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Date Time Location

Project Project Project

No. Code Title
Liaison DM DM Mech DM Elect
Eng. Arch Eng. Eng.
Consultant Contractor

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Contract Particulars Date for Mobilization
Date of Commencement
Date of Completion
Contract Value
Contract Total Duration
3.0 Powers of Engineer/Engineer’s Representative Delegation & Authority (Scope, Money, Time)
Authorized Signatories (Names for all parties)
Delivery of Correspondence (etc 2 copies)
4.0 Contractor’s Authorized Personnel Acceptance of instructions
Authorized Signatories
Delivery of Correspondence etc
5.0 Contract Documents Availability for Signature (Signd & Stamped Contract Docs)
Clear understanding of Contract Clause 2
Dsicuss up to date clarifications and/or any discrpancies.
6.0 Construction Drawings /Shop Drawings Issue for Construction (Revision, Drawings Logs)
Subsequent revisions
Revisions vs clarifications and RFI
7.0 Programme (Particulars of Clause 14) Format Proposed & Content
To include Gross Resources Forecast (Major Trades)
Availability for Engineers review
Schedule of submissions for Engineering and Construction

8.0 Plant Forecast Submission of Contractors Monthly Plant Forecast

Long Lead Delivery Items Tracking
9.0 Materials Submission Submission Procedure/Approved Form
Reasonable time for comments/approval Samples
Non-Spec Materials will cause delays
Material Submission Report (ES, LS, etc.)
10.0 Cash Flow Forecast Submission of Contracts Forecast, method of calculation
Frequency of update / Approved Logs
11.0 Insurance and Bonds Performance Bond – Clause 10
Insurance of Works – Clause 21
Third Party Insurance – Clause 23
WC1 – Clause 24
Time scale, format, communicated to ...
12.0 Site Establishment Possession of Site and Protection & Site Access
Site Offices, Temporary Facilities & Connections
Workshop and Stores
Temporary Work Areas
Continue : Nursery
12.0 Site Establishment Plants
Demarcation of Site
Doc Ref: GMD-COM-F-002 Revision: 3 Issued: 01/03/2004 Page 1 of 3
Sign Board Requirements and Location
Information and feedback to Neibourhood
13.0 Statutory Authorities (NOC) DEWA
Civil Defense
DM Drainage
DM Roads

14.0 Consultants Working Hours Standard 8 – 10 hours a days

Engineer’s Overtime Rates
workng days Week End
Site Staff
Overtime as per the Consultancy Agreement
Request of overtime procedure and format
15.0 Sub-Contractors Dubai Licensed
Approved by Engineer through Main Contractor unless
otherwise agreed (Nomination if any)
Presence at Technical Meetings
Programme issues and approval scedule
16.0 Quality Control Later Buttering Will Not Be Acceptable Even with High
Technical Materials -
17.0 Testing As per DCL Procedures – Arrange for a meeting with DCL if

18.0 Monthly Reports Delivery date by end of the month submitted by Consultant
Delivery date by 7th day of the following month
Contractor’s Report Approved Format and Table of Content
Monthly statements are required relating actual to programme
Consultant’s Report in respect of labour, submissions, progress programme and
payments, Approved Format
Statement are also required on outstanding information
19.0 Meetings Frequency & Location
Technical Meetings Chairmanship by Consultant
Progress Meetings Minuting by whom
Monthly Breakdown of Preliminaries Bill
20.0 Valuations of Payment Breakdown of Lumpsum items failure to provide breakdown
may have an adverse affect on payment

21.0 Final Measurement Submission Monthly for major Items

22.0 Safety/Security Safety Requirements Specified, Reporting

Public Safety
Safety Officer, Joint regular inspections
Joint Inspections
23.0 Completion Manual, As-built Drawings, Written Guarantees, etc. Must Be
delivered in due time, any delays may delay the issue of
Doc Ref: GMD-COM-F-002 Revision: 3 Issued: 01/03/2004 Page 2 of 3
24.0 Any Other Issues.

Doc Ref: GMD-COM-F-002 Revision: 3 Issued: 01/03/2004 Page 3 of 3