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Mechanical Recovery Unit

AEREON’s Mechanical Vapor Recovery Unit Design Features

(MeVRU) is a pre-engineered, customizable
package that is ideal for nonattainment areas  Plug and play installation
where air quality regulations require vapor  Top quality components
recovery. It consists of a direct driven  Capable of handling high BTU gas
compressor, multiple grades of oil coolers, and  Large range of turn down
a precision operating system, second to none  Fully welded containment skid with
all packaged together into one VRU that is rock sump.
able to operate continuously and with very little  Small foot print
need personnel interaction.  Insulated R-18 building
 Explosion Proof Heater
The unit can be outfitted with a rotary screw;  Explosion Proof Lights
piston or rotary vane compressor powered  Wide range of operation
with either an electric or EPA-certified natural
 Extended service intervals
gas engine. AEREON’s standard MeVRU’s
 Oversized knock out vessels
come in sizes ranging from 15 – 500 MCFD.
Mechanical Recovery Unit

Principal Applications
 Well pad tank battery
 Central processing facility “CTB”
 Gas blanketing recovery
 Petroleum refining plants
 Flash gas compression
 Heater treater recovery
 Bio-gas recovery / processing
 Coal bed methane and dry gas well
for increased production

Standard Features Choose your VRU

 Full B31.3 process piping  Coolers – aluminum, carbon steel or 316L SS
 With or without ASME U stamp
 Differential pressure
 Compressors – rotary screw, rotary vane, or
monitoring of all filters
 Flanged connections with  Liquid removal – electric pump or blow case
spiral wound gaskets  Gas blanketing – patent pending skid mounted
 CI DII & CI DI electrical gas blanketing system.
classification skids  Sweet or sour gas applications
 Allen Bradley controls and  Standard or fully customized units
drives  Standard sizes from 15-500 MCFD @ 200 psig
 Color HMI  Rapid deployment on standard products
 Smartphone / Tablet