subsequently a corridor
block requirement was also sent to CPTM, but surprisingly the new
time table has almost similar provision for corridor blocks as the old
one barring a few exceptions and that too on unimportant routes.

Hence it is proposed to from a Committee preferably a JAG

level to look into matter and propose adequate Corridor Blocks at
least on important sections of Northern Railway. The Committee may
have two members with the Operating JAG officers as the Convener
Member of the Committee.