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3049 Purok 3 Bambang Invoice No : 2
Bulacan Bulacan Date : 8/29/2018
044. 760. 3468

Name: Erwin Nicholas Yamsuan

Company Name: The Golden Legacy Finance Corporation
Address: Unit G-C Murphy Center #205 Bonny Serrano Rd
Murphy, Quezon City

Salesperson Job Payment Terms Due Date

Due within 5 days from
receipt 7/13/2018

Quantity Description Unit Price Line Total

1 Review of Notice to Explain 4-June 2018 (Renee) PHP 500.00 PHP 500.00

1 Legal Consultation 4-June 2018 (Renee) PHP 300.00 PHP 300.00

1 Administrative Hearing (Ronaldo Case) PHP 2,000.00 PHP 2,000.00

1 Contract Review (JK-Erwin) PHP 500.00 PHP 500.00

1 Contract Review (PurpleBug-Erwin) PHP 500.00 PHP 500.00

1 Contract Drafting (Project Based Contract-Sheila) PHP 1,000.00 PHP 1,000.00

1 Contract Review (AUB POS-Liezl) PHP 500.00 PHP 500.00

1 Review of Notice of Termination (June 25-Sheila) PHP 500.00 PHP 500.00

1 Contract Review (RCBC-Liezl) PHP 500.00 PHP 500.00

PHP 6,300.00

PHP 0.00

TOTAL PHP 6,300.00


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