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Gerard Miguel F.

Sebastian Understanding Self

Who am I?
The question which is structurally simple in a grammatical sense – “Who am I?” seems to
generate very complex answers seen through different perspectives. People will respond
differently according to what favors them most in describing who they really are. They can
answer this through their information labeled by the society we live in, their name, the place they
live in, the institute of their education and such in relation to the reality of society. A very
technical person that believes only through supported evidences can answer this scientifically;
their role as one of the living organisms in this closed ecosystem or their function as Homo
sapiens throughout the scientific history. If a religious person answers this question, it will be
heavily linked with the faith they have with their respective religion; they would most likely be
reflecting the religious community they are affiliated with. Personally I would like to describe
myself with all of these perspectives for the reason that nothing is greater than the other, or it is
impossible to say that science is more important than religion or such.

From the moment I was born and was old enough to be aware of having conscience I
have always known that my name is Gerard Miguel F. Sebastian, a boy who have parents named
Cynthia and Gerry, has a younger brother that lives in the province of Laguna, Sta. Rosa city. In
my family, I was always the quiet one and kind one but sometimes a little bit arrogant. I was the
one in charge of the house when my parents are not around and the one that takes care of my
younger brother. This is who I am in terms of reality or the society we live in. As for myself the
characteristics that made me who I am are somewhat vague because every day I seem to exhibit
other kinds of personalities which are not consistent enough to be affiliated with me but the most
are these: quiet, patient, hardworking, nothing much to say, copycat, kind, and most of all very
awkward. I am like those people who have mental illnesses, having a hard time concentrating on
a thing or stutters when speaking and the ones who have thought disorder- cannot logically
connect ideas especially when talking. Sometimes I prefer to describe myself scientifically or
even philosophically. With all of the knowledge human history have discovered, collaborated
and verified I feel insignificant thinking about the large scale of the universe. The fact that the
amazing terrestrial planet that we live in is just one of the billions of planets and our star is just
an average sized-star spinning around a galaxy which is also one of thousands of galaxy on the
known universe, is just mind-boggling. This just made me realize- I am just a consequence of the
interactions of certain atoms governed by scientific principles and evolution of life. I am one of
the billions of modern human species evolved from a single celled organism. In a Philosophical
view, I am pretty sure that I am an “experiencer” or an “observer” of this “reality” that we think
is real. Although I am not sure whether what makes me, me are my memories, my cells, atoms or
my personalities; I still make them mine and describe who I am because this is my essence. This
is the substance that what makes me , me.