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Difference – “ON Hire”=TO LET????

Pls do Forward it To Khonjkhabor.....It's Delay..???

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 8:30 PM
Subject: Pls do Forward it To Khonjkhabor.....It's Delay..???

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 8:26 PM
Subject: MY VOICE "Telegraph & TOI",Kolkata......Publish or Don't Spoil the Root or
Inspiration "The Main Stream Of Independence Fire Eruption"After Neetaji

Present Tense Verse’s Money Strength…The Most

Needful & Essential..????

With Reference to Several E-mails (Send from Different ID’s...But Same IP & all u
understand & Known...I Known via my Style of Writing….?)...Blog’s….Letter send
to various Media Print / Electronics as among one Lalbazzar “RPLUS“ program-me-
Investigative was Via phone call Message to my parents do Me Mad…….that’s my bad
luck…which I mean to say from 1st……… as the & due to Network Conjunction of MTS
SMS was totally Zigzag and was not my fault ..It could be proofed as same SMS was
previously forwarded to Taratv Reporter…..& as Timely - my Request was Non
Investigated and Election as Date approaching along with many inside flat occupants
Sons / Daughter Exam as all same except Renter Comes & Goes with 3
Bodi’s(Sen/Sengupta/Dasgupta)* Exists on some Plan do implementation??? But
with Time change in behaviors –Why?????If you had done investigation timely all my
Point you could caught in Cam under String operation and match with now shown
environment and too you could feel how human behaviors change’s… as OWN-SELF. &
it could be a Big era Story.????TIME & TIDE WAIT’S FOR NONE……

Anyhow me as ordinary anyhow could be tolerated but could we Indian Tolerate these
-2nd October Father of Nation adds full page in Telegraph 16th page & TOI on 2nd page
1/3 size but same do in Front page full page add of South City, Kolkata…same
these is Press they can’t even Work for and Timely…yeah how do then the
Editor in Chief they Could Ride in Rs 1Crore – 15 lakhs Within AC Cars etc….both Print
/ Electronics…….that’s why they never ever had investigate my Matter as all were
dumped in Timely… as Ordinary Mass ..No Collection..???But Why Mahatma Gandhi
Adds & Quotes were not Printed / Published on Front Page……same never...Ever for
Neetaji..????Corruption…Own self …..98% Result……..HR…………..Doctor …
Engineer etc is all make’s an Reputation and Well Known or Being a Human for Human
Being Help in Need ..Forwarding Hand!!! Reverse MONEY BLACK..???Today’s Call


Vacancy “ON HIRE”-Renter Come’s & Goes -Policy Change’s as per Environment
& Survey??.....Live here as Renter G4 play politics and Twist be An Owner within
Cheap along with your all Activity Ignorance if Socialize With present game player's
Living and playing Hand to hand With Them ..The Group????SEE....Hear...Don't Speak
--Gandhiji 3 Monkey@@.....4.5 + yr ongoing...the Minute Face to Version Twist....???

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 1:11 AM
Subject: The 4yr Mental Pressure......Now Why Mr Ranjit/Rajiv Dasgupta Ex Owner 1D
Under Silent Not Politicization 5:00AM -10:30PM grouping...Why they Powered Mrs*
Papyia Acharyia 1F..What's the Plan..How dt 11/10/06 incident Renter 3E became owner
of 1D..The

The 4yr Mental Pressure......Now Why Mr Ranjit/Rajiv Dasgupta Ex Owner 1D Under

Silent Not Politicization 5:00AM -10:30PM grouping...Why they Powered Mrs* Papyia
Acharyia 1F..What's the Plan..How dt 11/10/06 incident Renter 3E became owner of
1D..The Money ..Politics....Silent investigation??-A Request..JUSTICE DELAY

THE 4+Yr Mental Pressure..Flat owner/FAMILY(4E)

Doesn't have Much independence as THAT of Renter.....Now what Shown is just
Reverse.till February 2010 10 -12th ...Was PLAN to Get rid .......& Let the Flat (4E)to be
Sold Within 5 LAKHS to there No Lift...Water????????unless 4F Flat Owner
Came to rescue for own Purpose..THUS OWN-SELF...OWN FAMILY...???Rest Money
save as from years not giving maintenance...Shop Closed -Opened -used then too...No
rule as each one is using each other for own self benefit......Iron Shop Electricity Unit in
Rs Monthly 400-550/- ????????????????MALIK Order...Mr Debroy-3B/Mr Chakrapani
Dutta-1B/Mr Neetai Biswas-1C Under Curtain from January 2010.... same do Mrs Dutta
from 2009...inquire the SI dt 11/10/06 & after then SI's of these Mrs Ranjana Dutta(till dt
we never knew her but was motivated via Mrs Kalyani Sen 4D & Mrs Sengupta Ex
3A---the Boudi's)....How these Mr/Mrs could change there Mask..same all the defame or Ruin a Family both Internally / Externally --the game
player...Remove the mask

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 2:00 PM
Subject: The TRP Press & Issue Complicated Politicians..Never My any email was
timely taken seriously "if" 2006 mine 4 yr won't....& now it looks such mass as
if..Nothing Known or done.Whats & why ...what's underneath ..THE PLAN

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 1:45 PM
Subject: Food Adulteration


With Reference to yours Sting or so telecast on above matter i like to bring to your
attentions of adulteration via chalk etc mixing in Sabu dana and Pustoo with small Seeds
jungly as look alike Pustoo thus causing more same do harm than as shown...why
Group/Union/Money........all knows after same day all Silent......& Public knows & feel
they haven't any time & not happening with or happened with own family......??Watch
Kolkata market along with Milk to Water Supply(Pure Filter as Stated but are pour from
road side tap & Sealed could be seen openly on under street Galis' in near by there
localities) in Office near Exide

the 2012 evolution Cause...Own self ..Happening...

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 10:11 AM
Subject: Operation Wardi & Operation Rice...???aajtak Reporter Invst appointment.....Do
in India Hindu Menace had No value rather on Minority News...

With reference to your recent news do media had come down to such an down fall of
TRP ...the diversion of its real Remade....????(Remade as mostly before Independence it
was Doll of Britisher and Now Politician...Power Holder....High frame Personality daily
movement News)..rather than to reach Am admi problem soln to root cause timely its goodly said if not like environment same do metro Human
behavior change same do like Lizards of Not happening with owns elf.

I am saying so yes you had shown all these is good but during Operation Rice ...the Rice
waste before what you showed...Flood.....etc do it doesn't made hoarding of essential
commodities via Business man to Rise the price of Essential Daily need..invst after the
Flood everywhere(Punjab...etc)...News Broadcast do these menace had grown or not....

Regarding Operation Wardi I had Requested same do via Email to several phone calls
during 2006.....11th October 2006 till 2009 at your Kolkata Office.....but then you were
busy in telecasting Amitab Bachan Sons Marriage daily update,Sanjay Dutt after then,
Salman Khan.....& now Pramod Maha Jan these Salty News for media was
Created.....Do what you are showing of the Celebrities if you get a Chance you might not
do the Same.....its common Human nature......Please Work For nation & Benefit Of
Country & Country Man.......

If you had invst during October 2006-2008+09 many Political power was found
involvement to defame us....& was as 4 yr Now Burden "Stop" had Overburden us with
Several rest Soln Ending of Life............

Still you have a Chance if You Sting up after Corrupt Officer SI Aloke Naskar-Give
me Rs 2000/-& OC Rs 8000/- I will settle the matter but they haven't known my
father Truth & Honesty & Self-respect & Unpolitical Know-ledger of version
Speaker or Game Player- with each Invst records(No Proof)but way invst from
2006-2009 would suggest many....... who was then 2006 Posted in Sonarpur(W.B)--
Our's[Mine,Smaller brother & Father medical was not done when we were full of
blood spooning up along with scratch marks] but opponent was done --Is it LAW
States and after then & Same day Political pressure to Guardian Son Killing or..///&
Now the Posted place whereabouts(SI Aloke Naskar) and caught him red handed as Such
Corrupt and Wrecked officer had made Many Family Sons & Daughter Criminal / if in frame Complain without proper invst on Complain of Wrecked Group
of Conspiracy if Any Student or from a good family is Arrested that too in Chain..Society
& the Sons/Daughter surrounding along with father Pride in these respect makes them
Chirchirchara to...?????
Too you could Sting up the then OC(Sonarpur) Mr Das of 2006 his Comment of after
Saferindia Email "Sorry" but do He Punished the Opponent as playing with law is too a
crime and do OC after then on Several Complain too do act timely(Killed timely action)
that may be via Phone call or GDE/FIR or remain Neutral.....What happened in April 8th
2007 Nagric Committee & November 2007 Nagric Committee "Police are there Toys of
Finger ".

Why the Family of 4D,1D & 3A Sold there Flat When they were the Main Gamer
and Clever Boudi.......Why they are frighten--When there are in Group in
they are not playing same Now New Game Like Dawood ..distance Play......track Mrs 1B
Mrs Dutta & 1F Mrs Acharyia (Dual SIM)Phone they are in Constant touch with Game
Plan Exchange....Quiet as Feb- March 2011 Son/Daughter exam.....Do 2006-2009 any 1
care of our right time to Build career Rusted....all Bloged in Man the Sufferer) & or

search Google Titled " Chintoo Halder "

For these game plan they had targeted & Using Mrs Papyia Acharyia 1F Who could via
her Argument..??? & same Lizard style Within Minute change his View to Face Strips
from Lower Decimal to Peak Within Seconds and She had No one to Stop as
independent...just Makes Quarrel among those family who doesn't like her or understood
her very much & protested can't understood as from Morning to evening She
Makes Chatting(now rare as from February 2010 as Daughter exam on Tut-ion etc
roam...) with very neutral voice & via his many...//// comes to there works in many

Yes We don't have & Don't want these....."I want to Do Saraswati Puja With Feast want
these much Sum within Evening Arrange the Sum"-A Loud Message heard during 9th
February in these world any one gives Rs 1/- without any cause.....then Why
they???....Whats Her 1F cause of Luxury Living......Metro Cinema invst in Month Rs
3000/-..Clothes.....Puja Rs 30000/- for Daughter......//only & her.....So on..........Like 12-
10 Subject tuition Rs ........all on Taxi........?????

All Target is to ruin & defame its known if 10 people says other its to believe
it.......& any how the opponent style of spread Rumor is 1 to 1 in Sweet small Drop at
ease.."Sarad Chand Upanish "None sees that the Bahu is Pinching the Sas all hearing
sas Sound & thought/Think sas as guilty..."
See your Self Not other.......

Do my Mother Curse Not true 28 yr rule 2006 after then Party Dropping Started......But
all do party Like CPM the Coin With Value Symbol & TMC the Coin
Opposite Side Know Via Only Symbol(Party Sign...the three Leaves)........Party Lower
Cadet are Worst Criminal Both & they had rotten the party in dalali to Promoter y..via
Support in need group.....Most matter are not known to Upper Leaders ...Pls Forward my
email to Mamta Banerjee......

Once in CPM in Power in March there were uncountable heads & Now the opposite
Found.....the Clever Public beneficiary........thus ruin the party & we Blame the
party.....Identify them & Black List.....then only Country could progress...of the two side
Game Public of Beneficiary...

Subhojeet Dey