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607 Trip:1116037765

Charter Order
As agreed, we herewith assign you the below given transport subject to the following terms and conditions. Please
read the instructions thoroughly for any recent changes.

Kind regards,

Your contact person at Mainfreight Forwarding Netherlands (Wim Bosman Expeditie B.V.)
John Giezenaar

T: E:

CHARTER ASSIGNMENT for Mainfreight Forwarding Netherlands (Wim Bosman Expeditie B.V.)
Reference number MF( : 1116037765
VAT number : NL004201991B01
Freight rate : 750.00 EUR
Date of loading : 2017-05-03 Time : 06:00 - 13:00
Date of unloading : 2017-05-03 Time : 19:00 - 19:30
Carrier license plate :

Consignment number MF : 11140065002

Pickup address Delivery address
Loading reference: 20170503012 Unloading reference: 4000538388

0 One-way pallet Pre-Advice

01 12622.268 Kg 0.000 CBM 9.600 LDM Volume : 16800.000 Kg
Length 0.000 Width 0.000 Height 0.000

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INVOICING AND DELIVERY OF DOCUMENTS (POD’s, charter assignment, delivery notes, pallet
receipts, etc.)
1. The documents: You will provide all original transport documents, delivery notes, pallet receipts and consignment notes filled
out and signed by the receiver or a representative at the address of delivery, with our MF reference number ( If
handwritten please ensure it is “legible”. The originals are for your files; we request that we receive copies.
2. Digital POD’s and other requested documents such as delivery notes : These are to be sent by email (mentioning our
'') to within 5 working days after delivery. Forward the relevant charter assignment
which you received from us by email to the above mentioned email address. The POD’s and other requested documents are to be
forwarded as separate attachments to the email. If you have already prepared your invoice, please also forward same as
3. The digital invoice: Should you send the invoice at a later date, it is also to be addressed to
mentioning our ''. This is done by forwarding the email (point 2.) including all attachments again and adding the invoice
to it.
! Please note: the invoice – addressed to Mainfreight Forwarding Netherlands / Wim Bosman Expeditie B.V., Dept. Creditors /
Charter invoice, P.O. Box 18, NL-7040 AA ‘s-Heerenberg, the Netherlands – must also mention our '' and our VAT
number. In case more shipments joined under one '' have been assigned to you, they are to be charged to us with one
collective invoice.
4. The original pallet receipts (when applicable): The original pallet receipt(s) and a copy of the charter assignment are to be
sent by mail to Mainfreight Forwarding Netherlands / Wim Bosman Expeditie B.V., dept. Packaging / Pallet receipt, P.O. Box 18,
NL-7040 AA ‘s-Heerenberg, the Netherlands.
5 Payment can only take place when all requested documents are received in accordance with above instructions.

• The driver is requested to report at the address for loading and unloading with a reference number for loading or unloading.
• Unless agreed otherwise, you are obliged to perform the loading, stowage and unloading. In all cases you are obliged to check
the loading, stowage and possible overloading, even when loading and/or stowage is performed by or on behalf of the shipper.
• International road transport will be carried out by you subject to the terms of the CMR-convention and will be fully covered by
your liability insurance. Upon first request, you are obliged to present a valid insurance certificate to Mainfreight / Wim Bosman.
• National road transport will be carried out by you subject to the terms of the AVC 2002 conditions and will be fully covered by
your liability insurance. Upon first request, you are obliged to present a valid insurance certificate to Mainfreight / Wim Bosman.
• The carrier is aware that the assigned transport can be part of a cross-border transport even if his assignment is limited to
domestic transport. When such is the case the assigned transport will be subject to the terms of the CMR-convention.
• You are not allowed to deviate from above instructions and any deviation will be for your own risk and expense.
• Irregularities and/or delays, damage to/loss of the goods carried and damage to/defects of Mainfreight / Wim Bosman material
are to be reported immediately to your contact person at Mainfreight / Wim Bosman.
A. It is forbidden to transfer, to pile up or make use of third parties to perform the transport, unless agreed upon in writing.
B. It is forbidden to leave the loaded vehicle unattended and to park unguarded. For short breaks/stops you will park the loaded vehicle
within sight; lock up the vehicle and loaded units, and set the burglar alarm. You are prohibited to park at an unattended,
unguarded, unlit and/or desolated location. If you have failed to comply with these instructions and damage is caused due to theft,
such damage will be deemed to have been caused by default on your part as is considered as equivalent to willful misconduct as
described in article 29 of the CMR. You will therefore not be entitled to avail yourself on the limitations which are mentioned in the
C. You will instruct your personnel to refrain from any acts during the transport that affect the required quality, environmental and
safety levels according to the standard of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and the Road Transport Working Time Regulations.
D. You will ensure that the drivers assigned to perform the transport have a valid driver’s license, a valid passport and if legally
necessary, a driver’s certificate, and in the case of transport of hazardous goods (ADR/IMDG) the VLG/ADR certificate.
E. You will ensure that all (inter)national legislation, including WVGS, BVGS, VLG, ADR/IMDG, applying to the transport of (hazardous)
goods will be observed.
F. You will ensure that all personnel and equipment assigned to the transport of consumables meet the conditions of EG Regulation
852/2004, EG Regulation 178/2002, the Food and Drugs Act (and resolutions deriving from the Food and Drugs Act) and the HACCP
G. You will take responsibility for the immediate exchange of all acknowledged loading-equipment mentioned in the charter assignment
or waybill, such as EURO- and/or CHEP-pallets, gitterboxes or any other loading-equipment, both at the loading and unloading
address. Mainfreight / Wim Bosman is not responsible for any charges occurring as a consequence of not exchanging the loading-
equipment at aforementioned addresses. The value of the loading-equipment that has not been exchanged will be deducted from
the freight payable. In the event loading-equipment has not being exchanged, Mainfreight / Wim Bosman is to be informed
immediately. A signed and stamped copy of the CMR-waybill to prove (incomplete) exchange of loading equipment has to be sent to
Mainfreight / Wim Bosman.
This agreement is governed by Dutch law. All claims against Mainfreight / Wim Bosman arising out of or relating to this agreement
shall exclusively be brought before the competent Court in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Mainfreight / Wim Bosman is entitled to bring
any claims arising out of or relating to this agreement before the competent Court in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, or any other Court
which according to provisions of law, international conventions or otherwise would be competent.


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Appendix 1 Charterfax / Charter agreement
Article 1

(a) Anti-Bribery. Without any other requirements of this Charter / Sub-contractor Agreement, Sub-contractor shall, at its sole
cost and expense, comply, and shall cause each of its subcontractors to comply, with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption
legislation in the United States, the United Kingdom, and any applicable territory, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices
Act and the U.K. Bribery Act of 2010. Sub-contractor shall not, directly or indirectly, give, offer, promote, authorize or allow to
be given, offered or promised, money, gifts or anything of value to a Government Official (as defined in below), or to any other
person(s) or party(ies), while knowing or having reason to know that such thing of value is to be given, offered or promised to
a Government Official, in order to (i) improperly influence any official act or decision of such Government Official, or (ii)
improperly induce such Government Official to use influence to affect or influence any act or decision of any government
entity (including any department, agency or instrumentality thereof, or any entity owned or controlled by the government), for
the purpose of assisting Mainfeight / Wim Bosman in obtaining or retaining business, in directing business to any person, or in
securing any improper advantage. “Government Official” means (A) any officer, employee, agent, or representative of a
national, state, regional or local governmental body, department, agency or any instrumentality thereof (including any
applicable subdivision or branch thereof); (B) any person acting in an official capacity or performing public duties or functions
on behalf of such governmental body, department, agency or instrumentality; (C) any officer, employee, agent or
representative of a business or corporate entity owned or controlled by any such governmental body; (D) any political party or
political party official; I any candidate for public office; and (F) any officer, employee or representative of a public international
organization (such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, or United Nations). Sub-contractor further represents that
no Government Official will derive any benefit, directly or indirectly, from any compensation paid to Sub-contractor in
connection with this Agreement. Sub-contractor shall notify Mainfreight / Wim Bosman immediately of any solicitation, demand
or other request for a bribe, gift or anything of value, made by or on behalf of a Government Official, relating to any activities
performed by Sub-contractor pursuant to this Agreement.
(b) Compliance Statement. Upon Mainfreight / Wim Bosman’s request, Sub-contractor shall execute a written Anti-Bribery
Compliance Statement containing substantially similar representations as those contained in this section. Mainfreight / Wim
Bosman strives to maintain the highest standards of business integrity and, accordingly, if Sub-contractor has any cause for
concern regarding any business practices these should be reported to Mainfreight / Wim Bosman at

(c) Authorizations. Sub-contractor shall: (i) have obtained, or require Sub-contractor Representatives, as applicable, to obtain,
all Authorizations; (ii) maintain, in full force and effect, all Authorizations during the Term and for so long as required under
Applicable Law; (iii) coordinate with Mainfreight / Wim Bosman to the extent necessary to obtain Mainfreight / Wim Bosman’s
or any Recipient’s cooperation in obtaining any Authorizations; and (iv) inform Mainfreight / Wim Bosman immediately of the
expiration, termination, non-renewal, denial or revocation of any Authorization occurring during the time this Agreement is in
place and effective between the parties hereto.

Article 2

(a) Anti-Terrorism Security Measures. Sub-contractor is in compliance, shall remain in compliance, and shall cause each of its
subcontractors and suppliers to comply, with (i) all applicable laws relating to anti-terrorism security measures, (ii) all
applicable EU aviation security legislation and requirements, including Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No
1082/2012 of 9 November 2012 amending Regulation (EU) No 185/2010 in respect of EU aviation security validation and
Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 654/2013 of 10 July 2013 amending Regulation (EU) No 185/2010 in respect of
EU aviation security validation checklists for third country entities, and (iii) all supply chain security guidelines as defined by
the importing country, including but not limited to: C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) as published by the
United States, the STP (Secure Trade Program) as published by Singapore, and the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) as
published by the European Union. Sub-contractor shall not engage any subcontractors subject to restrictions under the EAR or
OFAC regulations, including those appearing on the Denied Persons or Entity lists under the EAR, or the Specially Designated
Nationals and Blocked Persons, Foreign Sanctions Evaders, and Sectoral Sanctions Identification lists under the OFAC
regulations, and any comparable lists maintained by any other relevant governmental authority. These recommendations and
guidelines include, but are not limited to, conveyance security, physical security, access controls, procedural security,
personnel security, and educational and training awareness. Sub-contractor shall, upon request, complete a predefined self-
assessment providing a description of Sub-contractor’s anti-terrorism security measures. Based on risk, Mainfreight / Wim
Bosman may require Sub-contractor to undergo an onsite assessment. Onsite assessments will be conducted by an auditor of
Mainfreight / Wim Bosman’s choice at Mainfreight / Wim Bosman’s cost. Sub-contractor shall meet or exceed the industry
standards for the safe and secure transportation and in-transit storage of Wim Bosman’s material. If the Sub-contractor is
certified by TAPA, Sub-contractor shall provide ongoing evidence of its certification to Customer upon request.

(b) National Security Regulations. Certain countries may, from time to time, enact laws that require submission of information
prior to cargo arriving in the country or region. As of the Effective Date, the parties are aware of such laws in the U.S., the
countries in the European Union and in Canada. The parties agree to cooperate in providing the necessary information to
parties or their designees to allow a party with reporting obligations to fulfill such obligations in a timely manner.

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