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Write silly sentences

First write each word in pencil.

using a spelling word in each
Then trace over each word three
sentence. Please underline your
times. Each time you trace, you
spelling words! Write neatly!
must use a DIFFERENT colour
crayon. Trace neatly and you will see Example: My dog wears a blue and purple
a rainbow! dress when he takes a bath.

Draw and color a picture. Hide your

spelling words inside your picture. Write your spelling words forwards
and then backwards. Write neatly!
Show your picture to someone
and see if they can find your Example: where erehw
hidden words!
“Pyramid write” your spelling words. Can you think of a really fun way to
You must write neatly! practice your spelling words?
*Example: home h Then go for it!
ho Be sure to explain your activity so
hom that I can share it with the class!

First write your spelling words in a Write a story using ALL of your
list. Then write them in ABC order. spelling words. Be sure to underline
your spelling words in your paragraph.

For an extra bonus, write your You may type your story and
email it to me if you like!
words in reverse ABC order!
Draw and label your
spelling words. You MUST You are going to write your spelling
colour your drawings and labels. words two times. First write in
regular letters. Then write the
Don’t forget to add a lot of great words again in squiggly letters!
detail! Do your very best work!

Write each of your spelling words. Write your spelling words in bubble
letters. After you write your words in
You will need a blue coloured pencil.
bubble letters, colour your words with
Trace over the vowels in each
a crayon or colored pencil.
word with your blue coloured pencil.

Vowels = a e i o u
Choose one of your spelling words.
Write an acrostic poem for that word.
Write each spelling word three times.
First, write each word in pencil. You must also ILLUSTRATE your poem.
Second write each word in crayon.
*Example: Fun in the sky.
Third, write each word in marker.
fly Laps around clouds.
You MUST write neatly!
Yes! I’m free!

Each letter has a value.

*Consonants are worth 10. Your job is to write a creative letter
*Vowels are worth 5. to Superman (or another super hero).
Write your spelling words. Then add up
your spelling words. In ayour
Fold pieceletter,
of paperyou must
three use
times each of
value of each spellingDraw
shape for each word. Then write your three
(making spelling
longwords. Be columns).
rectangular sure to
Example- Write your words in theas
underline your words youcolumn.
use them.
10 + 5words
+ 5 + 10inside
= 30 each of Then write them again with the letters all
the shapes. mixed up (scrambled) in the second column.
Put your words aside. Come back later to
Examples: unscramble your words. Write the
unscrambled words in the third column.
babies crie

Write each of your spelling words.

Write a poem using several of your
spelling words. Underline the words Then go back and circle all of the
that you use. Illustrate your poem. consonants in your words!

Don’t forget to write neatly!

You can write any type of
poem that you like. Enjoy!
Write each of your spelling words.
Draw and colour an outdoor picture.
Then go back and circle all of the Count your spelling words. Draw a
vowels in your spelling words! bee for each of your spelling words.
Then write the words inside each of
Don’t forget to write neatly!
the “spelling” bees. Write neatly!

Write a riddle for each of your spelling

Write a goofy spelling story using words. Don’t forget to add the
each of your spelling words. answers to your riddles.
Be sure to underline your words *Example- I cry when I am hungry. I wear
as you use them. diapers. I am cute and cuddly. What am I?
Illustrate and color your story! *Answer- Baby
Write ten of your Count your spelling words. Draw a shape
for each word. Then trace each shape by
spelling words in dots.
writing your spelling words around them!

Then connect the dots by tracing


over them with a coloured pencil.

Write each of your spelling words.

Write a TV commercial using all Next to each word, write a rhyming
of your spelling words. word. If necessary, your rhyming word
can be a nonsense word (as long as it
Read it to a parent or sibling! follows the same spelling pattern).
*Example: cries tries
Come up with a code for each letter of the
alphabet. Write down your code. Write each of your spelling
*Example: a= b= c= words using fancy letters.

Then write your spelling words in code. Your letters can have curly-q’s
You must write the actual spelling word or dots, for example. Have fun!
next to the “code word.”

Use sign language finger spelling to sign Write your spelling words
the spelling of your words. two times each.
Check out Unity Kid’s site First, write each word in UPPERCASE WriteSecond,
letters. each ofwrite
your spelling words
each word in
to Play-Doh
see each of
animated or clay
hands to sculpt
making the Write youracross
and then in the air using
finger. Havewith athe
partner read your
words.your spelling
letters so can words.
youeach letter using
practice! first letter).
words as you
*Example- write them
SLIDE slide
a different colored pencil! *Examples- w h e n air write
OR have a partner f oand
u r your job
h o
is to read the words.
*Example- colourful e
Use your finger to spell out each of your
Number the alphabet from 1-26. spelling words, one letter at a time, on
Example: a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, etc. your mom or dad’s back.
Then convert your words to a
number code. Then it’s YOUR turn to try to
You must write the actual spelling word next FEEL and spell!
to the “code word.”
Pretend you are a cheerleader and call Write the entire list end-to-end as one
out the letters of your words! long word (like a train). Use a different
Cheer up high for letters that touch the colored crayon for each word.
top handwriting line (ex. t and l), Find a countertop or flat surface
Make an Etch-A-Sketch
a square of 4 rows of dots with 4 to dots in
hands on hips for middle letters (ex.
each row. If the word is spelled correctly, the
a Go outside
that toEx.
a sandbox
can be cleaned and a
easily. Spray
andcan your
e),connect spelling
and cheer downWhen words.
low for low is write hopmopestopdrop
player two dots. a square small amountwords
your in the
of shaving sand!
cream and
formed, heletters (Ex.
can write hisyinitials
and j).in the box.
. . . to. a parent or
spread it out. Write your spelling
Read the words Be sure
words to clean
in the up afterwards!
shaving cream and be
. .____. .
. before
. . erasing.
. sure to clean up afterwards!
. . . .

Write a friendly letter to a friend or

Use an old magazine and find Write each of your words on two different
family member using each of your words.
index cards. Turn all the cards face down and
Make (or the
hopscotch boardletters
on your Underline the spelling words that you
mix them up. Lay out your cards in rows (like
that make
sidewalk up yourwith
or driveway word).
chalk. use inand
Concentration) your
flip letter.
over two cards at a
time. your
Read each homework
card aloud to see itis
Write letters match. Keep them if they match or flip over
Cut them outinstead of on
and glue numbers
your checked, you can MAIL your
and try again!
and HOP your words! letter!!
Write your words on graph paper. Write
“middle” letters, one letter in each box. First
Drawwrite your of
a picture words in a big
a great list.
Use twosentences
Write boxes for using
“tall” each
of like
yourt Then look at your telephone keypad.
and l and words.
“low” letters likeuse
j and g. than
Then flower. Write each of your spelling
spelling You may more Translate each
outline the words using different words on one of theletter
flowerinto the or
one word in a sentence, but you colors.
must numbers
write at least 10 sentences. on a leaf. on theextra
Draw keypad. Now if
flowers write
your spelling words
run out of using
room.this code!
Underline your spelling words.
Toss (or roll) a ball back Type your spelling words on the
computer. Make each word have
and forth with a partner.
You say the 1st letter, and then toss
a different font. You can even
and your partner says 2nd letter, and email your words to me.
so forth.
Make a word search puzzle using Write each of your spelling words
your spelling words. using a pencil. Then trace around
Use the Discovery School’s each word with a crayon, colored
Use old magazines, catalogs, or
Writeonline Puzzleword
each spelling Makerand then pencil,to
newspapers orcut
a marker.
out letters.
write at least two words made from Glue the letters down on a piece of
the Then
same letters that is hidden paper to spell your words.
find your words!
*Helpful Hint: Cut out lots of extra
inside the word.
letters. Store them in a Ziploc bag for
Example: slide
future use. This is a huge timesaver!
side lie lid led etc.
Arrange alphabet pasta or
First write your spelling words
Alphabits cereal to form your
the way you usually do it.
Draw four bases on a piece of paper spelling
Use a your
tape recorder
words record
a list,
Take try writing
a practice theyour
test. Have list Mom
or layask
Dad outyou
to pillows
to spelling
your be the words.
bases. your
but piece
replace of paper.
all the and their
consonants with a
The pitcher word. If the
Write them on a list. Check your spelling.
line. ThenThen rewind
go back to theyour tape
batter can
practice spell
test andthe word any
correct correctly,
missed of your
and list to
listen andit,
see if you can
checking tofill
he moves
words. This forward
would be one base.
an especially
the correct
that missing
you spelled allconsonants.
the words
A point is earned
good activity to every
on you
pass home plate.
Thursday night. correctly.
Practice your spelling Write
Write youraspelling
song or raponthat
words a list,
words in of
Make a set Spelling
flashcardsBee style.
to practice butincludes
replace allyour words!
the vowels with a
your spelling words. When you look at line.
Share Then go back
with to theor
a friend beginning
Spell your words out loud
your flashcard, read the word and then of your list and see if you can fill in
to a parent
spell it outor sibling.
loud. the correct missing vowels.
*Example- there t-h-e-r-e.
Use Morse Code to spell your words. Use Scrabble tiles to spell out
In a darkened room, use a
It is a series of dots (1 count) and dashes (3 Spray a small amount of whipped cream
your spelling words.
writeoutyour spelling
this site, (or anything else you can eat) on a plate
For a little extra math practice,
and spread it out.
words in the air.
figure out the point value of each of
to see a partner
the read your
international words
(NATO) asCode
Morse you
write themsoOR youyour
can practice!
partner can “flash Write your your words!
spelling words and be
write” the words and your job is to read. sure to clean up afterwards…