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A World without Banks - A Study on the

Commercial Banks around the world

Tania Islam – 1304051

Tazkeer Azeez Chaudhuri – 1304061
Salsabil Rahman- 1304115
“a bank is a financial institution where
you can borrow money only if you can
prove you don’t need it.”

Banking sector is reckoned as the hub and

barometer of the financial system

Banking is the pillar of the economy

Literature Review
A broad literature exists surrounding the analysis of
banking sector effects in an economy while very few
studies appear to include an analysis on a world
without banking relating to the importance of the

on understanding links between banking sector category
characteristics and long term growth of the

category on quantifying the costs of banking sector crises in terms
of the of real output losses.
To deduce how our lives
would be without banks.
To know how
To know the history of
banks contribute
banking – how banks
to the
came in the world.
development of

To know the To figure out the

problems and advantages and
benefits people in disadvantages of
the past faced due banks
to having no
banking system.
To find out the impact of
banks on our lives

For the completion of this term paper the

date collected was completely based on
secondary data.

Population and Sample


Barter Safe Bank of

Currency Loans
Trade Keeping England
Problems faced before banks existed

Difficulty in money
circulation process
No safe place to
deposit money
Less industries

Problems in foreign trade

Why do we need Banks
Accelerating the Rate of Capital Formation
Provision of Finance and Credit
Facilitate in the Implementation Monetary Policy
Financing Consumer Activities
Financing Employment Generating Activities
Development of Agriculture
Promote Industrial Development
Fulfillment of Socio-economic Objectives
Imagine a world without Banks

First we need to figure out the


For the rich by the rich

Imagine a world without Banks

Central Government

government bonds

how functionally efficient

Leakage occurs

If banks are not regulated properly, it will have a

negative impact in the economy of the world.
Monetary policy and bank depend on each other
for their operations.
To imagine a world without banks there needs to be
collective government and a very efficient substitute
mechanism of banks.
A country should control its banks, if it’s the other
way round the world is in trouble.
The urban informal sector and rural sector are
hugely untapped

further research should be conducted

The monetary policies should implement

regulations for banks, that would be helpful for
both the customers and banks

govt. should encourage banks to

provide loans to productive sectors

It is quite evident that a world without banks, even if it is

possible, should not be pursued upon due to all the good
that it brings; rather it is important that the sector is
emphasized upon even more, with innovations and
promotion of efficiency to an enhanced extent for the greater