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Designing Flexible Pavem

ZAMAN University_Cambodia
Department of Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Maksat OMAROV
Designed by: Mengheng LIM, Makara SOY, Dara YONG,
Chansocheata POUM, Chamreoun SE, Cheng CHIV

*This design is based on AASHTO Method. All the display results can be used as prelimanary design and are not gua
We take no responsibility on

1. Loading
Total Design ESALs (W18) 3500000

2. Reliability
Reliability Level (%) 99
Standard Error (So) 0.49

3. Servicebility
Initial Servicibility index (pi) 4.5
Terminal Servicibility index (pf) 2.5

4. Layer Parameter
CBR Mr a m
Surface N/A 450000 0.44 1
Base 100 30000 0.14 1
Subbase 25 14000 0.1 1
Subgrade 6 9000 N/A N/A
Flexible Pavement Using AASHTO Method

ary design and are not guarantee to be 100% accurate. Users are advised to recheck and use it at your own risk.
take no responsibility on this design.

1. Calculation Parameter
Standard Normal Deviate (ZR) -2.327
Delta PSI 2
Design Structural Number (SN=SN3) 4.63
Base structural number (SN 2) 3.99
Surface structural number (SN 1) 3.04

2. Layer Depths (to the nearest 1/2 inch)

Thinkness for surface layer 7.0 inch
Thinkness for base layer 6.5 inch
Thinkess for subbase layer 6.5 inch
Min Depth (inch) Total SN based on layer depths 4.64
ur own risk.

18.0 cm
17.0 cm
17.0 cm

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