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Soal – soal ujian Kualifikasi

14. Horner syndrome :

a. lesion of sympathetic pathway to the face
b. hyperhydrosis
c. midriasis
d. exopthalmus
15. a lesion to the optic chiasm
a. bitemporal hemianopsia
b. right homonymous hemianopsia
c. superior quadrantnopsia
d. left homonymoushemianopsia
16. how much that CFS produced daily :
a. 750 ml
b. 1000 ml
c. 500 ml
d. 1500 ml
17. exemples for conduction energy transfer:
a. ultra sound
b. paraffin bath
c. whirlpool bath
d. ultraviolet
18. monteggia fracture is : b. Fraktur ulna disertai head radius
19.posterior interosius nerve syndrome exept: d.. Extensor carpi radialis longus
20. froment sign is lession of c. Ulnar nerve lession
89.posteri The aplication of on orthesis should not be stopped on following condition :
a. The blood circulation is worse
b. The gait is worse
c. The muscle atropy is worse
d. the function is worse
90. The most important the goal of prescribing a lower extrimity prothesa is:
a. To promard an easy forward pendulum
b.To promoto stair climbing
c. To Provide the best cosmetics/appearence
d. To stability and give safety for standing or walking
91. The Position of BK stump insede the PTB socket is at :
a. 5° knee flexion
b. 15° knee flexion
c. Full extension
d. 30° knee flexion
92. The most important exercise before using a myoelectric hand is:
a. endurance exercise of the stump muscle
b. stenghtening exercise of the biceps muscle
c. biofeedback exercise of the stump muscle
d. stenghtening exercise of the triceps muscle
93. one of the following is not the advantage of sack foot :
a. simple
b. durable
c. quite cheap
d. good ankle movement
94. the best walking aids for an elderly woman with rheumatoid hand is :
a. canadian chrutes
b. platform chrutes
c. axillary chrutes
d. tripod canes
95. the best choice of upper extremity splints for a flexible claw hand is :
a. cock up splint
b. resting splint
c. knucle-bender splint
d. radial deviation splint
A. fluent, poor comprehension
B. fluent, good comprehension
C. nonfluent, poor repetition
D. nonfluent, good repetition
36. CENTRAL PATHWAY disturbance in STROKE
A. loop IV
B. loop III
C. loop II
D. loop I
37. Characteristic of OA of the wrist as seen on plain radiograph is NOT TRUE
A. osteopenia
B. joint space narrowing
C. subchondral sclerosis
D. osteophyte formation
38. NOT the PURPOSE of prescribing an ORTHOSES
A. to reduce pain
B. to replace exercise therapy
C. to immobilize joint
D. to correct deformity
39. INTRINSIC MUSCLES innervated by MEDIAN nerve, EXCEPT
A. ADDuctor pollicis
B. ABDuctor pollicis brevis
C. lumbrical 1
D. lumbrical 2
40. number of INTRINSIC MUSCLES of the hand
A. 20
B. 19
C. 18
D. 17
41. TRUE about INTRINSIC MUSCLES of the hand
A. innervated by median, ulnar, radial nerve
B. innervated by median and ulnar nerve
C. innervated by radial and ulnar nerve
D. innervated by ulnar nerve only
42. possible movement in ANKLE MORTIS
A. eversion-inversion
B. flexion-extension
C. endorotation-exorotation
D. abduction-adduction
43. NOT true joint
A. calcaneo cuboid joint
B. glenohumeral joint
C. scapulothoracic joint
D. glenohumeral joint
44. entrapment neuropathy affecting inferior gluteal nerve will lead to pathologic gait
A. steppage gait
B. quadriceps gait
C. gluteus medius gait
D. gluteus maximus gait
45. mechanical advantage > 1, NOT TRUE
A. to lift a light object will need a bigger effort
B. to lift a heavy object will need a lesser effort
C. the effort could be located at the same side with the weight from the fulcrum
D. the weight arm is always shorter than the effort arm
46. the purpose of PATRICK test is to locate the possible pathology of the joint
A. knee joint
B. hip joint
C. lumbosacral joint
D. sacroiliac joint
47. autonomic component of facial nerve innervates
A. levator palpebra muscles
B. orbicularis occuli muscles
C. lacrimal gland
D. taste of 2/3 anterior of tongue
48. maximum knee flexion in normal gait is in
A. push off
B. mid swing
C. mid stance
D. heel strike
62.The following is the physiologic effect of heat therapy :
A.Decrease muscle tone
B.Decrease leucocytes and phogocytosis
C.Decreased metabolic waste
D.Decreased lymphatic and venous drainage
63.In Dynamic exercise,a lengthening of muscle fiber is called : (B)
A.Concentric contraction
B.Eccentric contraction
C.Isokinetic contraction
D.Isometric contraction
64.These are the knee flexor muscle,except: (A)
A.Vastus intermedius
65.What is innerveted by alpha motor neuron : (B)
A.Primary spindle ending
B.Extrafusal muscles fibers
C.Intrafusal muscles fibers
D.Golgi tendon organ
66.If the drop arm test is positive,injury of all the following muscles,except: (D)
B.Teres minor
D.Teres mayor
67.The smallest unit of motor system is called :
A.Actin myosin
B.Muscle fiber
C.Motor unit
68. The smallest unit of muscle contraction is the :(B)
A.Muscle spindle
B.Actin myosin
D.Muscle fiber
69.The following muscle of the hand are innervated by median and ulnar nerve:
A.Flexor dig.sublimis
B.Flexor carpi ulnaris
C.Flexor poll.longus
D.Flexor dig.profundus
70.The purpose of gaenslens test to locate pathology of the following joint :D
A.Knee joint
B.Hip joint
C.Lumbosacral joint
D.Sacroiliac joint
71.Among the following electrical modalities, which one may burn or cause tissue necrotic around
an internal bony fixation plate : C
D.Galvanic current
72.Asking a px to hop (jump) on one leg is mainly directed to examine the following muscles:
A.M.Tibialis posterior
B.M.Tibialis anterior
C.M.Quadricep femoris
D.M.Gastroc soleus
73.De quervain disease is stenozing tenosynovitis of the following muscle
A.Abd. poll. brevis – ext. poll. longus
B.Abd.poll.longus – ext.poll.brevis
C.Abd.poll.brevis – ext.poll.brevis
D.Abd.poll.longus – ext.poll. longus
74.Ortolani test is to examination :A
A.Congenital hip dislocation
B. Congenital limb deficiency
C. Congenital talipes eguinovarus
D. Congenital patella dislocation
75.If trendelenburg test is positive during one legged standing this is cause by the weakneass of the
following muscles :D
A.M.gluteus maximus
B.M.gluteus minimus
D.M.gluteus medius
76. One of the following factor is not determinat for joint movement:
A. The number of joint axis
B. The type of joint axis
C. The weight of bone segment of the joint
D. The relation of line of pull to the joint axis
77. Through the carpal tunnel, besides median nerve also passes the following tendon of:
A. Flexor pollicis longus
B. Flexor carpi ulnaris
C. Flexor carpi radialis
D. Palmaris longus
78. The best exercise for strengthening muscles with disuse atrophy is:C
A. Active assistive
B. Passive
C. Resistive
D. Range of motion
79. In bilateral dislocation of the hip, the gait is:
A. Shuffling
B. Spastic
C. Circumducted
D. Duck waddle
80. Tilting of the pelvis occurs maximally:A
A. At midstance
B. At heel strike
C. At push off
D. During swing through
81. Which muscle/tendon is most commonly to be involved in rotator cuff tendinitis:
A. Infraspinatus
B. Supraspinatus
C. Subscapularis
D. Teres minor
82. The efferent of the corneal reflex is via :
A. II cranial nerve
B. V cranial nerve
C. VI cranial nerve
D. VII cranial nerve
83. _
84. The IV cranial nerve innervate the following muscle:
A. M. Rectus medialis
B. M. Rectus lateralis
C. M. Inferior oblique
D. M. Superior oblique

85. The most important substance / structure.....

A. Proteoglican
B. Hyaluronate
C. Collagen
D. Fibronectin
86. The weakest spot in the osterior lumbar region... longitudinal ligament is:
A. L5-S1
B. L4-L5
C. L3-L4
D. L2-L3
87. The sensory distribution of the median nerve is:
A. Area over the carpal tunnel in the ulnar aspect of the hand
B. Thumb, index finger and long finger
C. Medial to digits of the hands
D. Lateral 3 ½ digits of the hand
88. The following statement is true for cervical traction accept:
A. Can be done in sitting position
B. The position of the neck is extension 35o
C. RA affecting cervical spine is contraindication
D. The weight traction is 1/7 of total body weight
21. Swan Neck Deformity :
A. Flexion MCP, Hyperextension PIP, Flexion DIP
B. Flexion MCP, Hyperextension PIP, Extension DIP
C. Hyperextension MCP, Flexion PIP, Extension DIP
D. Hyperextension MCP, Extension PIP, Flexion DIP

22. Which direction that the HIP most likely to dislocate

A. Anterior
B. Lateroposterior
C. Anteroposterior
D. Posterior

23. Thomas test to perform :

A. Flexioncontracture of the knee
B. Flexion contracture of the hip
C. Flexion contracture of the ankle
D. Flexion contracture of the shoulder

24. Ober test to perform :

A. Contracture of tensor fascia latae
B. Contracture of hamstring
C. Contracture of vastus medialis
D. Contracture of vastus lateralis

25. Lachman test is for :

A. Posterior cruciate lig
B. Medial collateral lig
C. Anterior cruciate lig
D. Lateral collateral lig

26. Mc Murrays test is for

A. Anterior cruciate lig
B. Meniscus
C. Posterior cruciate lig
D. Lateral cruciate lig

27. The most common ligament involve in ankle sprain :

A. Anterior Talofibular lig
B. Calcaneofibular lig
C. Posterior Talofibular lig
D. Anterior Tibiofibular lig
49. Which of the following is the correct description of Yergason’s test :
a. The examiner provides resistance againts supination of the forearm with the elbow flexed at
b. The examiner provides resistance againts supination of the forearm with the elbow in
c. The examiner provides resistance againts pronation of the forearm with the elbow flexed at
d. The examiner provides resistance againts pronation of the forearm with the elbow in
50. In regards to movement of the scapula, the serratus anterior does which of the following :
a. Elevates the vertebral borders of the scapula away from the chest wall
b. Rotates the glenoid upward with shoulder abduction
c. Rotates the glenoid upward with shoulder forward flexion
d. Rotates the glenoid downward with shoulder abduction
51. All of the following statement are TRUE regarding the carpal tunnel, except :
a. Covered by the transverse carpal ligament
b. A very narrow tunnel
c. The median nerve is the onle nerve passing through the tunnel
d. The base is made by the metacarpal bones
52. Spinal traction is contraindicated in patient with what disorder :
a. Fibromyalgia
b. Discitis
c. Hernia nucleus pulposus
d. Chronic low back pain
53. The major benefit of exercise in musculoskeletal is :
a. Sustained weight loss
b. Improved balance and coordination
c. Increasing bone mass
d. Improved blood lipids
54. A patient complain pain over the radial side of the wrist when the patient do ulnar deviation of
the hand, after a fist is made over the flexion thumb, we called it as :
a. De Quervain’s disease
b. Carpal tunnel syndrome
c. Trigger finger
d. Mallet finger

55. Cubital tunnel syndrome is an entrapment neuropathy of the following nerve :

a. Radial nerve
b. Median nerve
c. Axillar nerve
d. Ulnar nerve
56. When moving from lying to sitting position, which muscles will initiate the motion?
a. Illiopsoas muscles
b. Abdominal muscles
c. Gluteus muscles
d. Back extensor muscles
57. A common test to do to look for an inflammation on cervical root is :
a. Spurling’s test
b. Finkelstein’s test
c. Adson’s test
d. Hoffman’s test
58. The heat produce on USD modality following result, except :
a. Increases blood flow
b. Decreases joint stiffness
c. Decrease local metabolism
d. Increase pain threshold
59. A special test to make exact ACL injury diagnosis, except :
a. Distraction test
b. Pivot shift test
c. Drawer test
d. Lachman test
60. The quadriceps femoris muscles has a double function of the lower extremity :
a. Flexor hip – Rotator knee
b. Extensor hip – extensor knee
c. Flexor hip – flexor knee
d. Flexor hip – extensor knee
61. The ankle is held in neutral position at :
a. Mid swing
b. Heel strike
c. Mid stance
d. Foot flat
28. Parafin bath consist of:
a. 1:7 mixture of paraffin and mineral oil
b. 1:7 mixture of mineral oil and paraffin
c. 1:5 mixture of paraffin and mineral oil
d. 1:5 mixture of mineral oil and paraffin
29. Ultrasound diathermia :
a. Frequencie below 20.000 Hz
b. Frequencie above 20.000 Hz
c. Frequencie below 200.000 Hz
d. Frequencie above 200.000 Hz
30. Nonthermal effect of ultrasound is:
a. Burning
b. Cavitation
c. Cataracts
d. Immature Bone
31. The Most common frequencie use in SWD
a. 40,68 MHz
b. 13,56 MHz
c. 27,12 MHz
d. 34,58 MHz
32. Energy expenditure for single Bk protese :
a. 41 %
b. 92 %
c. 61 %
d. 23 %
33. the wavw lenght of UV is : b. 2000-4000A
34.brocha afasia is b. Non fluen, good comprehension
35. wernich :a. Fluent,poor comprehension