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Client / Project : Vendor / Subvendor : PO No. / Sub O. No. Date : WO / OA of Vendor / No.

: MUM13ACC033/KOLSAE2904151PTB
INSPECTION M/s ACC LIMITED /Sindri , M/s McNally Bharat 1200431485 / 10045804, Dt: Subvendor : Date: 29 .04.15 Sht. 1 of 1
REPORT Part-II (N004) Engineering Co Ltd/ M/s 17.12.14, R-0 Date of Visit:28 to 29.04.15 Location: Gamharia, Jamshedpur

S A Engineering Contract Code: MUM13ACC033
INSPN.CALL REF.: E-Mail, Dt: 24.04.15 recvd
INSPECTION STATUS: STAGE / FINAL CONTACT PERSON Mr. Majumdar(MBECL)/Somnath Mukherjee, TEL: 09470523602/08809202705, FAX:
from Mr Debabrata Das
Drg. No. / Part No. Qty.(Nos) IQP. NO.: 3-K001-FQP0-6-002, REV: 1, DT.: 21.11.13 CL. :2.2, 3.4 to 3.8,
Sl Insp Acce NCR Insp.
Sl. No. / Tag No. P.O. e- - Hold No. Code Details of Inspection
Work cted
cted pted
Structural Items For details ref Annexure. 0 0 0 All NA Ref. Doc.:- Insp Call recvd from Client. PO,apprv QAP, Annexure, rel Stds
(Conveyor Gallery, Rafter Frame, Drgs (appvd by McNally), Raw Mat. IR made available by vendor during inspection.
Purlin, TCB, BCB, Walk Way Beam Client, Mr. D Das also informed to review BOM.
Trestle) SAP PO No/Plant 1200519684/N205/AMIT KISHOR dtd. 30.12.2014 (ACC to TPL)
For details ref Annexure.
1 Visual Inspection :- (QAP Cl: 4.1, 5.5)
1a Items were offered in black condition, few of them found partially primar painted
Mkd No, Drg No., found few items. To be completed for all. Item No. should be
mentioned on Col. Bracings.
1b Welding was checked, underfill, spatter, cleat mark, dent found in Columns.
1c Gusset Plate not fitted with all Col. Bracing. As per random checking ,hole found
incomplete in few Runners. Final painting is pending.
2 Dimensional Inspection :- (QAP Cl: 5.0)
Items were randomly selected from lots and dimensions were checked against drgs.
short length found for Col Bracing (SR02), extra length found for Col Bracing (SR07)
R Review of documents :- (QAP Cl: 1 to 5)
Ra Int IR, DP Report, MTCs, Batch Test Certificate reviewed, found in order.
Rb BOM , UT report of Pl (>18 mm) , WPS, PQR, WPQR not submitted for review.
To be submitted.
i Items were offered in final stage hence witness point as per QAP Cl 2.2, 3.4 to 3.8
could not be checked. Sag Rods not offered.
ii Client, Mr D Das was informed and agreed.
iii Vendor has submitted Client's approval (thru' Email) of Section Change as applicable.
Conclusion :-
i Offered items are kept in hold for inspection points : Visual(1a,1b,1c), Dimension,
Review (Rb)
ii Items are hard stamp thus TPL/649 randomly near markings for identification only.

IDENTIFICATION: Metal Stamp / Sticker / Marking ……. Specimen: TPL/649 ORDER STATUS: Completed / Partly completed Documents Received: Completely / Partly / None No of Sheets:
VENDOR : MBECL/ S A Engineering TPL KOLKATA CLIENT : * Instructions to Vendor :
1. To be reoffered for inspection after rework / compliance
Signature Signature Signature
report to be submitted.
Name Mr. Majumdar/ Mr. R K Sinha Name P T Banerjee Name 2. Documents to be submitted:
01. Visual Inspection 07. Fitup Inspection 13. No Load Run Test 19. Surface Finish 25. Noise / Vibration 31. Wiring Check 37. Acceptance Test

02. Dimensional check 08. BGDP of Welds 14. Performance Test 20. Surface Preparation 26. Overspeed Test 32. Temparature Test 38. Job Not Ready Measuring Instruments/Test Equipments
03. Matl. Identification 09. Procedure Qualification 15. Balancing 21. Galvanising / Plating 27. Functional Test 33. Degree of Protection 39. Operational Test a) Validity of calibration ensured
04. Mechanical Tests 10. Welder Qualification 16. Alignment Check 22. Spark / Peel off Test 28. Assembly Check 34. Simulation Check 40 b) Accuracy of measurements
05. Chemical Analysis 11. Heat Treatment 17. Trial Assembly 23. Micro / Macro Exam 29. Component Verification 35. Routine Test LEGEND (Tick applicable clause)
Measuring Instruments/Test Equipments

a) Validity of calibration ensured
b) Accuracy of measurements
(Tick applicable clause)
06. Hydro / Pneumatic / Leak Test 12. NDT 18. Strip Down 24. Painting Inspection 30. Continuity Check 36. Type Test R. Review

PO Drg. No. / Part No. Qty. IQP NO. NA REV. DT. CL

Insp Acce NCR Insp.
No. Sl. No. / Tag No. P.O. e- - Hold No Code Details of Inspection
Work cted
cted pted
RC book, Insurance copy. PUC certificate, Recent Road Tax,
Load test Certificate and load chart (catalogue), Operator licence
and authorisation letter for both the cranes reviewed and found OK.
(i) As per vendor, 70MT crane is working at site and it will be
released after 5days from there, 250 MT crane already released
and standing inside the Bhusan, Angul plant.
(ii) Vendor stated that check list points for 250 MT will be attended
within 5 days after getting confirmation.

Inspected 70MT Crane is under Hold due to Load Test and 250 MT
crane is under HOLD due to Load test and Insp code 01 only.

Visual Inspection carried out for both the cranes and following
observations are found:
For 70MT Crane: China Mkd (XCMG QY70K), Yr. of Mfg 2011,
Sl No. 20110093, Engine No. 110101022618 (Marked on Metal
tag of Crane), Regd No.NL-02K-5550 verified and found in order.
Components verified as per Check list and found OK.
For 250MT Crane: Germany Mkd (GOTTWALD), Yr. of Mfg 1985,
Only Chasis No (882003 3) Punched on crane chasis and Sl no
(882003/3) marked on crane body; but no metal tag found on crane.
TQF02 Continuation Sheet Rev. '0'

As per check list some discrepancies observed and noted.

Vendor has to clarify and to be rectified the checklist points.


Signature Signature Signature
Name Pramod Kumar Dalai Name Indrajit Maitra Name

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