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Express answers in simplest form.

Improper or no unit but correct computation is

½ of the point for the particular number. Leave answers in fraction form or radical
form. Don’t convert into decimal unless otherwise stated. You can use calculators
but please do not use math engines. Be honest. You will not learn by cheating.


2 points each
1.) How many digits do 715^2017 have?
2.) How many positive integral divisors do 38,115,000 have?
3.) Today is July 15, 2017, Saturday. What day is July 15, 2910?
4.) A pair of dice is rolled. What is the probability of getting a sum of at least 7?
5.) Evaluate: ½ + 3/9 + 6/27 + 12/81 + 24/243 + … up to infinity
6.) At what temperature do the degree Fahrenheit equal to degree Celsius?
7.) The sum of the first four terms of a geometric sequence is 595, which is also
the sum of the first five terms of an arithmetic sequence. If the common ratio is 4,
find the difference between the third term of an arithmetic sequence and the
second term of a geometric sequence.
8.) Using the digits from 1-9, how many seven digit even numbers can be formed
if repetition is not allowed?
9.) How many trailing zeros do 4,617! have?
10.) Shawn, Michael and Shinnichi can finish painting the fence in 2 hours. If
Shawn does the job alone, he can finish it in 5 hours. If Michael does the job
alone, he can finish it in 6 hours. How long will it take for Shinnichi to finish the
job alone?
3 points each
11.) Evaluate: (101^2 + 102^2 + 103^2 + … + 200^2) / (301^2 + 302^2 + 303^2 + …
+ 400^2). Express your answer in four decimal places.
12.) The perimeter of square ABCD is 24*sqrt(8/9) cm. A circle with center A and
radius 13/4 cm is drawn. A second circle with center C is drawn so that it just
touches the first circle at a point on AC. Find the area of the region inside the
square but outside the two circles.
13.) Circle O has diameter AB. C is a point on circle O such that chord AC is 5cm
and chord CB is 5*sqrt(3) cm. Find the length of arc CB. Express your answer in
terms of pi.
14.) Triangle ABC is a right triangle with hypotenuse BC. Square BCDE is
constructed outward the triangle. The perimeter of square BCDE is 8*sqrt(10) cm
and the area of pentagon ABEDC is 46 cm^2. Find the length of AD if angle ACE is
greater than angle DBA.
15.) What is the shortest distance that an ant can travel to go to the center top of
a cylindrical can that has an area of 1,099 cm^2 and height of 18 cm if the ant is
3m away from the can? Let pi be 3.14.
16.) Find the equation of a circle, in general form, centered at (3,2) and tangent to
the line x – y = -9.
17.) A coin is tossed 10 times. What is the probability of getting at least 3 heads?
18.) 15 couples shook their hands with each other except with their own partner.
How many shake hands were made?
19.) In a 5 degree polynomial, f(-7) = f(4) = f(-2) = 0, f(1) = 1,296 and f(2) = 720.
Find f(10).
20.) A horse is tied up at a corner of a 12m x 8m rectangular wall. If the length of
the rope is 13m, calculate the area, in terms of pi, that a horse can gaze.

2 points each
1.) 5,758
2.) 360
3.) Tuesday
4.) 7/12
5.) 3/2
6.) -40
7.) 91
8.) 80,640
9.) 1,151
10.) 15/2 or 7.5 hours

3 points each
11.) 0.1899
12.) 32 - 265pi/32 cm^2 or (1,024 – 265pi)/32 cm^2
13.) 10pi/3 cm
14.) 2*sqrt(17) cm
15.) 325cm or 3.25m
16.) x^2 + y^2 - 6x - 4y - 37 = 0
17.) 121/128
18.) 420
19.) 154,224
20.) 533pi/4 cm^2