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Welcome to

Sculpture Class Syllabus

Ms. Lindsey Foushee | Room #130 | MsFousheesArtRoom.weebly.com
lfoushee@wcpss.net | Remind.com: @msfsculpt
This 9-week class will introduce you to 3 techniques of sculpture: basic
ceramics, papier mache or plaster, & recycled materials. The goals of
Sculpture are to learn 3D planning & construction, learn about the history
& process of ceramics, and practice structural problem-solving.

What you already know... Materials needed DAILY:

Difference between shape & form ● A pencil with eraser

Basic sketching ● Your sketchbook
● A positive attitude

How to brainstorm for best ideas
● Dress for mess every day

In this class you will learn...

● 3 ceramic methods: pinch, coil, & Assignments
● The science behind ceramics
& Grading:
● To use art vocabulary correctly,

including the Elements & Grades are averaged using SCHOOL-WIDE

Principles WEIGHTS.
● To plan and create unique 3D
● We will spend about 4 weeks using clay and
work using your best ideas about 3 weeks with other sculpture techniques.
● To evaluate your own work for There will be an introduction with notes or a demo
creativity & craftsmanship for every lesson. There may be quizzes or
● How art shows history & culture
practice exercises worth 10-50 pts. Each
sculpture technique will have a 100 point project.
● How ceramics influenced the

development of world civilizations ●You will earn 100 pts per half-quarter for
completing daily warm-up assignments.

NEED TO 100-pt Projects Graded On:

You WILL get messy Meeting project criteria
KNOW with clay; long nails, new Composition
Technique/Media Use
shoes, & dress clothes are Craftsmanship
NOT recommended. Bring
lotion if you have dry skin.