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Case Questions

1) Which employment laws are not being complied with in the letter of appointment above?
Identify the areas of non-compliance with the employment laws in the letter of

Based on this cases, they are some of employment laws are not being complied
with the letter of appointment. It is, the wages gives is RM1000 per month. But, in the
employment act 1955 and the Sabah Sarawak, while some groups are excluded from
coverage, most particularly those earning more than RM2000 per month in peninsular
Malaysia and those earning more than RM2500 per month in Sabah and Sarawak, the
benefit laid down in the laws are commonly extended to all employees. Of course, some
group of employee may receive more than is provided for in the Acts, because the
employer wishes to give more so as to attract and retain staff. Then, the working hour
in this appointment is 9 hours, from Monday until Friday at 9.00a.m until 6.30p.m and
Saturday also work from 9.00a.m until 1.30p.m. then the rest break only 30minutes, it
must one hour for rest break. In employment act 1955, the working time for office hour
only 8 hours. Next, after the employee comfirmation, that will be antitled to 8 public
holidays per year. According to section 60, public holidays entitles all workers covered
by the employment act to a minimum at 11 paid gazetted public holidays per year. Five
at the holidays are specified by the act and the other six holidays will be chosen by the

2) What can Kim do to revamp the benefits and rewards scheme in the company to make
employees more satisfied?
i) Employees recognize the value of performance awards which can be given for
a variety of special achievements. The company suppose to choose the right
candidates to get the performance awards. In this matter, there is bias between them.
Kim must choose employees who did good jobs in their work. Kim can ask the
manager of each apartment about their staffs to choose the best employees.
Employee who has a good performance can get the award. The awards can be
merely a centificate or they may also involve a cash prize, or a souveniur item.

ii) Paternity leave is a period of absence from work granted to a father or shortly
before the birth of his child. This kind of leave is rarely paid. A few progressive
companies offer new dads paid time off ranging from a few day to few weeks. Based
on this case, the company doesn’t provide paternity leave for male employees. The
company should consider to give paternity leave to male employees because this is
their first time to have a baby. Their wife needs him to help her with the baby. Kim
as HR Senior Executive can give paternity leave to male employees to improve
employees performance.
iii) Then, employees must park outside and pay parking. So, the company must
improve the carpark and give space for other staff. From that, the employee will be
more safety because the employees not park outside and their don’t have to pay for
parking because the company can provide transport allowance for the employee so
that will reduce cost of staff.

iv) Employees Provident Fund Organisation has been coming up with many
initiatives for EPS subscibers. Recently, the retirement fund body introduced a
composite form which will help in the process of automatic transfer of provident
fun when changing jobs. Based on this case, the company only pay 12% of EPS
compare to others companies who had 14% to 16% percent. Maybe the company
can increase the rate of EPS to 15% to employees. Because there are many benefits
of EPS such as dividend, simpanan shariah divedend, incapacition and deaths
benefits and tax exemption. Kim can discuss with top managers to increase the rate
of EPF of employees for employees advantages.

v) Lastly, the wages in this company is low and not have an increment in four
years. The company must increase the salary,So merit increase in pay may be
granted to reward high performance and motivate them to keep working well, it is
possible to withhold the increments of an underperforming employee.