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Shadowing Program Application

The modern age has not only brought economic and social changes to our society but the
number of people travelling has increased and with that diseases spread quickly. Diseases are
brought mostly from unvaccinated people who travel from abroad and are returning or are
foreign tourists.
Common diseases should be a thing of the past but it is a reality that in many parts of the
world, poverty and governments with economic difficulties do not have the resources to
adult and children vaccination programs that will reach all the people.
Johnson & Johnson is located in more than 60 countries and being involved in many cultures
around the world impacting many communities. As Johnson & Johnson credo states “We are
responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as
The support of Johnson & Johnson to vaccination program for migrants and refugees will
contribute to reduce the spreading of vaccine-preventable diseases to other countries reducing
cost and morbidity. More vaccinations in underdeveloped countries and for refugees
throughout the world would protect the people and prevent the entry of vaccine preventable

Additionally, Johnson & Johnson partnering with organizations, charities, governments, private
sectors will help to provide programs for living healthier lives, taking care of people and
improving the quality of life, which is part of purpose on the Johnson & Johnson
credo. Working with women and empowering them to take the lead on the health care of their
families would contribute to a solution for this worldwide problem. Also working with local
community leaders to educate on how vaccines reduce the problem of diseases, and
communication campaigns to address misconception about vaccines.
As Johnson & Johnson continues to develop ideas for care and prevention it helps improve
health and safety of the people by providing products that address the needs of
customers. Through innovative products and programs that help improve the vaccination
around the world, Johnson & Johnson's fulfills its responsibility of creating value to customers,
employees, communities which also brings growth and profitability to shareholders. To that
end, care and prevention programs help meet the challenges and guidelines of the credo
established by Robert Wood Johnson.