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OF SALES QUALITY INGREDIENTS CORPORATION www.qic.us KeyStone Search has been retained in the recruitment of a

KeyStone Search has been retained in the recruitment of a Director of Sales headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota. The Director of Sales will provide strategic and tactical leadership for the sales function of this growing company.

Position Description

The Director of Sales is responsible for driving revenue and margin growth and protecting the core business by managing the sales team to seek out and acquire new customers and further penetrate existing customers in order to improve overall revenue, profitability, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

The Director of Sales is a member of the QIC leadership team first, and the leader of the Sales team second. Consequently, the candidate must be able to work at both the strategic and tactical levels. He/she will work collaboratively with the CEO and other members of the Quality Ingredients Corporation leadership team to align company goals and resources to drive profitability.

The Director of Sales’ demonstrated strengths must include: positive leadership, strong and dedicated planning and results orientation, change management, problem-solving, openness, honesty, transparency, communication.

Mission and Values

Quality Ingredients is committed to the following mission and values statements as reflections of their unique culture.


As an indispensable partner with our customers, we enable them to successfully create more functional, better tasting, and healthier products by developing dried food ingredients and offering custom processing solutions.


Ownership Culture Customer Intimacy Innovation Growth

Mission and Values Summary:

Serve speaks to our dedication to customer service and focus, and growing through our commitment to service

Innovate reflects our aspiration to be a recognized leader in the creation and production food ingredients, and driving continuous improvement across the organization

Win enabling our customers to win in marketplace, and winning as a company and as individuals in an employee-owner culture

Quality Ingredients Corporation Description

Quality Ingredients Corporation (QIC) helps its food customers produce quality products by supplying them with innovative dry ingredient solutions that can be customized to make good foods even better.

The company was founded by Minnesota entrepreneur Bob Thompson in 1987. He combined his food science, product development, and sales expertise with external manufacturing partnerships to offer dry cream products.

QIC opened its first production facility in Burnsville, Minnesota during the 1990's to manufacture ingredients using spray- and roll-drying processes. A second facility was acquired in Marshfield, Wisconsin. This facility provides spray drying and dry-blending capabilities.

By building upon its advanced dry-processing expertise, Quality Ingredients has expanded well beyond its technical foundation of dry creamer and shortening powder technologies to include a broad range of dry ingredient systems. These systems range from dry creamers, to cheese and dairy powders, whips, flavors and colors, encapsulations, specialty ingredients and specialty dry blends. These are all ingredient solutions that can be customized to make good foods even better!

QIC is regarded as a smaller player in its markets. Sales are $60MM and certain competitors are significantly larger. QIC can not and does not compete on the basis of price. In addition, QIC would not claim to have the broadest product offering in the marketplace. By contrast, the foundation for QIC’s competitive differentation is customized service. QIC attempts to understand the unique needs of its customers – what drives their success – and works to deliver a custom set of products/services to best meets those needs. QIC often finds that it can and will do that when its competitors are unable to do so. As an example, QIC offers in-house technical and product development capabilities and often creates product solutions unique to a customer.

Quality Ingredients Corporation operates as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, with employees owning 100% of the company. Each employee is vested in customers' success and there is a strong orientation to customer service, teamwork, and results.

Position Duties and Responsibilities

This Director of Sales position will be primarily charged with supporting Quality Ingredients Corporation in each of the following areas of responsibility:

New Client Acquisition

Sales Revenue/Margin Production

Sales Team Leadership, Development, Structure

Strategic Business Development

Company Leadership

Customer Service Leadership

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Key Relationships

This Director of Sales position reports directly to the CEO, is directly responsible for the sales and customer service functions, and will work closely and collaboratively with a number of colleagues. The following lists key relationships:

CEO: The CEO determines and communicates the Quality Ingredients Corporation strategy. The Sales Team works closely with the CEO to align sales plans with Quality Ingredients strategy in order to establish the best use of Quality Ingredients Corporation resources. It is expected that the Director of Sales will assess and communicate sales performance, results, and recommedations such that issues and opportunities can be quickly identified and acted upon.

Chief Financial Officer: The CFO and Director of Sales will work collaboratively on sales reports, sales plans, forecasts, budgets, and expenses to effectively manage the sales team’s results and resources.

VP of Research and Development: The VP of Research and Development is responsible for developing and commercializing new products. The Director of Sales will work to drive and assess market and customer new product opportunities and to drive them toward actualization.

Director - Purchasing / Risk Management: The Director of Purchasing/Risk Management is responsible for the procurement of materials and well as pricing of QIC products and services. The Director of Sales will partner with this person to develop and execute strategic and tactical pricing strategies.

Sales Team: The Sales Team all work towards improving overall revenue, profitability, effectiveness and customer satisfaction as well as quality of data in the new CRM system. The current sales team includes 5 - U.S.-based sales people working from home-based offices across the US.

Customer Service Team: The Customer Service Team is responsible for order entry, logistics, and general support of customer requests and issues. The Director of Sales leads this functions, which currently includes a Customer Service Manager and two Customer Service reps.

Director of Operations: The Director of Operations, with responsibility for production and safety, seeks to produce high quality products from controlled processes while finding the best balance between meeting customer delivery requirements and managing inventories. The Director partners with this position to ensure customer requirements are met efficiently and effectively.

Director of HR: The Human Resources Director is responsible for training and development of company personnel as well as compensation and incentive plans.

Director of Quality: QIC seeks to build a certified QA program that will give customers complete confidence and faith in the products and services delivered. The Director of Sales partners with this position to ensure customer requirements and expectations are met and exceeded.

Director of Marketing: A new position and not yet filled, a very close partnership is envisioned between the Director of Marketing and Director of Sales. The Director of Marketing is expected to lead the effort to determine what segments to pursue, determine accounts to target, identify and develop the competitive value proposition, and drive execution through product, price, and promotion strategies. The Director of Sales will provide key input and other contributions to this effort.

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A successful Director of Sales is able to drive revenue/margin

growth and protect core business by managing the sales team

to seek out and acquire new customers and further penetrate

existing customers in order to improve overall revenue, profitability, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. This person will lead the team in driving new client acquisition and

also leverage existing company relationships to take advantage of new products and services. This person will travel with sales team members to visit clients and land new business.

The Director of Sales should have strong and proven leadership skills and the ability to generate great performance out of their team. They should drive accountability through the sales team and have the ability to develop the skills of the team in selling value and solutions to the company’s customers.

The Director of Sales is also responsible for leadeing the Customer Service team with responsibility for order entry, logistics, and customer issues.

The Director of Sales works closely with other members of the management team and the CEO.


Positive Leadership

Results orientation

Change Management










Strong communicator

Good mentor/coach

Able to be coached

Team Developer



Plans work; works plan

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New Client



Sales Team



Develop/refine target account lists, consistent with company objectives

Establish a plan for penetration of accounts that meet company criteria

Establish relationships with new accounts at the executive level

Drive new account penetration through planned sales team activities utilizing a defined sales process

Sell to QIC’s competitive value proposition

Support sales team members by visiting clients and representing the company

Drive new account opportunities through the sales process

Maintain/grow margins in line with company goals

Manage business development efforts for results; execute contingency plans as needed


Assess sales team – hire/replace appropriately

Recommend changes in size and structure of team, if applicable

Manage performance of sales reps through established goals and metrics

Communicate and execute a strategy for the sales team

Maintain a pulse of on-going activities, successes and challenges

Coach and develop sales reps to grow the business as a team

Develop reps skills in selling a “solution” and representing value to clients

Demonstrate the attributes and behaviors in alignment with company values

Define, train, and coach to a sales process; hold sales reps accountable for hitting goals and activity metrics while following a defined sales process

Define, train, and coach to an account management process; hold sales reps accountable for hitting goals and activity metrics while following a defined account management process

Champion, train and maintain proficiency in CRM system, including:

- Work closely with the sales team to ensure reliability of customer information, customer segmentation, products, and contact information

- Provide accurate and reliable forecasting and pipeline management

- Gather and communicate competitive intelligence from the field

Demonstrate proficiency and ability to coach to all aspects of the sales process, specifically what it means to:

- Understand the customer needs and recommending solutions that meet those needs

- Involve key members of the company’s team in the sales process

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Demonstrate strong business acumen (understanding of how customer’s businesses operate and thrive)

Take executive relationship role with strategic accounts

Sell to QIC’s competitive value proposition

Manage sales efforts for results; execute contingency plans as needed

Work with management team to:

- Consistently forecast a sales pipeline with sufficient activities planned to achieve sales team revenue goal, profitability goal, and quotas

- Proactively communicate unexpected increases or decreases in demand for products

- Submit reports to the CEO on a timely basis, with an effective overview of progress towards goals, key milestones accomplished, challenges as they arise and assessment of the sales team members






Work with company resources to identify new markets to pursue

Develop strategy and sales approach to penetrating new markets

Identify and assign target accounts within new markets

Continue learning about industry, products, and uses

Remain current on customer preferences and options, by attending sales meetings, vendor training and trade shows, or reading trade journals

Possess a proficient knowledge of company target audience, value positions and competitive differences

Build trust to establish client relationships in which confidence is placed, to establish a common ground or understanding in a short amount of time, and be credible in the industry

Help build strategic relationships by understanding and articulating company value, building relationships at all levels, gaining access to key decision makers, and leveraging referrals

Execute responsibilities as member of the QIC leadership team first, and the leader of the Sales team second.

Work at both the strategic and tactical (hands-on) levels

Work and communicate collaboratively with the CEO and other leadership team members to align company goals and resources to drive profitability

Stay true to company values and ethics

Demonstrate strong business acumen (in understanding of how Quality Ingredients Corporation’s businesses operates including R&D, strategy, profitability and operations)

Support the consistent implementation of company initiatives

Ensure Sales Team and QIC functional areas operate effectively in QIC’s cross-functional team sales model, as needed

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Present a professional image at all times in appearance, communications, and interactions

Hold external memberships or networks through organized groups in an effort to stay knowledgeable and well connected within the industry




Lead and manage staff; develop and manage toward performance goals

Review/refine customer support processes and procedures

Oversee order fulfillment process

Ensure QIC portrays at all times a professional image in appearance, communications, and interactions

Oversee customer issue resolution process

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Measurements and Indicators

Quality Ingredients Corporation has placed significant importance on outlining the expectations for the hired Head of Sales. In addition to the information outlined in the job profile, the following measurements will be utilized as the primary performance indicators. The CEO will determine the specific goals and relevant importance in each category.














New business margin results

Opportunities from New clients

Advancement of new client opportunities in the pipeline

Refinement of Target List in current markets

Increased activities with new clients


Proactive sales efforts by sales team

Selection and Retention of quality Sales personnel

Sales Rep skill development

Sales Manager skill development

Holding Reps to sales process

Positive team attitude

Sales team motivation

Development of on-boarding program

Proficiency in Products, Solutions and Sales Process

Management of performance by sales managers and sales reps


Meet sales/margin goals as outlined in company’s master sales plan

Pipeline growth

Maintain strong relationships with key customers and partners


Revenue and Expense management

Communication of progress and challenges

Evaluation of sales team


New business results

Target list development for new markets

Progress in Target Accounts

New markets identified and sales approach defined

Demonstration of activities in new markets


New accounts purchasing products

# of new Value opportunities in pipeline

Sales Rep Call reports

Value proposition selling


New accounts sold

Increase in Percentage of Value opportunities in pipeline

Assessment of Rep Skills

Observations by CEO

Pipeline reports

Recommendations for personnel and structure of team



Revenue reports


Master plan reviews with OLT

Pipeline reports

Customer feedback

Value Proposition selling


Observations at management meetings

Stack rank reports to CEO


Target Account Lists Defined

Observed behavior

# and quality of new opportunities in new markets

Advancement in pipeline of opportunities in new markets

# of meetings with new clients

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Shipment accuracy

Quantity of customer issues

Customer satisfaction



On Time Deliveries

Issues escalated

Customer surveys

Market competitive

Salary + bonus

Benefits include Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, 401(k) and PTO

Minimum Qualifications

Seasoned sales leadership/management experience (minimum of 10 years with demonstrated success leading the achievement of meeting sales goals and growing sales and margin ideal) in business-to-business selling

Four-year college degree requested with an M.B.A. preferred.

Experience in the food industry ideal

PC proficiency (Microsoft Office Suite) required

Experience with CRM systems beneficial

Physical Demands

The physical demands and environment described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

No special physical demands are required.

General office environment in which this position includes periods of telephone and computer work that may require sitting for periods of time.

This position requires a travel level of approximately 50% including overnight stays.

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Contact Information

Please contact KeyStone Search for more information:

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Mike Frommelt Phone: 612-375-8986 Email: mikef@keystonesearch.com

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