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American Sign Language I

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to American Sign Language through a linguistic,
communicative, and cultural approach to language learning. Emphasis is placed on the development
of receptive and expressive signing skills and on the acquisition of the fundamentals of applied
grammar. Cross-cultural understanding is fostered and real-life applications are emphasized
throughout the course


Ms. Konopa S- stay on task at all times.

I- initiate positive behavior
3+ years Teaching ASL
at Westside
G- give respect to teacher, peers, the
8+ years Sign Language
Interpreter Deaf community and the language.
Bachelors in ASL/English
Interpreting from N- no cell phones out, no exceptions
University of North
S- set the bar high and work hard to
Masters in Teaching
American Sign Language achieve it!!
from University of
Northern Colorado _________________________
Not meeting expectations? Then Expect…
1st – verbal warning
Traveling (24 countries and counting!!)
Contact Me: 2nd – removal from seat/class; student-teacher
My Two Pups (904) 573-1170 ext. 1212 conference; call home
Sign Language Please feel free to contact me at
My Family anytime.
3rd- written referral; parent/teacher conference
Disney World
Learning New Languages

Teacher will provide a classroom copy of the textbook.

PLEASE NOTE: Students that want to enter a state university are required to
complete two (2) consecutive courses in the same world language. American Sign
Language (ASL) may be used to meet this world language requirement. However, if
your child plans to attend a private institution in Florida or is planning to attend college
out-of-state you should contact those schools directly.


Lecture: Teacher-led instruction to introduce ASL vocabulary, grammar and culture/history.

Video: Students will record themselves signing to demonstrate mastery of ASL standards and for

Assigned Reading: Students will gain knowledge of Deafness and ASL through reading various
articles and texts

Interpersonal Communication: Students will engage in dialogue with their peers in the target

Groups/Differentiated Instruction: Students will work together to enhance understanding and


Presentations: Students will present projects and assignments to improve receptive and expressive
skills in the ASL.

Movies and Authentic Resources: Students will watch ASL/Deaf related movies and documentaries
to illustrate Deaf culture, Deaf history, Technology for the Deaf, and serve as an introduction to the
Deaf Community. Some of these various movies are rated PG / PG-13 / R or Not Rated.

*** Films with anything other than a G rating require parental permission for students to view them.
If you have any objection to your child viewing these resources, please let me know and I will provide
them with an alternate assignment. I am more than willing to address ANY concerns you may have.
Otherwise, your signature on this syllabus will serve as your expressed permission to video
tape your child and will allow them the opportunity to view these curricula related resources
as mentioned above.
ONLY the teacher opens the door
You will be signing on a daily basis
30-30 bathroom policy (school wide)
Voice-Off is expected during designated ASL
ONLY times.
Check the bin if you know you turned it in!
Do-Now assignments will be conducted every
day and should be completed 5 minutes after
Remediation and Tutoring is available AFTER the tardy bell rings!!
SCHOOL w/ at least 1-2 days’ notice
remember it is 30% of overall grade 
Ms. Konopa dismisses you, not the bell!
to check the “Absent Files” to collect any missing
Before leaving, return chairs to original position
assignments and submit within 3 class periods
and clean up around you, please.
from original absence.


ASL is a visual and gestural language and cannot be adequately learned without
consistent interaction and PARTICIPATION! It is critical, especially on a block schedule that the
student is here every day. If a student is absent they will have 3 days to make up the assignment
starting the very first day they return. After 3 days, late work will no longer be accepted and the grade
will remain a zero in the gradebook. No Exceptions! Student are responsible for obtaining makeup
work/missed assignments from the Absent Files. The teacher will not seek out individuals who miss
class. Tardies can also hinder the learning process for the student who is late, as well as the rest of
the class because of the distraction this causes. Please note, on block scheduling student will come
to class only 22 or 23 times a quarter. When a student is tardy they are missing valuable class time.
Any student accumulating an excessive amount of tardies will warrant in a call home and potential
loss of make up work opportunities.


All grades throughout the term will be weighed by percentages to produce the 9-weeks grade.

Participation 30% Please note that PARTICIPATION IS 30% of the overall grade.
Classwork 30% Attendance is mandatory in order to receive weekly participation
Tests/Quizzes 30% points due to the nature of a learning a visual language. These
Homework 10% points can NOT be made up at home and will require one-on-one
Project(s) 10% tutoring sessions after school which they must schedule with the
------------------------ Teacher in advance. If you have any questions or concerns, please
Total: 100% contact me ASAP so that we address the matter together
We will utilize the state grading scale.

A=90-100 B=80-89 C=70-79 D=60-69 F=0-59

The student has The student The student has The student has The student
demonstrated has demonstrated demonstrated has not
Achievement the required demonstrated some of the little of the demonstrated
Level Definition knowledge and most of the required required the required
skills. required knowledge and knowledge and knowledge and
knowledge and skills. has limited skills.
skills. skills.

***Progress reports will serve as a scholarship warning for any student falling below expectations.
Make up assignments should be submitted within 3 class periods from the initial absence. Retakes on
tests/quizzes are available for the entire length of the quarter.

Remember: I do not give a grade; you earn the grade you receive.



My school website is available all year long as a tool to practice the vocabulary learning in class. As
the year progresses I will post new videos of the vocabulary learned. Students may watch it as many
times as needed, and are encouraged to watch them daily. If a student is absent they can email me
and I can direct them to the correct video to watch so that they do not fall behind in class.

There is no excuse NOT to know the vocabulary used in this class.

**********Thank you**********
I look forward to a wonderful year in ASL I!

This is the first grade of the year – return the bottom page signed by you and your parents.
***I have read and understand the guidelines set forth in this syllabus.***

Student Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ___________

Student Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ______________

Parents Questionnaire:

Are there any health concerns/medications your child is currently taking that the teacher should be
aware of?

Are you familiar with FOCUS and how to check your child(s) grades online?

Are you interested in learning more about the 2019 Paris, France trip for ASL students? This is led by
(me) Ms. Konopa through Education First, a study abroad company.

Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________________ Date______________

Preferred Phone Number: ________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________

By providing me with your updated information, I am able to contact you with any questions or
concerns I may have about your student in an attempt to provide them with a successful learning
environment. Thank you so much!

Ms. Konopa