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Bismilahirrahmanirrahim, Alhamdulillahirabbil alamin wasalatu wasalam, ala ashrafl anbiya

hiwalmursalin, Waala alihi wasabihi ajmain, Almighty Allah, Please pardon us, Our parents, our
teachers, and muslim all over the world. Let us be among the soleh, as the Ambia’, aulia’, and
solihin. Almighty Allah, grant us with a wide knowledge, success in our coming examination
and let us be unite, and shower us with your mercy. Robbana atina fiddunya hasanah, wafil
aahirohti hasanah, waqina azabbannar. Wasallah huala Saidina Muhammas wa ala alihi,
wasobbihi wassalam. Walhamdulillahirabbil alamin.

Avery good morning, I bid to the principal of SMA Al-Hasanah, En. Wan Jamaludin bin Wan

En. Abu Pzize bin Hassim ,Senior assistant in curriculum and administration (Jika Ada)

En. Wan Harun bin Wan Ali Senior assistant of student affairs (Jika Ada)

En. Mazlan bin Awang, Senior assistant in co curriculum (Jika Ada)

Respected teachers and students of SMA Al-Hasanah.

Alhamdulilah to The Most al-Mighty. Ladies & Gentlemen, we are here today for the launching
ceremony of ‘Highly Immersive Programme’ or known as HIP.

Now, I would like to invite Pn.Aida Azura to deliver her speech regarding HIP ‘Highly
Immersive Programme’

Thank you to Pn.Aida Azura for the speech. Hopefully we can learn something from the
beneficial speech.

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the floor.

Now, we have come to the main event of our ceremony which is the launching of ‘Highly
Immersive Programme’.

To officiate this programme, I would like to invite En. Abu Pzize bin Hassim to accompany the
honourable principal, En. Wan Jamaludin bin Wan Bidin to the stage.

Thank you En. Wan Jamaludin bin Wan Bidin for launching this programme.

Teachers and students, our ceremony will continue with the video presentation on HIP and the
advantages of English.

Let us enjoy the video.

Before we end our ceremony, I would like to call upon Form 4 Muslim students to perform their
choral speaking entitled “English is Fun”. Please welcome.

Thank you Form 4 Muslim for the lively performance.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now come to the end of our ceremony today. Before we end our
ceremony today, I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to all of you to speak English at
all times. Let’s promise ourselves to start talking to one another in English as often as we can.
With the concerted effort of both teachers and students, we are sure that we can enrich the
English speaking environment in our school.
Thank You.